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A Tale Of Two Gifts

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A Tale of Two Gifts

Pure Ignorance or Intellectual Dissonance of Slaves

-by Shalini & Shree Kidambi

A statue intact with no temple and a temple intact with no statue!!!

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains and however improbable it seems, thatmust be the Truth.

We were gifted a pointer to an Oasis, While Our Gift to them would point them towards a terrible death in the arid desert….

India received a gift (pressured repartition?) year and half ago, perhaps obsessively, as if simply to reciprocate, a gift was given too. The saga of these two gifts is quite remarkable in their origins, their symbolic value and their contextual perspective. Even whatever minimally remains of the fast diminishing inquisitiveness in the Indian mind, should have raised a lot of questions in anyone. These art crafts (gifts) (depending on the direction they were given in) are indicative of either profound wisdom or the absolute lack of it and are a reflection of the perpetual intellectual slavery that India has sought for itself for over 200 years now.

The tale of first artefact/gift:

India, on 5 October 2015 officially received the statue of Mahishasuramardini- a form of Durga – by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. As per reports, this was supposed to have been looted from one of the temples in Pulwama, a village in Kashmir, “somewhere” in the midst of 1990’s.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a 10th century idol of Hindu Goddess Durga, that was returned by Germany, at Hyderabad House in New Delhi on Monday. PTI Photo by Atul Yadav (PTI10_5_2015_000152B) *** Local Caption ***

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a 10th-century idol of Hindu Goddess Durga, that was returned by Germany, at Hyderabad House in New Delhi on Monday. (Source: PTI)

The governments of India and Germany are trying to cloak the return of the obviously-looted idol of the Tengpora Durga (?) of Kashmir behind a veil of diplomacy. The statue was finally handed over to India, three years after being spotted in the Linden Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

A few points regarding this story to ponder: First let us observe the sequence of events..

  1. Dr Pratapaditya Pal, a Padma Shri awardee, in 2010, while casually walking around an antique store in New York, one day, spotted the Mahishamardini statue which he hadearlier documented in his book.
  2. ASI was first tipped off about the Durga’s whereabouts in 2011 by Rakesh Kaul, based on the information Dr. Pal had passed on to him. According to another source the Indian authorities were tipped off from Rahul, an Indian-origin art lover.
  3. Few months later, Kaul again states about Dr. Pal’s visit to the Linden Museum where he spotted the present idol for his surprise and immediately intimated Kaul.
  4. Kaul flies to India few months later in 2012and informs the authorities.
  5. A delegation from ASI went to the Linden Museum in Stuttgart,in 2014and presumably provided all the necessary information in person.But were sent back empty handed.
  6. According to the ASI Additional Director General B R Mani, the registration number of the ’Tengpora Durga’ procured from the state government was sent to Linden Museum along with a copy of FIR lodged with the J&K Police after the theft and the ‘pictures’ of the idol published in earlier issues of Indian Archeology, A Review.
  7. The only references on which the ‘authenticity’ of the retrieved idol is based upon are: First, the cover page of Dr. Pal’s book “Goddess Durga, The Power and the Glory” with the picture of “Tengapura Durga”; second, a picture of Mahishamardini idol in John Siudmark’s book Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Ancient Kashmir and Its Influences, published in 2013. Third, Siudmak’s eyewitness
  8. Among the documents submitted by ASI to the Museum, the one which is considered as the strongest evidence is the “eyewitness account” of Asian arts scholar John Siudmak, who has claimed to have seen the Durga in the Tengpora temple before it was stolen.
  9. Finally, on October 52015, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel officially returns the idol in New Delhi during her visit to India.

With a closer attention to the inconsistent trail of the idol, one can find a mind boggling, glaring inconsistencies of astronomical proportions in the whole story.

The idol is supposed to have been stolen in the mid 1990’s during militancy in Kashmir. If it were stolen in 1990’s, then was it lying idle in the Kapoor’s art gallery? Or, was it that it went through a circuited travel? Quite unusual to Subhash Kapoor, who claims to be an art lover and collector (mostly stolen and looted from ancient Indian temples) and travels extensively all across the globe selling these stolen artifacts with authentic documents for hundreds of thousands of dollars, as seen in other cases in which he is said to have been involved, as noted in the below instances, the present case seems quite different.

  • In April 2005, the Indiana museum bought the Festival Bronze of Shiva and Parvati from Kapoor for $100,000, records show. The images seized from Kapoor show he only acquired the bronze in 2004.
  • The sculpture of Uma Parameshvari was stolen from the Sivan Temple in India’s Ariyalur District in 2005 or 2006, according to the court records filed with the guilty plea of Kapoor’s gallery manager Aaron Freedman and was sold to The Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore in February 2007 according to the sources.
  • The Toledo Museum, USA, had purchased the Ganesha sculpture from Kapoor in May 2006 immediately after it was stolen in late 2005 or early 2006 from the Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu.
  • A bronze Nataraja statue around 4 feet tall was stolen from a temple(which according to the official website of Tamil Nadu Government had remained locked since 10 years) in Sripuranthan village, in the Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu is supposed to be stolen by Asokan and sold to Kapoor in 2006 which he in turn sold it to the National Art Gallery, Australia in 2008

These events provide us the information that the artefacts alleged to be collected out of love towards Indian art – read stolen by Subhash Kapoor in the past are sold out within a short period ranging from few months to a couple of years. But in the present case, the idol is supposed to have been “missing” since “sometime” in mid1990’s while it was sold to the Linden Museum in the year 2000. Kapoor was alleged to be involved in stealing the Mahishamardini statue from Tengpora, Kashmir. Almost twenty years gap between the missing timeline (with a doubtful FIR) and the year when Pal noticed the statue in The Art of the Past Gallery(2010),and later he witnessing in the Linden Museum in 2011, almost a ten years gap between missing and selling dates (in 2000).

  1. If Kapoor is supposed to have stolen in 1990, then why did he keep it with him idle for so many years which is quite unusual for him? Was it that he was not actually involved? Was it that it was looted by someone else and later reached Kapoor’s Gallery? If that is the case, then why is Subhash Kapoor accused for looting the same in 1990’s? Even if we believe that someone stole it for him, then why did they keep it with them for so long and then ship it to Kapoor? One steals the artefact in 1990, then either he preserves it with him for 18-20 years and then sell it to Kapoor, or immediately ship it to Kapoor which he keeps it idly with him for twenty long years and then displays it in his gallery for sale!! Or, was it a hurried FIR created by the J&K Police to suit the needs of the ‘case’ related to the idol and later the case was built up accordingly for some unknown reason?
  1. While, if Dr. Pal had informed the ASI immediately after the statue was spotted in the Art of the Past Gallery in New York or not is not clear as we find Rakesh Kaul making statements that he flew to India in 2012 to inform ASI after he was informed by Dr. Pal about the statue. Interesting is that although it was spotted in 2010, it was never informed immediately. But all waited until 2012, till the statue reaches the German museum. These gentlemen spotted the statue in New York first and then after few months in Germany.
  1. Meanwhile, documents withthe Linden Museum in Stuttgart, Germany indicate that they bought the Durga Idol for an estimated price of €224,000 in the year 2000 from Subhash Kapoor. According to Rakesh Kaul, Pal spotted the idol in Kapoor’s art gallery in New York in 2010. When the sources say the idol was bought by the Linden Museum in 2000, how could Dr. Pal find the same in New York in 2010? Is it that the idol went through multiple travels from New York to Germany and vice versa right before the travel dates of Dr. Pal? Or, is it that the one in Linden Museum is not the same idol as the one spotted in the New York Gallery? If it these two were different and belong to two different time periods, then why no efforts are made to bring that particular idol of New York, which also belong to India, not brought along with the other 200 artefacts which were “voluntarily returned” according to the sources as if they were gifted to our Prime Minister by Indian Art Loving Americans? If they are different then why Dr. Pal (according to Mr. Kaul) did or did not mention this irrelevant point in the present case? What was the purpose behind his statement that he saw the same statue in a matter of months both in New York art collection of Subhash and the Linden Museum when one of the statues were bought in 2000 by Germans from the same Subhash in 2000?
  1. A thorough study of the available copies of the Indian Archeology, A Review provides no substantial evidence to the authenticity of the ‘Tengpora Durga” and of course there are no photographs available to prove if the one retrieved from Germany is Tengpura Durga, except the only closest available reference in The Indian Archeology, 1980-81,A Review which simply states:

“25. MEDIEVAL SCULPTURES, JUNGPURA, DISTRICT PULWAMA,—S.N. Jaiswal and S.N. Kesarwani of the North-western Circle of the Survey noticed stone sculptures of Mahishamardini and Vaikuntha-Narayana at Tengpura belonging to circa tenth-eleventh century AD. The sculptures are now placed in the modern temple of Mata, “

Here, we can see that there was an idol that belonged to the 10th century and it is clear that the idols were not in situ in a temple as claimed by foreigner eyewitness, and they were shifted to a different place, the new Mata Temple (the location of this Mata temple or under whose control it was is neither given nor known). If this is what the ASI is mentioning in their Journal then how can Siudmak “witness” the same “enshrined” in a small temple secured by a grill in 1990 in Tengpora?

