India – From the leader of the NAM to the lapdog of the west.

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India’s descent into Slavery:-1947 to 2016

From leader of the NAM to Lapdog of the West

By Shri Kidambi

Whoever controls Trincomalee controls the entire Indian oceans  – Bonaparte Napoleon

But where is India in this Napoleonic Calculus? -Descartes

They seem to be evolving from British Corporate Presstitutes to America’s Asian Pivot Prostitutes Jim De Witt

“We [the U.S.] has over 200 incidents in which we have put our troops into other countries to force them to our will.” — John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

Allan Dulles, Secretary of State of Post Second World War, stated in the context of Pakistan, that USA approach to Asia will be with open hands one hand will have US Aid and other hand will have Bible.

The foreign policy of any country should be derived from considerations of domestic security. In this sense, war is another form of diplomacy with arms. This is perhaps the only lesson that we now ought to re-learn from our Western Cousins – the Partitioned Indians – aka the Pakistanis. This was the essential philosophy that we used for the rule of self-sufficiency and creation of a socialist-welfare state to re-distribute wealth among everyone in India post-Independence. Though Nehru was falsely blamed initially for being too compliant with the British guided interests, his later actions at the United Nations has decisively proved the determined and dedicated statesmanship of Nehru in defining a self-sufficiency based foreign policy which resulted in some of the greatest Scientific, Military, Technological and Intelligence achievements in the first forty years  of independence until the advent of P.V. Narasimha Rao to the Prime Minister-ship of India. The World over had recognized India as having a unique foreign policy based on the novel Non-aligned Movement (NAM) which is highly antagonistic and critical about the divisive, oppressive, exploitative rule and habits of the West and extremely critical about the reaction of the Soviets to this Western oppression by taking the path of communism.

While we were in the rudimentary stages of evolving this foreign policy, we had to face a war with China and our defeat in this war was blamed on Nehru. Mao had called Nehru the “Running dog of Imperialism”, while in fact Nehru was determinedly steadfastly, doggedly, anti-Imperial, anti-Capitalist and anti-West; perhaps the Indians would do well to study the history of Mao, and debate the applicability of this epithet to him.

Nehru’s shift from being pro-British to anti-British resulted from the knowledge Nehru received about the manipulations of the British Intelligence using Indian right- as well as left-wing groups in the assassinations of the Indian leaders, starting from Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. Nehru was also outraged with the cynical attitude of the American Foreign Policy establishment under Allen Dulles who openly advocated Christian proselytization and aid as a hidden/open agenda of the American Foreign Policy especially in the Asian Countries.

During the UN proceedings on the Suez Crisis, India had taken a stand that was absolutely anti-Imperialist and anti-British, vociferously demanding that Britain be declared a terrorist state — a position not lost on the Russian observers, but yet it is to Nehru’s credit that he never courted Russians, and did not allow India to drift into the Russian camp because he realized that the Communism and the use-misuse-abuse of Marx by the Russians is only a reaction by the Russians to the Western oppression, rather than being based on sound ideological foundation. Nehru chose instead to set a course for India independent of two opposite thousand year old warring Christian camps, masquerading under various names and terms, currently as communism and capitalism.

This course which Nehru envisioned for India was set to revive the ancient glory and position of India as a beacon of knowledge and understanding, where a peaceful coexistence of multitudinous flowers of the human intellect was made possible. In order for India to realize the goal, Nehru understood that the only route India can take was to become self-reliant, a path he himself took as mentioned in his writings on ‘Discovery of India’. This guiding visionary principles of foreign policy has set a course shaping the domestic, economic reality of the country. Nehru realized that unless India becomes self-sufficient in terms of every aspect as Nation starting from food to security, Indians will not be able to realize their goal. His policy of creating temples of Modern India was a primary step in that direction. This open resistance of Nehru towards imperial aggression in the form of Capitalism, post-Colonial rule was paid for with his life. The later Prime Ministers, who understood his vision and continued his policies, have all paid for with their lives (Shastri, Indira and Rajeev).

The official version of Nehru’s death is Cerebral Thrombosis, but the fact is that he was assassinated because the British calculated that since Nehru realized that the Chinese were played by the British, he would go on to break the UN (which at the time was only just in its formative stages) and push the NAM as the leading world body and keep all the oppressors in check. In addition to this, the Nehruvian drive to make India self-sufficient was moving her away from the Commonwealth. If India could achieve this complete economic freedom and stand on her own efforts instead of having to rely on FDI and foreign help, this would serve as a role-model for all the other nations that had just got free from colonial rule.

Taking a page from the ancient art of statecraft, Nehruvian economics laid foundation and re-defined socialism in the Indian context. The economy was divided into two sectors: core sector and primary-secondary-ancillary sectors. The core sector being the responsibility of the government, included defense, domestic infrastructure, education, agriculture. Later Banking and critically oil-industry was added to this area by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, when these supposedly patriotic oil industries refused to supply oil to the Indian army during the 1971 war. The massive frauds perpetrated in the private banking and insurance sectors made nationalization of these two sectors and adding them to the core sectors absolutely necessary.