  1. Neither the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) nor any historians have been able to produce a photograph of the ‘Durga’as enshrined in Tengpora before being stolen from Jammu & Kashmir. The idol was said to have been looted “sometime” in the mid-1990’s from a small village temple in Tengpora, Pulwama, at the height of militancy in Kashmir. The available pictures are not exactly similar to the one stolen and now restituted. Moreover, a clarity regarding this ‘sometime’ is not given by the authorities.

  1. Indian Express in its article, published the cover of Dr. Pal’s book and the caption reads “Tengpura Durga”. But, the image on the cover is of a bronze idol and not of the 1300-year-old, eighteen armed stone idol which is claimed to be “Tengpura Durga” and has been retrieved from Germany. Was it a wrong piece of information published by the medias? If yes, why no action is taken against the media for misleading the public? Or, was it that the idol which Dr. Pal found in New York the bronze artefact of Durga? If yes, why was it wrongly alleged to be the stone idol retrieved from Germany? Or, was it that he found both bronze and stone idols? Or, is it that Dr. Pal got confused because of his age?Or, was it a piece of misleading information? If yes, didn’t Dr. Pal react for this misleading information in his name? Why was the ASI misled? By whom and why? If it were Kaul who misled, then why did he?Was it that Subhash Kapoor was intentionally hooked in the case to cover the other hands behind the second(?) much older idol of which was sold in New York? Or was Subhash really involved in both(?) idol thefts, read “art collections” of which one he sold to Germans and another to Americans?


  1. According to Kaul, the then German curator of the Linden Museum’s Indian department, Dr Gerd Kreisel, “informed” Pal that Kapoor had sold them the piece, along with all necessary paperwork and invoices.In a similar case, when Dr. Pal had spotted Nataraja in Australia, he had immediately informed the ASI. But why, here, it was not him, who spotted the idol, informed ASI but Mr. Kaul has been mediating between the “eyewitness” and ASI? What was the reason for the mediation of Kaul between Pal and ASI? Wasn’t Pal able to contact ASI directly? Why should have Kaul flown to India to report ASI about the issue that too in 2011 while he could inform immediately? Is it really very difficult to contact ASI, as it is a usual trend in any departments of the government? Or, was it that Kaul had to wait to confirm on the issue and then fly to India to meet the authorities? Nowhere Dr. Pal has made any public statement regarding the statue or idol or his sightings.
  1. Few questions that again revolve around the issue is about the “strong eyewitness” as considered by ASI was John Siudmak, was supposed to have seen the idol in the Tengpora temple in 1990 before it was stolen.

Christie’s is well known in the history as a platform created by the British to sell their worldwide loot from Asia and Africa in Europe as a part of their principle incorporated into every British soldier to Viceroy and as a result everyone who entered India from Britain for long 200 years carried with them anything and everything they could get hold of value and sold in the Christies to make whatever money they can make.  Without this single-most trait of looting and selling back in London streets those individuals who came to India from Britain were considered useless and unsuccessful. A usual bench mark of success was one should make at least enough money for next sixty generations to come from India in their tenure.

Siudmak was in charge of the department of Indian and Islamic Art at auctioneer Christie’s before becoming a private art consultant. At the end of 1979 he left Christie’s to start his own business as a dealer and consultant in Oriental Art, and during the last thirty-six years has made ‘many art discoveries’ and sold many important objects and sculptures to private and public collections throughout the world, of course for tons of money-following the footsteps of his British East India Company predecessors.He claimed to have seen the Durga in 1990 in the “village of Tengpura” along with another great oriental scholar, Prof Simon Digby, and Assadouleh Beigh, who was at the time assistant curator of Srinagar’s Sri Pratap Singh Museum, “and the latter two have now passed away(hence cannot be crosschecked for the eyewitness account!)

Siudmak is learnt to have written in an email to Rakesh Kaul – “It was in a small shrine protected by an iron grill. Ironically, the villagers would not allow us to photograph the piece since they thought that this would result in it being stolen. Beigh supplied me with the photograph that was used in my PhD thesis. At the beginning of the militancy, I was informed that it had been stolen, and I sent copies of Beigh’s photograph to Martin Lerner (MET) and Stan Czuma (Cleveland) to alert them. Dr. Pal was also informed and he certainly knew about it in 1994 since he was one of my examiners.”

The ASI supposedly learnt and perused this communication. Siudmak is said to have been travelling all along and at the time of filing this report y ASI, was unable to give a comment, surprisingly even today.

How come Beigh was able to take a photograph of the idol in Tengpura, while it was already shifted to the new Mata Mandir as per the records in the Archeological Review of 1980-1981? How can Siudmak witness the same idol in a temple in Tengpura in 1990 ten years later when ASI said the idol was shifted to Mata Mandir? Or was it stolen from Mata Mandir again? Or was there another idol still in Mata Mandir? How come the ASI which stated that the idol was in Mata Mandir in 1981 does not know it was stolen from there in 1990 itself ?While Siudmak states that the villagers did not allow anyone to take the photographs then how come Beigh was allowed to photograph? If he was the assistant curator of the museum and if we assume he had the photograph, may be taken secretly, then he should have taken the photograph, of the idol in situ in the shrine. But no photograph of idol as being in the temple is produced except as seen in the museum.

ASI also does not have any such images of the idol which they claim to have been published in their reviews. None of the reviews published by the ASI has any photograph or information of the Durga as they have “claimed.”The only information about the “Tengpura Durga” was the one found in the 1980-1981 review, that too with no photographs and moreover claimed to be of the 9th – 10th century and not of 8th century as Siudmak noted in his 2013 book. Also, it is said to have been found “lying” along with the Vaikuntha Narayana and hence were shifted to the “new temple of Mata.” Where is this Narayana idol? In ASI possession, in Germany or in USA or yet in the art collection of Subhash to be sold for the highest bidder?

The review is not clear about which temple of which Mata and where in Kashmir, or whether outside Kashmir. This seems to contradict with Siudmak’s statement that he had witnessed it being enshrined in a small temple protected by a grill. If enshrined, why would it be removed by ASI and shifted to another place rather than protecting the site? If it was enshrined in a temple, then where are the remains of the temple? Why did not any “art lover” record the remains of an old temple of 8th century or even of an earlier date, but only the idol was recorded? How would anyone “loot” the already removed idol from “Tengpura temple”? Why did they apparently leave behind the Vaikunta Narayana which was in the same temple along with the Mahishamardini?

The statement that it was a ‘small shrine’ protected by ‘iron grill’ sounds odd. This particular statue is a rare Durga with eighteen arms dated back to 8th century or 10th century with a standard deviation of 200 years (or may be of an earlier date as no accurate dating methods were never adapted in a rush to retrofit all Indian history within 3000 BC frame work of what British taught us).

Kashmir had seen the “golden rule” of Lalitaditya and Avantivarma who had built huge temple complexes and renovated many previous structures and observatories in Kashmir. This rare idol probably cannot have been simply in a small shrine protected by grill. One may argue that the temple must have been destroyed by “Islamic Invaders or Locals converted in to Islam” and hence the idol was protected by the people later. Then there should be the remains of the ruined temple and the ASI or their predecessors British or even the later Kashmiri Kings should have recorded it as a protected monument. There are no mentions about such ruins or remains anyway anywhere. The history as told to us that Kashmir was destroyed by

14th Century Brahmin converted Islamic King itself looks doubtful when the Iranian or Arabic sources on Islam during that time are studied or taken in to consideration. Even if we assume the story to be true, it was very uncommon that they destroyed the temple leaving the statue intact with no damages along with other idols so that they can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars by ‘Art Lovers’ of all shades later!

  1. Again, Siudmak’s information to Dr. Pal in 1994, which he claims Pal was certainly aware of it since he was the examiner means that at least the academic field knew about the theft and still did nothing to trace out or find the missing statue till 2010absolutely beat the imagination of any sane individual. Surprisingly, none of them have the details or photographs of the idol as enshrined in the temple in Tengpora or in the ‘Mata temple’ before 1990. All these supposed information “records” are of the 21st century in Independent Indian Republic. In the past Dr. Pal has been quite vocal about his views on the red tape and reluctance on the part of Indian Government and the custodians with regard to even crystal clear cases of restitution of stolen artefacts from dealers who have been willing to return them. But in this case suddenly all went silent.

The Linden-Museum Director Dr. Inés de Castro however claimed probably sarcastically, that they were unaware “at the moment” how the art piece has gone out from the country (India) and how it landed up in Germany and showed up in New York. The team of Indian archaeologists who visited Linden has said “We believe the piece must be returned. But we will take action as per German laws. Right now, Germany has taken no official position on this matter. Germany too has lost a lot of Holocaust heritage but never got any of it back. Both sides need to do a lot of research to establish the claim of the rightful owner.” Is this not contradicting with the information given by the curator of the Linden Museum Dr Gerd Kreisel that he had ‘genuine and original’ paper work submitted by Kapoor during the sale? Was it that the documents were all fake Originals as usually art lovers create to preserve the collected read stolen art from every part of the world with the help of native governments from where they stole these artefacts? Does not the Museum Authorities check the authenticity before making a purchase? Arndt Oschmann, a representative from the German Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, had of course said that, “back then, the Linden Museum thoroughly examined where the artefact came from, but there were no qualms about its origin. The seller, Subhash Kapoor from New York was known as a reliable art dealer”–a euphemism to indicate a well-connected governmental approved art and antique thief. This is a clear instance of how no country has strong laws, rules and regulations to keep the art smuggling in check, especially India, which has many loopholes throughout the system, perpetuated from the time of British whose main purpose was/is to loot as much as in as little time as possible!

However, in Germany – but the same applies in other civil law jurisdiction such as France and Switzerland – the law allows bona fide purchasers to acquire good title once the applicable limitation period has runout, even if the seller did not have such a clear title. This legal definition although allows,shows that restitution of wrongfully removed objects (out rightly stolen) can more easily be achieved through the adoption of non-adversarial and cooperative (out-of-court) means.  In a way, this law has been a boon for that allows Germans and others in preserving all the manuscripts, artefacts stolen from India, Africa and other oriental countries and auctioned by the British East India Companies or their modern version of Art Lovers/Collectors, in the largest auction houses like the Christies, Sotheby’s.Without these laws none of the valuable knowledge sources, thousands of years of artefacts   would have remained for posterity safe, even from the so called patriotic nationalistichands of the efficient (in)dependent Indian political, religious and spiritual leadership! That is why Germans and French were buying since last 200 years whatever they could get from British or anyone who can steal and sell.

The laws of other countries have one or the other provision like the one above to preserve art and culture.The laws of India seem to have been designed to help others to completely loot or destroy anything that reminds us of our rich heritage, which is just a continuation of the laws written by the British to loot India completely but with simple modifications-rather than white man doing it now the brown man does it. Even today, after the seemingly acquired “independence” none of the Indian leadership has the guts or have felt the necessity to change the structure designed by the British to keep India as an eternal slave, whose subjects can be easily ruled over even from being remotely far off places, and from behind the veil!

  1. While the reports say the FIR has been filed for the stolen idol, no reports on the exact time of the filing of the FIR is available. The available resources say “somewhere” in the mid 1990’s.
  2. If indeed an FIR was lodged why wasn’t that attached along with the other charge sheets on Subhash Kapoor, who is surprisingly still under trial in Chennai with cases for idol thefts/art collections in Tamil Nadu?
  3. Is it not the law that once FIR is filed it should be investigated in six months? Was the FIR sitting with Kashmiri police for more than 15 years since 1990. Or was the FIR registered after two or three same idols of antiquity were found in New York and Germany?

Further, despite this being a recommendation of the UN Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, India still does not have a data base of what still remains in the country and of them how may or lost a kind of ‘lost’ database.

If we observe the dating of the Mahishamardini statue we find that the timeline of the statue ranges from 8th century to 10th Century. The Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and others speak of its timeline to be 10th century, the statement from the Linden Museum also mentions it to be 10th century. The book published by Siudmak records “formerly enshrined” Durga statue in Tengpora village of belonging to eighth century. While, ASI, the supposedly responsible organization to deal with such issues, has not made any official statement regarding the age of the statue.

Here we can find a standard deviation of dating of the idol to be 200 years!!! What is the source of information to the Indian media, Linden Museum, ASI and Siudmak conclusions? Are they speaking about the same idol or two different idols?When ASI does not make any public declaration of any records on the dating, when the idol was not from any private collection, how did media claim that to be 10th century? How did Siudmak date it back to 8th century? How does the Museum claim it to be of 10th century?

The ASI had not published any supporting papers to prove that the idol located in Linden museum had actually been moved out of India illegally. The German museum had ‘not made public the provenance and supporting papers of the stolen idol’, according to the sources.

This being the situation, the fact that the idol belongs to the Tengpora Village, Pulwama, itself is a matter of absolute hearsay of the eye witness of British. So not only the entire retrofitted Indian history is a hearsay of T S Elliot the British ‘historian’ and his Indian devout students tasked 200 hundred years ago to fix the time lines of Indian and oriental Hindu Islamic History, but even the dating of the 2012 idol of Durga from Kashmir is also a hearsay of the British ‘art collector and lover’ eye witness statement. What an agonizing and pitiable stage the historical research in India reached.

Even though Tengpora village and the grilled temple is around 5 km from SPS Museum, which was established in 1898, and around 35 kms from famous ASI protected site, Awantipora, and around 79,595 artifacts and objects covering various subjects like Archaeology, Numismatics, Decorative Art, Arms and Armory, Paintings, Textiles etc are housed in the Museum; it is surprising that neither the ASI nor the State Archeology Department or the SPS Museum had ever come across this 8th century or 10th century idol, which according to Siudmak was lying behind the protection of a grill by the villagers in Tengpora before it was stolen.

Kashmir has seen a golden era during the rule of Lalitaditya, whose kingdom spread all the way from Caspian Sea in the North West, in east up to Pragjyotish, Assam and till the Kaveri Basin in the south. He built various cities and re consecrated various ancient temples like the Martanda Temple in Anantnag, and also renovated various temples like the Sharada Temple complex in the Neelum Valley, now in POK. Kashmir- the once glorious, radiant cultural heritage and Vedic knowledge center that was later reduced to ruins –again nobody knows who did that. So we generally like what our intelligence agencies does now blaming every terrorist incident on our cousins, blame on Islamic rulers of Kashmir. Various incredulous childish or lunatic psychopathic schizophrenic stories have emerged regarding the destruction of Kashmir. According to T S Elliot spun and Indian historians’favorite version, a Brahmin converted in to Islam and became the Kashmir King and with revenge destroyed everything in Kashmir on his mentor’s advice. He deployed couple of regiments of highly efficient, dedicated soldiers for one year to destroy the Martanda Sun Temple and associated solar observatories but could not do that as they were built in stone so burned them.  Another main character who has been accused of destroying extended Kashmir was Mir Qasim. He and the later Arabs who followed him destroyed Kashmir completely. The story of both these characters become more ridiculous than the saga of Mahishamardini statue itself as the dates, events and the concepts don’t match with any other historical records from the countries where these destructive conquerors emerged.

The village of Tengpora is just a few hundred kilometers from the Sharada Peeth. There exists a possibility that the statue might have belonged to either the Sharada Temple Complex or the Awantipora Temples and later was lying in Tengpora due to the negligence,collusion of ASI with former kings of Kashmir who made terrific money by auctioning many important things from Kashmir to the highest bidder in their Kashmir Royal Auction House, and the current corrupt politicians, paving way for the ‘art dealers’ and ‘art lovers’ to smuggle it out and sell for international museums for preservation of heritage.

Post-Independence, when Kashmir was partitioned and occupied by the British backed western forces, the Sharada Temple complex went to Pakistan and this POK was not recognized by any international bodies as Kashmir. This particular statue along with many other artifacts and might have been lifted from the Sharada Temple complex or the artifacts that were stolen from the Azad Kashmir or the POK were smuggled out and reached Kashmir valley and then to just legitimate its origin was placed in Tengpora and from there was smuggled out and sold in international markets creating genuine paper work through Subhash and may such others. Although the temple was guarded by Pakistan army could there be any possibility that there were smuggling rings active in bringing out the artefacts and selling them in the international markets? Did this idol come out in a similar way?

Smuggling of artefacts from India has been prevalent since the British rule in India, when the traditional kings were dislodged and replaced by the British puppet kings under the Act of Paramountcy, who mainly looted the treasuries of the previous kings or of the temples and sold most of the artefacts or wealth to the British. Although few artefacts went out of India in the name of ‘love for art’ of the British, most of them were simply carried out by even a simple British soldier as they had already realized the value these artefacts carry in the auction houses of Britain.