With absolutely no qualified human resources (medical, scientific, technical) left after the independence, with Government of India’s exchequer being emptied out to the last pie by the British before they departed, and with Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination tearing apart the socio-cultural fabric of India and with British-instigated mercenaries disguising as Afghans occupying one thirds of Kashmir, effectively cutting of India’s land route to Afghanistan and to Central Asia, depriving it of the needed economic markets for development, the Nehruvian team against all odds decided to make India into a world power.

The men who worked under Nehru’s administrations and then under successive Prime Minsters took this job of making India into a World Power seriously into their heart, toiled day and night planning and executing it, generated resources in the most innovative way and utilized them with the maximum efficiency. It was not to state that there was no corruption I the lower echelons of political system and governance  or generation of black money due to progressive taxation in the corporate sector but that never went beyond double digits to a point of selling the whole country whole sale and retail at a discounted prices with attractive offers of buy one and get three free. During this era with the nationalization of the insurance industry under Feroze Gandhi, every single rupee which was surplus after the insurance-running costs were met, went towards the building of the Nation. For which reason Feroze Gandhi had to be killed!

Most of the insurance surplus and the banking surplus under the private managements were blown away by the avaricious consumption of the owners, or were utilized by manipulating the political process by creating ‘corpocracy’.

Since the dawn of independence until 1985, India has poured thousands and thousands of crores into the core-sectors which became an engine for the other spheres of economy which was absolutely in the private Indian entrepreneurial hands. It is not that there were no inefficiencies during this process, but a series of checks and balances, accountabilities and responsibilities were fixed. With this self-reliant, self-generating, self-sufficient economy at the core, India moved to assert its voice in International Affairs, by becoming the critical founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement. (Note that the Janata government had censured the Russians for their move into Afghanistan.)

The NAM was showing greater than the success of the UN in dealing with many international issues, and in-fact, the NAM was even able to censure the major powers for the injustices perpetuated by them. Under the NAM (as well as under the UN charter) India has contributed its armed forces in various conflict zones around the world as peacekeepers, bringing at least a semblance of negotiated settlements of disputes.

The first test of the UN as an international semi-legal body came when the Suez Canal crisis was brewing. The proceedings that took place in the UN showed clearly to the World in general but to Nehru and Krishna Menon in particular, that the UN is a merely a tool of the West and it has no interest in solving the problems of the newly formed nations. To the absolute shock and surprise of the Russians, and towards an absolute detestation and hatred of the British and the Americans, India under Nehru had proposed three motions to censure Britain as a terrorist state and banish it from UN. India also threatened to pull out of the UN.

The proposition that Nehru’s affair with Edwina (real or made up?) would lead him to sacrifice the National interests is ridiculous and preposterous. More likely than not, this story has been circulated with this deliberate intention of defaming and belittling the achievements of India in general and Nehru in particular.

Lal Bahadur Shastri continued these policies, basing on Military and Food Self-sufficiency as critical for the country to move forward, ignoring warnings from International bullies, and paid for his stand with his life.

The 1961 war was pushed upon him again on the question of Kashmir, by Western-instigated Pakistanis. Lal Bahadur Shastri resolved not only to fight but to solve the problem once and for all, by marching on the Rawalpindi (current Islamabad). But when he had pushed near Lahore, his death was decided upon before he left for Russia, the assassination plan being set in motion while he was in India itself by CIA-controlled Indian cronies, using time-released toxins, he (unexpectedly ??) died — with the blame being put on the KGB itself.

The same policies were continued with re-doubled effort by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and this time once again, the American-instigated Pakistanis pushed the war on India, opening up in addition to Kashmir, fronts in Rajasthan and Bangladesh (1971). But un-expectedly for the Americans, Mrs Gandhi was able to win the war. Here we refer the reader back to the article on Turkish Coup, to note that this was exactly the time at which British-America decided to switch their policy on the Middle-East using instead of Turkey, the British-propped up Wahhabi brand of Islam in Saudi Arabia to control the Central-Eurasian politics.

Indians should note clearly that this is the time when soft-terrorism in both right- and left-wing forms started systematically moving into India. From that point until today, America has consistently looked the other way at all acts of terrorism committed by Pakistan, even until the recent Uri-attack. This soft terrorism is mostly funded by the drug-trade, exactly on the lines of the East-India Company’s use of the opium trade to fund its wars. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was able to disrupt this financial link between the Drug-Trade and the Soft-Terrorism, the drug trade at that time being centered in the Golden Triangle, the route passing through Punjab and Kashmir.  This same drug trade was used to fund the Khalistan movement. When she countered this, her death was decided in the halls of the Bank of England, the erstwhile owners of East India Companies, she had to pay with her life — the blame being put on the Punjabi security guards. The court melodrama of her killing is as farce as the melodrama that went in to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

By the time Rajeev Gandhi understood the truth of the matter, and could prevent the Western takeover of Trincomalee naval base, he too was killed by the same forces—the blame being put on Sri-Lankan Tamils.