This rare Goddess with eighteen arms, enshrined in a small temple in Tengpura, a small village in Pulwama does not seem to be convincing. The statue seems to have belonged to the era of Emperor Lalitaditya. (more probably, it belonged to the Sharada Sarvajna Peetha, the Universal Center of Learning,    which existed in Kashmir till the 1800s) This idol was part of the massive temple complex belonging to Sharada or Saraswathi, the presiding deity of Kashmir.  Adjoining this massive temple complex was what called the Universal Learning Center which attracted thousands of scholars from the four corners of the world. Worship in this temple was conducted until 1835. The perimeter of this massive temple complex and the adjoining University was so vast that only recently a joint team of Russians and Germans were able to map the outer perimeter of the institution.

The Sharada Sarvajna Peetha, as being told to the Indians, was supposed to have been destroyed by Islamic invaders. This historical piece of information leads to various logical questions. If this is considered to be true, then how come is it that this statue, in intact condition, reaches Germany? Or, was it this Sarvajna Peetha and its locality, the Madhumathi Valley or Neelam Valley either attacked or destroyed or disrupted post-1947? If so, the National Indian Governments should have known about it and the democratic institutions of India should have alerted the people about it. Did the Corporate Media of India have a role in suppressing the truth on this matter, or this disruption never happened at all post 1947?

And more to the sarcasm of history as taught in India, this site was being guarded by Afghan Tribesmen who were actually waiting to hand over the site to Indian Army.

Who exactly destroyed the temple complex? During the first (1947) war of Kashmir, was it that the then Indian Army was prevented from annexing this temple complex which is an important Shakti Peetha, that too when they were just four kilometers away from the site? By who were they prevented?

It is in this learning center that a major amount of the wisdom of Indian cultural heritage was written down in Sharada script and most of these manuscripts have gone missing for past 150 years. More precisely, they have gone missing since the time the British set up their archival libraries in Lahore and doggedly went about cornering all manuscripts belonging to this learning center, using their military as and when necessary. It would be better on the part of India to look at this as a matter warranting further investigation rather than considering it to be a matter of coincidence.

If this temple was destroyed by the Central Asian invaders whose style of invasion was supposedly total destruction of anything un-Islamic, then how come this idol escaped to Germany intact? How did it end up in German hands – for the Germans never even ruled India? And, was it the lone statue or other idols also escaped along with it, and to where else?

If it were not the invaders from Central Asia, who else destroyed this temple complex supposedly under the cry “destroy the idols of the non-believers”, and why?Who actually invaded this temple complex and removed with what is a mathematical precision, the idols, treasures and manuscripts from this vast complex of Kashmir? How were these taken out of India, by whomand why?What role are these idols playing in the World today?Or, are they merely dead objects lying behind glass cases in various museums?

Even if we assume that a foreign invader, whether Central-Asian or other, destroyed the Universal Center of Learning, then we have to pre-suppose the possibility that the invaders preserved these idols for 500 years. And that, during these 500 years, they were carefully transported first from India to Central Asia, and then, onto Europe after 500 years, merely to sell and make huge profit! Note that since 1700 Kashmir was ruled by Maharaja Ranjith Singh and his appointed Dogra Vassals. When we are told much about the attempts of the Indian Kings to get back the Kohinoor Jewel, does it stand to reason, that either the Sikh or Dogra Kings would have, like mad-men, got obsessed over this one small stone and completely ignored that massive wealth that must have existed in the Temple Complex? Or does it mean that the Sharada temple might have remained intact until independence or until these kings tried to get back the jewel? Was it because of that reason there might not have aroused a question of they ignoring the wealth existing in the temple complex? Or, there must be a different unknown emotional binding towards the Kohinoor which they felt to be brought back at any cost! Or they trying to get back the Kohinoor itself is a lie passed on over generations?

Next, of course, is the question that if this smuggling and transporting via Central Asia were to have been the case, then what about the multiple hops that would have to be incurred along the long land-route from India to Europe?Would the Chinese merchants, who also used this land-route, have been completely unaware of this vast smuggling? Perhaps, should we expect a similar “gift” from the Chinese? Oh, but they are off the route! Are they – never mind Germany? Well, then how about from the Iranians who are bang on this route as a tight gateway?And who clearly are at loggerheads with their surrounding neighbors on all counts?Would they have let this pass through them untouched? Oh no, even a gas-pipeline has far more problems! Or did you bypass Persia and go instead through the vast Territories of the Czar of Russia?Do we expect another gift — “From Russia with Love” then??

Well, at any rate, there is no evidence in Europe to support that any Central-Asian or Arabic or Islamic auction house was active during 1700-1900 other than London-Centered auction houses like Christies who made huge profits on the loot of the British officers and soldiers from all their colonies starting with Africa. From human skulls that they smashed against walls to ancient tools to carefully looted temple architecture to hidden treasures to ancient and rare manuscripts, everything was transported to London and sold on the streets of London for a fortune and re-sold again by the traders of London through their auction houses like Christies.

The non-colonial European empires, who were aghast watching this terrifying human and cultural destruction of stores of knowledge on a scale perhaps ten times worse than that of the Inquisition and being perpetuated by their own fellow Europeans, then started buying and preserving many of these artifacts for further study in the valid cause of preserving ‘ancestral knowledge’.

Germany was in the forefront in this mission of buying anything and everything that was sold in the European auction houses.  This buying-spree apart, when Germans realized that the British were looting and selling invaluable treasures belonging to mankind, that ought to be truly claimed as universal heritage, they sent special search parties to pre-empt the British and buy directly from the original sources so that the history could at-least be preserved or they were aware of the quality of knowledge that India possessed. According to available information, they purchased thousands of manuscripts in the Sharada script from the then corrupted Dogra Kings of Kashmir who awaited the highest bid to sell everything that they got in to their possession (not to mention Kashmir itself) after the demise of Maharaja Ranjith Singh. At times, this highest bid was from Rs 4 (four rupees) to few thousands of rupees in terms of the year-1800’s value of the Rupee.

These Germans are part of an International Project of the best Archaeologists and researchers who are hell bent on mapping the perimeter of the Universal Center of Learning. The permissions were given by Pakistani Army for such a project. Lo and behold! It is the Pakistani Army that preserved whatever little remained of this Sharada Sarvajna Peetha for the last 67 years.” But Indian public is told via the Corporate Press-titutes that it is the Pakistani Army that “pin-pricked our behinds” in Uri….. It seems stupid on the part of the Indians to believe the latter story.

It is ironic indeed that once the authors started mapping and tracking the recent developments on this international project, the Uri-attack and the retaliatory surgical strikes occurred in the very vicinity of this location where the international research team needed to work, thus permanently closing down the area for anyone to explore and further investigation into the area.

This, our fellow Indians is the simple answer. In return for a gift of a pointer to the oasis, misleading step to a terrible death in the desert has been gifted!!

In a nutshell, in this tale of restitution of Mahishamardini three important questions need to be answered.

  1. How can Dr. Pal witness the Mahishamardini statue in New York in 2010 while it was already sold to the Linden Museum, Stuttgart in 2000 itself? After buying did the German Museum take 10 years to take it to Germany?
  2. When the American Government never even allowed the Government of India to question the Pak born American citizen, a terrorist, Hadley who was behind the 26/11 attacks, how could an Indian born American citizen, suffering from cancer be allowed to face trials in the court for the theft of artefacts and kept strictly isolated in the jails of Tamil Nadu since two 2012? Why did the American government allow its citizen, an art thief to face trials while they defended a terrorist who was also an American citizen? Does this have any geopolitical reason behind?
  3. There is a popular term used in the geopolitical world called the “Promethean Move”. There is an opinion that to predict the major changes in the world’s future watch the Germans for what they do will have implications for decades to come! Despite incorrect, clearly misleading and insufficient documentation how could the Germans return the Mahishamardini statue to India? What might be the possible reason behind this move of the Germans?

Thus, the tale of our first artefact of Mahishamardini retrieved recently from the Linden Museum seems murky, many questions on the way to find their answers….

The tale of second gift!

This time, it is not about a gift received, but a gift that went the other way out of India given by government of India.

A gift from the Government of India to Saudi Arabia, on a state visit! The origin of this gift is not in Kashmir but 2500 kilometers south from the current Indian state of Kerala.

In the first gift the temple was gone and idol remained and as we see in the second gift the idol was gone and temple remained. In the first case the idol was spotted. In the second case the idol is yet to be spotted.

The Masjid was believed to have been established by Malik Bin Dinar, a disciple of Prophet Mohammed a

nd a contemporary of the then Ruler of Kerala Cheraman Perumal. While there are many ‘true historical stories’ surrounding the mosque, the most popular politically correct historical story goes that Perumal visited Mecca, met Prophet Mohammed and embraced Islam. The most accepted and popular version is that Cheraman Perumal, who ruled the region with Kodungalloor as its capital, decidedto embrace Islam.

Before his death in Oman, he wrote letters to the local rulers of Malabar and handed them to his friends. In these letters the local rulers were given permission to construct the mosques in different places.

The gift consisted of a golden replica of an ancient Temple dedicated to the goddess of Learning supposedly given by the then deceased ruler to be converted in to mosque after he visited Muhammad during his life time and praised to be the first mosque in India established during the times of Mohammad in present day Kerala, in 600-700 AD.

Surprisingly, this mosque/prayer-hall which he is supposed to have been built upon his return stands exactly on one of the most ancient temple sites, most sacred for thousands of years for majority of people and dedicated to the Goddess of learning. This particular structure was once a vibrant temple dedicated to Arathali- a form of Sharada The architecture of this temple was unchanged (see the image of the temple and the replica gifted to Saudi Arabia) until 1987, when the old structure was renovated and converted into a new Mosque with minarets. The ‘temple/mosque’ replica that was given to Saudi King was of the original structure of the temple that was later converted in to an Islamic prayer hall.

The main lamp in the Temple/Mosque is a 1600 years akhanda deepam, that still glows in that structure. Many traditional families of Kerala even today take their children to this Temple/Mosque for the Aksharabhyasa or initiation ceremony of letters. While mosques all over the world face Mecca, this one faces the East since it was originally built as a Hindu temple. The interiors of the mosque still carry traditional Hindu motifs and a brass oil lamp, generally found in Hindu temples, is kept intact inside the mosque. The temple pond still stands as a live example for the usual tradition in the temple architecture. What happened to the Arathali and other idols that should have been in the temple? Were they destroyed or sold out of the country? When Mohammed had never instructed to forcibly convert anyone or anything, is it anyway believable that the preachers dislodged the image of Arathali and none of the public who since ages believed in Gods and worshipped the idols, ever oppose? The whole story seems really murky. Although it has been explained in the “tinkered” histories that it was the social and economic conditions at that time, which was weakened by the egotistic and cruel practices of the Namboodaris (a standard procedure followed by the British to divide and rule and to destroy the learned classes, highlight few exceptions ignoring the truly important and necessary prevalent facts and present as the major facts of history, without which they knew they could not gain control over the Indian minds), led to the collapse of Hindu tradition (which again is a term created and used to destroy the ancient vibrant Indian culture). It may be true that the people could have become fed up with oppression and hence embraced Islam by destroying the temple and the idols. If even accepted that the people were fed up, their frustration would be against the Namboodaris and not the Gods whom they have believed since ages. If it were in any way true, the angry people would destroy the whole temple and not just the God’s idols, while many other parts of the temple were preserved intact till date! This whole story seems to be hurriedly cooked up. One possible truth might be that the building of the mosque over a temple as per the orders of the king is a later addition in the history to prove the existence of Islam even before the other social reformers like Shankara, to prove the supremacy of Islam over the other religions of the world.

It is also claimed by British historians that the place at which the mosque now stands was previously occupied by a Buddhist Vihara. But since Buddhism was already dying in Kerala, the space was relinquished in favour of this new religion of the Arab traders. If it were supposed to be a Buddhist vihara, then there must have been an image of Buddha, which was a usual practice in the establishment of viharas since 6th century. Where is the Buddha image now? Was it destroyed or sold out of India? Buddhism according to sources flourished in Kerala till the 12th century AD.

The other versions of stories/historical accounts about this temple converted in to mosque or about Cheraman Perumal himself borders on wild imaginations at best and absolute lunatic at the worst.

We cannot help but wonder about those who chest-thump about the destruction of many temples in India and want to recover them at whatever political cost gleefully — but on the other hand either knowingly or unknowingly gift a replica of an un-destructed temple converted into a mosque to the Saudis, citing a faulty and falsified but politically correct history. This history which was perhaps the basis of the Indian Government’s gift to the Saudi Arabs, is the standard version, which has been propagated since the time of the British who re-wrote history with their ulterior motto of divide and rule every segment of Indian society on every available line possible.

The question is- was it necessary to gift the replica of a mosque with so much of controversial, unproven faulty histories? Was there no other gift that India could gift the King of Saudi that could represent the vibrant cultural heritage of India? Was there a political intention of just pleasing the Saudi King or the Wahhabi terrorist Islamist radicals, at whatever cost to India? What was the true intention behind this action? Was it not an act of ignominy on the part of India to gift a replica of a temple/mosque with controversial history, that too of a mosque that stands on an ancient temple of India? Rather than gifting this controversial mosque it would be a better choice to gift something which would represent the vibrant cultural heritage of India, which would prove the world the credibility of the country and her leadership. Rather than the replica of the so called mosque whose history is full of controversies, thereby proving the stupidity of Indians, their incapability of doing some positive research, which alone would bring the country out of slumber to its glory which was once a Universal Center of Learning, which was capable of providing solutions to almost every problem of the world?

Doesn’t this act of Indian leadership seem stupid in the eyes of the rest of the world? Are we not proving ourselves intellectually challenged mentally dissonant slaves?

There are so many controversies about the existence of Cheraman Perumal himself, his timelines and the story of his visiting Mecca, his desire to convert his people into Islam, the place where the first mosque was constructed, so on and so forth. There are more than one Cheraman Perumal with time lines of more than 400 years, each historian from each invading country claimed he converted to their religion, (few claim Cheraman became a Christian first) and then the very word Cheraman is not the name of any one king but a title so on and so forth. When we shout so much about the destructive Islamic invasions, how could one accept the fact that the King of Malabar had no other place to donate for the construction of the mosque except that of an ancient temple? When we are so much concerned about the Babri Masjid and the Ram Mandir issue, a continued, “kept alive” issue for political purposes, how could we so easily accept the conversion of a temple into a mosque without any of the issues raised about its history? Is it that Indian history and its cultural heritage is used by the leadership of India to continue play a “political game” of divide and rule which was started by British? Is everything in this country used as a coin on the chess board of politics?

We blindly believe that the Islamic rulers destroyed the heritage of India, Kashmir in particular. We blindly believe that all the ancient temples in India were destroyed by the Islamic rulers. We blindly believe the timelines of the British and discard our Vedas and Puranas. We believe that the Arabs destroyed parts of Kashmir and Punjab. We believe Mohammed Bin Qasim, a 17-year-old boy sacked the Sindh just to save the Arab women who were taken as captives near Sindh, while it is not even confirmed if they were captured by King Dahar, a Brahmin King or the bandits of the sea. Doesn’t in any way seem to us a part of the “divide and rule” policy played by the British not only physically, but also psychologically, mentally at all levels, even stretching their hands in to the history of India, changing it the way they want so as to suit their benefits?

It is a bizarre that after sacking Sindh, Qasim went back to Baghdad only to get captured and executed. Historical chronicles of Arabia that carefully documented every event post Mohammed demise never ever spoke of Qasim leaving Arabia. Also Iranian chronicles of Islam which documented initial Arab-Persian conflicts, never mentioned about any character by name Qasim entering Persia with such a large army, while, the Persians had implemented scorch, hunt Arab policy. More precisely Arabs never crossed Iran and reached the River Sindhu until 12th century according to Iranian historical accounts. While we believe the very fact that the Aditya temple of Multan was sacked and looted along with other Sun Temples in that area, we forget to question by whom and when and for what they were sacked. We similarly believe blindly without using a bit of commonsense that the ruler of Malabar just based on the letter of Cheraman Perumal not only accepted Islam but forced all his subjects to accept Islam and out of whole of Kodungallur picked the ancient temple of Arathali, to donate to the Arab Malik Bin Dinar to build a mosque over the temple to propagate Islam, despite Prophet’s words not to disturb the ‘People of Book’. We have to believe the King was stupid or fanatic to do so and that the people so docile to calmly accepted the demolition of the temple idol and conversion into mosque. And it is this same people of Kerala under Marthanda Varma after 1000 years defeated Dutch and British East India Companies naval fleets to commemorate which Government of India issues a stamp.

We believe every story told to us, basically a successful effort of Eliot to destroy the history of India which would according to him, would destroy the country by secretly corrupting the cultural heritage and moral values. The same idea was implemented by Allen Dulles to destroy the Soviet Union. Luckily they were able to overcome the situation but we Indians are brought down to a level where we even now are blind towards everything given to us. We neither are able to analyze any information nor use our commonsense before accepting everything that comes to us proudly discarding the teachings of our ancient texts which emphasize on questioning everything before accepting. Almost all our ancient texts are in the form of a dialogue involving presentation and negation and again proving their point.

Hope someday we regain our ability of thinking rather than blindly accepting the stories told to us by the colonial masters of both past and present. We blindly accept that all our cultural practices are baseless and meaningless and that either Christianity or Islam is based on true moral values and kindness while our ancient culture is based on immoral and unkind values.  Although we shout against various principles of these religions we believe and follow only their principles in our daily life.

Even in the story of Cheraman as we see, there is again a standard deviation of a minimum 200 years in the timelines The common flaw as seen in both the above gift cases is improper dating and lack of database of the artefacts and of the stolen objects.

From all these facts in the Indian history one thing that becomes clear is that none of the timelines or the events or the origins of our history have any remote factual basis. Even today with all the technology in hand, despite being an independent country with all intelligence and an independent government, on the issue of Mahishamardini idol, we could not come up with any consistent, valid and factual basis of either the timeline of the statue or its origin, how it came to Pulwama, how it went out of India, who stole it; who sold it, who registered the FIR and why exactly it came back to India despite insufficient documentation.

Another similar issue is of the spectacles and pen used by Mahatma Gandhi vanishing from the Indian possession and later some time in 2010 suddenly appearing in the Christie’s auction house! Where were these for so many years? Why was that not brought back? Is it not the treasure of India? Does India which respects Robert Clive even today, has in its museums many colonial artefacts, not care about its one of the most prominent and powerful leaders who got us independence, lost his life for the nation? How did it leave India? Why would anyone steal these in first place and after 50 years’ demand for these spectacles and pen belonging to the Father of Nation of India, millions of dollars? What do they have to do with the Indian leader’s stuff? Why are we not able to think over such issues?

In the recent years, one such bizarre antique theft case was filed by Subrahmanya Swami on the antique smuggling from India being sold in two antique stores in Milan. Despite Supreme court’s intervention, when the CBI was ordered to investigate the issue, the CBI officers for reasons unknown simply came up with the reports that those two antique shops never existed in Italy and no further investigation on the issue was conducted.

When this is the condition of (in)dependent India in the 21st century, when so many confusions are created, left unsolved, what could be the condition earlier? All the history that was given/left out for us was nothing but an utter confusion. Why does all this history seem to be factually incorrect and geopolitically oriented? As an independent country is India so incapable of correcting her history? Is it not possible to rebuild her cultural heritage with serious research on all the supporting information/objects/artefacts/monuments and protect and preserve them? What is the use of ASI which is incapable of conducting serious studies on the archeological evidences in India? Why that negligence? Why none of the leaderships are able to take serious actions on them when they boast of rediscovering the glorious heritage of India? Why are we still not able to understand or question the motive behind such art smuggling to the western countries which is being continued since the British rule?

One important reason for the British to do so was to destroy anything and everything that carries historical importance reminding the Indians of their cultural heritage. This is because of their lack of understanding of the Indian history which was very much against their belief and knowledge about the history of mankind. What they tried to do was to discard this ‘primitive’ knowledge of Indians and ‘modernize’ them. To prove their supremacy over their fellow humans in general and Indians in particular they wanted to retrofit the Indian eternal historical timelines into 5000 years and anything that speaks beyond was either discarded as myth or non-existent. They retrofitted Indian history to 2500 years. But, they were never able to destroy completely due to the vastness of India and its culture. If any of the sources even the artefacts could be retrieved and properly dated, that would throw back the academic learning that is being taught to us for last 200 years. The interesting factor is if it were useless knowledge that existed in India, why were they carried out of India and preserved in their countries? Whatever could not be carried out were destroyed! This proves their intention in not destroying the knowledge sources but making them unavailable for Indians, which according to them was the only way to ‘develop’ India in a western mould as a slave country.  They assumed that by destroying the cultural heritage of the country none in India in future would be able to recall his ‘barbaric and aboriginal’ culture. Anything in any form that could remind them about their history was either destroyed or taken out of India making it unavailable for them. They never were able to accept the fact that the ‘blacks,’ as they termed Indians to be, were in any way superior to them in terms of knowledge. The later selfish Indian rulers who were puppets under British helped them continue their actions. Even though Indians are considered to be independent, it seems the post -independence leaderships also failed to stop this destruction until today and found a niche in smuggling everything and anything out of India for few thousands of dollars.

Why are we just misleading the Indian public in every aspect? Is it that the Indian leadership even today, is intentionally trying to keep such confusions alive?

It would rather be the responsibility of every Indian to think, analyze and question the history told by the British. The “tale of two gifts” is just a simple explanation of the twisted, “made to believe” history of the British, which later in the name of “corrected history” again politically got “corrected” to serve their political needs, thereby throwing the public of India into a constant state of confusions or are being emotionally driven by the political leaderships. With no religious cultural organizations taking initiative to dig the truth, with inefficient political leadership which is more intended to “rule” than to “serve”, the Indians are drowning in the sea of ignorance, merely following the “hare” emotionally than intelligently. It is better for the public to think more sensibly than emotionally shouting slogans and blindly following anything told to them.

A brief outline of the historical forces that have caused our society to lose the awareness of space-time and location

It is our endeavor in this brief section to outline the historical forces that have caused our society to lose the awareness of space-time and of our location in it. Primarily it is a conflict between the British, the Church, the Free Masonic Orders and the French — in the context of which India became a victim.

A critical basis in the understanding of psychology is the axiom that the human being is a social being. The society you live in and the people around you, your family, your elders, the social figures influence your thought processes to a very great degree. In India, it is still the case, that a vast majority of people do not exhibit behavior that opposes the norms of society. However, a degree of confusion is being created by images of a highly individualized West.

Indians would do well to understand that the highly individualized approach to society as being pushed and practiced in Western Societies is not their natural state. It is actually the result of a tinkering of their educational systems for the last hundred years, dating back to the classical problem of the fight between the Church and its enemies, primarily various aspects of the Free Masonic orders. In this battle-to-the-death, first the latter then the former, realized correctly that the while the foe cannot be changed, the “one who will become the foe” can be changed.

This led to an attempt in Europe to control the minds of younger generations by attempting two things: 1) Push in perceptions and limit information receiving abilities, twist the information to suit the pushed perception. 2) Manipulate the process whereby the received information is re-enforceable as being true and valid. Particularly, the second point explains why a large number of Indian students feel that the Social Studies in India are useless, the information they are receiving is completely disconnected from the observed reality, making it impossible for the mind to validate.

So, they have controlled what we might call the 4 Ps: The Public school system, the Printing, the Public Debate as mediated by the Government, and the Press.

Indians should note that the strategy applied by the Freemasons in attacking the Church was used against India by a combination of the Church and the British, who learnt the art. Let it be noted that the starting point of this dilemma was the French Revolution. The French rejected the attempt by the Church to push the fraudulent time- and spatial- lines on them, precisely because they had a direct source of the true time- and space- lines from India.  This is precisely the root of the French revolution, culminating with the Rise of Napoleon who crowned himself Emperor as opposed to getting crowned by the Pope.

But, if these ideologies were allowed to run, the Church would have been destroyed by now. The fact that this has not happened, indicates that they have fought back. The battle ground of this fight was India and America. One of the side-effects of holding the Church in check in America was an extreme individualization of Philosophies etc which is perhaps the only side the Indian public are shown about America today by the Corporate media. In India however the fight took a different turn.  Unlike America of the time, India had a very vast knowledge-base that was very much alive. Here, the British colluded with the Church to completely destroy the Indian knowledge base.

A major factor for the British, for taking the path of discrediting everything in India as worthless, thus, subjugating populations to mental spiritual servitude, came from the intellectual thinking of revolutionary France. Having had trade connections with India for very long before the advent of British, the French had translated many treatises on mathematics, science and medicine in to French. This made them understand the importance of mathematics and science in relation to society. In particular, they realized the most unscientific basis of Christianity with its tale of the creation- tale of genesis, dating the entire evolution of universe to few thousands of years.

By scientifically rejecting the absurdity of religion, the French moved to reject Christianity as main social binding force during the revolution, specifically citing Indian astronomical accounts. From Voltaire to several others, this trend became a bed rock in forging the French revolution based on intellectual achievements and self-knowledge with slogans of equality, liberty and fraternity. This shift from the Church to a Republic shook the very foundations of Catholicism. This popped up an unusual alliance between British and Catholic Church to disprove the French and the nascent German thinking about the role of knowledge in statecraft. More specifically, the Church and the British concerned themselves with the problem of how to discard and disprove such knowledge if it went against the established dogmas of church. The British struck an alliance with the Catholic Church to complete that discarding of Oriental knowledge in favor of that of the Church and their time-lines in exchange for noncompetition in business matters with them in Indian subcontinent.

Since the beginning of 1785 a systematic methodology was adapted by British to achieve their objective of intellectual, spiritual and mental enslavement of Indians. This was long before Macaulay presented his plan in the British Parliament. And by 1815, with the defeat of Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo, the British eliminated all French presence from India.

Let Indians also note that Continental Europe has always treated the British as Pirates, and the British were kept out of all civilized activities. Now the British, who were always treated as Pirates, wanted to show to continental Europe that they were also civilizers and pro-Science, pro-advancement. To this end, the British and the Church entered into an un-holy agreement. Note that the Church was the victim of the French Revolution based on the French Renaissance that was actually based on the Astronomical knowledge the French obtained from India.

The agreement of the un-holy alliance was that if the British could find a find a way to check-mate France and counter the French danger to the Church, in return the Church would see to it that the British would be admitted to the Empire and would not be treated as pirates. And it is precisely the effect of this un-holy alliance that we will see at all points in India….Note once again that Indian Astronomical Knowledge was the main danger to the Church via the French Revolution….. All Europeans who came as scholars to learn the Vedas were Catholics, whereas their British controllers and financiers were Protestants.

Thus, therefore, the British adopted a two-pronged strategy. First, militarily check-mate the French by throwing up coalition after coalition, AND Secondly, destroy the source of the knowledge that has created the French Revolution. This led to the destruction of knowledge bases in India.

Destruction of the knowledge-bases in India was a four-pronged approach. First, destroy the funding sources to all centers of learning in India. Second corner all manuscripts and lift them out of India. Third, Raze to the dust anything that survives in India in the form of astronomical observatories, temples, scientific marvels, plundered and pillaged them (and put the complete blame on the Muslims to play safe and continue the plunder of anything that is left out in India while the Indians are always busy fighting with the Muslims and would no way realize the continued plunder of the British) so that future Indian generations will never be able to re-construct the truth about what has happened to them.  Fourthly, prevent the Indian mind from going back to the process of re-construction of their destroyed History by re-engineering their ideas of space and time.

They retrofitted the entire timeline of the “Indian” civilization to 2000-3000 B.C. They tinkered our historical texts to limit their geographical location to within British India. When they carefully controlled the archives, the libraries, public education, they published only 636-odd texts, out of the hundreds of thousands of manuscripts that were taken out. These 636-odd texts are then used to show that there was no Indian civilization worth the name. The 636 texts were used to push a Christian thought on the Indian mind, and created a new religion. The followers of this new religion were called HINDUS= Her-Majesty’s INdians, DUmb and Stupid.

The whole of Continental Europe, especially the French and the Germans decried the massive onslaught on the Indian knowledge base being perpetuated by the British. But with the political turmoil in Europe no one was able to interfere to checkmate the British onslaught. With nobody, including the Indians, to oppose them, the British set the entire Indian civilizational achievements in to a biblical frame work of 2000 years BC thus making India subservient to the bible creation tale of 5000 years. From the oldest texts to Vedas to everything else was retrofitted in to this 2000-year time frame work and piped in to the masses through the public education as a matter of fact. The Indian mind with an “intellect unable to question” this onslaught and in the absence of sources of knowledge or having no means to retrieve these sources slowly surrendered their basic quality of questioning to seek truth and began to simply accepting passively whatever was being taught to them.

The new religion, Hinduism, which is absolutely hierarchical, oppressive and which fostered an un-questioning ignorance was piped in to the brains of one and all starting with school children, with women being relegated to positions of slaves.

A critical role in the destruction of the society in India was played out with the destruction of the state of women. The British pushed the case that women are not equal to men and have no property rights and changed the succession rules so that property can be inherited by male offspring only.  Thus, the role of women in the society was confined to baby-producing machines or physical objects dependent on the man, and cut them off from all critical social spheres. This was the copy of the Christian thought.

With no way to learn what the ancient texts actually said, as the traditional learning centers were destroyed, the Indian Mind violently swung between contradictory pictures of woman as being divine to being sex slaves. It finally ended up paying lip service to women being embodiment of some god-head but accepted the new found position of male superiority. From being represented by a Brahmin widow Queen Rani Laxmi Bai, leading a great war against the best of the best British Generals (Cornwallis), in the last 50 years, women were relegated to and objects of servitude attending to household duties.

From the beginning, the role of British in India is to usurp personal movable and immovable properties. The original principle of community sharing headed by even women is disbanded by citing a commentary on Yajnyavalkya Smrti by a 12th century court accountant by name Mitakshara as standard and 50 % of population – women were removed from any property rights handing them over to the male biological offspring of the family. Then they disbanded the polygamy and polyandry rules of India, restricting them to ‘one man one wife’. So if first wife does not have any offspring a man cannot marry second wife for offspring as they are not recognized as legitimate offspring under British Law. At worst, the second marriage was not recognized as marriage at all. But British conveniently forgot that in 15th century, King James separated from Catholic Church and created his own version of Bible because the Catholic Church refused to accept his third wife as legitimate.  Thus, if a man or king dies without an offspring, their whole property belong to East India Company. All adaption rules of ancient India were discarded and any adaption in case should be approved by the British. If there was no property under consideration, then adaptions were accepted but if there was property, then adaptions were negated. The same rule was applied for all religious temples or institutions. If there was a legal ham heir the properties were left untouched. If there was no legal heir, then the properties were confiscated. It was these sets of laws that made Queen Laxmi Bai to revolt against the oppressive rule of the British to the end. Many religious and spiritual institutions made deals with British, bribed them to keep their properties, accepting British over sight on their daily functioning and learning modes. This corruption and the rules of such corruption even today continue in India. Post Jhansi rebellion many Indians simply moved away from British rule and start settling issues among themselves using community or industrial leaders. Also, the question of black money goes back to the British times. British started taxing revenues at more than 80% from all works of Indians citing their superior progressive economic Keynesian theories. The basic tax rules of ancient India that kings should collect taxes like the sun evaporates water from waterbodies and gives them back as rain, was totally discarded.  The Indians indigenously came with falsifying revenues and started moving money in to hoarding. Post-independence, we have not changed any of these oppressive laws but instead introduced more laws which reflected the spirit if British Laws. Post-independence when none of these laws were changed, the business communities continued the same practices thus generating huge money in terms of black economy. Whenever in ‘independent India’ the governments wanted money they could bank on these British Laws and rip the people off from their possessions. The current demonetization is another such example of British styled plunder. What we need is not demonetization but ‘de legalization’ of most of these oppressive laws and revert back to simple code of rules that existed pre British. ⁠⁠⁠⁠

The Indian mind is thus forced to oscillate between three contradictory anchors. One is what they are taught in fragments from history coming down traditionally. The second is what they are taught by the Public Education System. The third is the observed reality in the world today. The three are completely irreconcilable. They have seen their grandmothers having property rights, participate in decision making processes, they have their grandmothers supporting a Brahmin Widow (Rani Laxmi Bai) and ruling a kingdom and fighting the best of the best of the British Generals for several months. Contrasted to this is a legal reality, where women have no inheritance rights at all, again in contrast, they are taught that Western lead reforms have given equal rights to modern day Women. This dichotomy or Trichotomy between Rani Laxmi Bai and the current Judicial Position on women, and between what is taught to us in the public education system, is confusing our attitudes towards women in our society.  ONE which we cannot prove, cannot look up to because we seem unable to move towards it, the SECOND of painful humiliation and the THIRD which goes against the nature of our mind to accept and is convoluted beyond reason.

If we accept the input from our memory, (Rani Laxmi Bai) we are unable to prove it, and what is harder seem pitifully unable to get back to this state, of having a woman ruler who could challenge the British might (except briefly Mrs. Indira Gandhi). If we accept the current judicial position, we can’t live with it because it perpetuates the suffering of women. If we accept what is taught to us in the public school system, we immediately reject it because of the confusion it creates between history and the current reality.

As long as this is taught in the public schools, the confusion in the mind goes on increasing, because it contradicts the reality. In this confused state, we make a decision based on immediate survival in the present…in the manner of a slave who has to eat in order to survive.

When the British created the new religion of Hinduism, the reform movements and spiritual movements which although were calculated to show a streak of nationalistic pride, the heads of these movements were geared to imitate their masters, the British. So the product of these social institutions, be they Hindu or Muslim or Reform, are subject to this same confusion. All the recent spiritual, political, religious, cultural leaders have come through this same system where the 4-Ps have been controlled and they are themselves directionless. Only those religious or spiritual institutions could retain their independence and continued to function which surrendered completely to the British version of Indian history, philosophy and culture. Anybody who opposed, their organizations were dismantled, properties confiscated by the East India Company under various Doctrines of Lapses. It is no wonder when we read the texts available with these existing spiritual and religious institutions, Indian historical, cultural timelines are dated back from now to 2000 to 3000 years of British created time lines. Of course there are few who took this back to 197 crore years and claim they are scientific, which was of course encouraged by the British but later to  be proven wrong as it is only a fraction of time in comparison of the age of the earth itself.

A confused youngster goes to a confused spiritual leader who is a by-product of either the malevolent British educational system or of the destroyed traditional system, can only expect to be further confused. It is certainly not our Honorable Prime Minister’s case that the individual should go to a psychologist who has also been confused by the same system, who know nothing about the context of societies in which the psychological theories they are taught arose.

The effect of this mental subjugation resulted in clueless bureaucracy, a directionless army, senseless legal procedures of British era, and purposeless Intelligence Services. Though many in these fields honestly trying to do something good their number is very low and is fast disappearing. The only ones in India who are not confused are the British-created political class who became a mirror image of the British EIC officers whose single-minded purpose is like that of their British masters: to make enough money for at least 600 generations down the line at the expense of the common citizens.

True it is that for a brief period after independence, we attempted to repair this situation in many fields. But this phase was short-lived in the time-scales of History, and with the Liberalization, this same 4Ps are now back again with a vengeance and are pushing us back on the path of complete servitude and slavery.

Except that the British-engineered 4Ps post-liberalization are now being privatized by another set of 4-Ps. The Public education replaced by Private Education, the Press replaced by Private Press, the Public Archives replaced by Private University Libraries and the Public Debate replaced by Private Corporate channel controlled debate.

To destroy the Indian pride in their astronomical and mathematical knowledge British missionaries and administration paid huge bribes to a few scholars in Ujjain asking them to proclaim a date for an eclipse that was incorrect by two days. This was published in all the governor’s almanacs and on that date millions gathered to have a peek at the eclipse and to take holy dip in the rivers.               When the eclipse did not occur in the main river confluences, the carefully placed British agents and Catholic fathers trumpeted that Indian astronomical knowledge was fake and absurd to the schooled millions.  And the British informed the distraught faithful that according to superior British scientific calculations the eclipse will occur in next three days which proved true, to the amazed public. But this fraudulent act of psychological war on the Indian mind came to light only in 1985 through the writings of the German and French scholars who were conducting a study on retrospective reconciliation of astronomical facts. Even NASA’s declaration a decade ago about adapting astronomical tables of India into their computations could not restore the lost sense of pride in the Indians even to this day.

The Europeans who decried the British destruction of Indian knowledge were appalled by the scientific psychological methods adapted by British to do such things. Witnessing this massive disruption of mind and psyche of the Indians, the Germans and French did what they could do best within their limitations. Knowing the greed of British, the French and Germans offered as much cash as possible to anything of value from India. So for a full century the plundered wealth of India from manuscripts to artifacts to statues was auctioned in London’s famous auction centers and dutifully the Germans and French paid for and bought them.

The education system is meant to deliberately create and perpetuate this confusion. This confusion is a pre-requisite to get a job. Not only our understanding of time-space analysis is messed up, but also our understanding of modernity- versus-traditional is also messed up. This forces us to make a choice on the basis of what is critical for immediate survival in the manner of a slave…….

We have been taught that we have nothing to offer, our history is less than 5000 years old, that we have no cultural values, any culture is given to you by foreigners. We have been conditioned to accept that whatever is English “IS Science” and that what is NOT English is “NOT Science” and the West is English.

True, there are some attempts being made in our books to make passing mention of Aryabhatta or Ramanujan, but these are mere fleeting illusions and far from solid. India was once a wealthy country, both in terms of her spiritual resources as well as materialistic resources.  Indeed, Hillary Clinton is the not the first person to mention ‘Look East and act East’ policy. Starting from Alexander to Zoroaster to Jesus, to Mohammed, they all looked east-towards India, for spiritual and material knowledge. When Jews were persecuted and kicked out of Middle East both by crusader Christians and fanatic Arabs, they looked East, India. When again the Persians were persecuted and harassed by the fanatic Islamists, they also turned towards east(India). When the land route to India which was open from the time of Alexander and even before was blocked by Ottomans, the entire Europe started looking towards East or India. The purpose of travel of Vasco da Gama and Columbus was mainly to search a route to India. When the East India Company was formed, their main objective was to do business with India. The Dutch East India Company looked towards east – India for translating most important medical and botanical works into Dutch. Every Christian missionary and Jesuit priests looked East- India for mathematical and astronomical knowledge sources before they even converted a single person into Christianity. The British Government and the East India Company looked East until 1947 for money resources and gold.

Of course there are a few countries that looked west also. China, Japan, Korea looked west towards India for medical and spiritual knowledge. Even today, the remaining Korean royal families as a matter of custom will marry a bride from Ayodhya in India.

There are few who looked south also. The entire Russians, the whole set of Central Asian Republics all looked South, towards India for same material and spiritual knowledge. Since India got independence, that India which was looked by many for material and spiritual knowledge, which was a beacon of light of the human civilization and progress, was broken, shattered and destroyed and it looked inwards to rebuild her strength. With the advent of liberalization every other country started looking at India for business. Another development post liberalization is that every criminal, every renegade intelligence agent, every terrorist member leader, every coup plotter in other countries also started looking east towards India. India became a proxy ground for intelligence battles of the world powers. It is so surprise that the nationalist part spokesperson suddenly realized after Hillary’s words that India should look East implying that until then they were looking only towards the west for the solutions of problems of India, where as for the whole thousands and thousands of years the entire world was looking towards India for solutions. What a sad state for a party that calls itself as defender of India and her culture to look towards east after Hillary stated!  Of course they may be right that present India, of political, social and religious corrupt groups, must look towards east, Singapore for cleanliness, Japan for non-corruption, China for unwavering dedication towards rebuilding the nation into super power and North Korea towards becoming one of the leaders in the asymmetric warfare ready to take on the entire world with twenty-eight million populations, for what they believed as truth and to fight against oppression. Of course if this is what is meant by the nationalist party spokesperson, few patriots in India will be happy.

At the same stretch, India became a center for massive amounts of money laundering and a shelter heaven for various terrorist groups, most of them which are against India. In the recent times, mediated and established by American and Israeli intelligence with connivance of few rogue right wing elements of all shades inside India, these groups became conduits for destabilizing governments, funding terrorist organizations and supplying human resources for terrorism both in Middle East, Europe and Central Asia. In this context, when the recent coup attempt was made in Turkey, the Turkish President and President and Ambassador looked east, i.e. India.

In case of present India, we have utterly impractical or abusive spiritualism, inwardly useless and outwardly expensive religious practices. Enforcement directorate has pointed out that many of these spiritual and religious institutions received on yearly basis thousands of crores from outside and inside India and in most cases becoming major conduits of black money creating a holy alliance of politicians, industrialists and black money holders and foreign Intel agencies. The situation being thus in the country, where religion or spirituality is incapable of providing a solution neither for the leader nor the public, it would rather be appreciating if the citizens of a country would do well to assist their leader in this process, by understanding the forces that the leader is subject to, rather than to deify and worship the leader as is commonly done in several countries, including in India.

India is now at a critical fork. We have two paths ahead of us. The downward path leads to de-sacralization of the education system, breakup of all social units, creation of fraudulent ones, administration of the mental health by increasing the number of psychologists who are themselves confused by the same system who will indiscriminately prescribe imported pharmaceutical drugs, outsourcing of our social decision making process, our thought-processes getting either increasingly and painfully convoluted or increasingly numbed. Pulled away from our rooting knowledge most of which is already gone, but which will have been completely robbed, we will be unable to steer back.  Fragmented knowledge will be given to us, limiting to what is required for the Foreign based Corporates to get us to work like slaves for them with every aspect of life being under their control. Like the Thracian slaves chained below deck: “We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well and live.” So would be the fate of the Indians if we made this choice.

But if we choose the upward path, the harder more difficult, but the correct one, we will have to re-understand and re-work our educational system completely. We will properly understand our location in space-time. Instead of serving as slaves chained below the deck to row the pirate ships, we will be the guides who could help the rest of the world see a higher truth.  It is this choice that will decide the existence and continuation of India as a republic, and as a state and will help regain its glory as a center of Universal Cultural Heritage and learning, making it a true Global Village that will solve, resolve every problem that exists in the world today, be it at any level.

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