The next Prime Minister, Narasimha Rao, was a more pragmatic, strategic and tactical veteran. He continued the same philosophy of economic self-sufficiency, international assertiveness and neutrality, however introducing regulated Privatization and Liberalization in a measure intended as a stop-gap appeasement of the West, till India could overcome its now obvious vulnerability.

But Alas! What P.V. Narasimha Rao had intended as controlled Liberalization and Indian-Privatization in minimum required dose, was turned into un-controlled, destructive, directionless and senseless Liberalization and Foreign-Privatization in toxic and destructive dose under the subsequent Prime Ministers, post-Narasimha Rao. This unfortunate situation continues until now in the manner of the well known story of the Arab and the Camel.

Indians were forced to kill all the defence research projects, de-grade IITs, and make ourselves the largest importers of arms in the World, over the last five years. One glaring example will suffice to tell in the recently concluded Raphael deal with France, the 36 fighter-planes cost Rupees 29000 crores, but the head-display-units for these planes imported from Israel cost Rupees 14000 crores! Indian Patriots of all shades are hailing that these 14,000 crores are needed to buy fighter pilot head gear module for fight in the sub-zero temperatures of Ladakh. The French, themselves would have thrown the same head gear units for couple of thousands crores more. When the French fighters were made to fight in the Russian theatre, where temperatures were worse than that of Ladakh, with their own head gear units, they could have only supplied the units to India. But, buying the fighter planes from them and not the head gear units, instead, dealing with the Israelis is rather a surprise!

But, fighting with whom? Is it that we are expecting a war with someone in those sub-zero temperatures or, are we, the puppets, following the guidelines of ‘someone’ as to stay prepared and march when we receive their orders? OR, are we just making this business deal of 14,000 crores as a token of friendship? Or, are we the most self-sufficient that we felt to contribute towards the economic stability of Israel? Or, is it that there was no other area in the country that needed attention towards development, so that we decided this to be the most appropriate investment than allow it to rot in the treasury?

When every internationally-renowned scientist is pleading for safe and cheap Thorium-based reactors, citing India as having pioneered this technology three decades ago, it is obfuscating that we want to import first and second-generation nuclear reactors from anybody who can supply them to us — while simultaneously destroying the abundant Thorium reserves available from the sands of the Indian coastline by setting up of oil-terminals and SEZs and fund the building of multiple dams on rivers which are the sources of this thorium and on most of these rivers that dried up decades-ago.

And in less than twenty years, the ghost of Mountbatten and of a promise he had made to Churchill, began to appear on India. The promise was that if Churchill allowed him to pass the India-act unanimously, he would occupy the entire India in the next fifty years and deliver it back to the hands of the British-American combine.

Thus, India’s foreign policy started dangerously veering towards the Anglo-American combine, embedding India’s strategic interests into those of the Western foreign policy objectives.

India has descended from the assertive stage of occupying the heights of Siachen, and defying the western naval blockade in the First Gulf War to send humanitarian medical relief to the suffering Iraqi children, to being the passive spectators when the Karakoram highway was built just below Siachin, and subsequently leased for 90 years to the Chinese. Why were our tanks not sent as a warning at that critical time to the Leh-sector, when we had subsequently no problem sending a paltry hundred tanks there, the latter move being under American pressure to divert the attention of Chinese away from the South-China Sea stand-off? Sending the tanks when the Karakoram lease was being executed would have been much more of a warning that was in our strategic interests.

The year 1971 (as alluded to in the Turkish Coup article) as mentioned above is critical, because it would mean that Pakistan was taken as the training ground for the Wahhabi extremists with the intention of battering the Russian underbelly and controlling Central-Asian politics, marked a point of no-return in the question of terrorism in both India and Afghanistan. With special context of Afghanistan, the proxy-war via Pakistan-staged terrorism would escalate heavily post 1979.

It should have been possible for India to step in at this juncture to protect the Afghanistan government, which by the way was also a member of NAM. For reasons unknown at the time, but now easy to understand, the Janata government in India censured the Russians for their move into Afghanistan on the NAM forum, but did nothing at all to censure the American-instigated, Pakistan-staged terror campaign that had been launched against the Afghan — let alone to render any meaningful concrete assistance to the Afghan Government — setting up a dangerous precedent for the later governments in India to veer towards one power-camp, ignoring the self-interests of India, and also disregarding the founding principles of the NAM.

India has forsaken the responsibility of helping and training the Afghan government forces to counter the terrorism that is coming from their Eastern and our Western neighbors. We have deliberately let Pakistan wreck and destroy Afghanistan, tear apart social and cultural fabric of the Afghans, creating millions of refugees, turning what were once a highly vibrant cultural-spiritual center into a no-man’s land of multi-National turbaned anarchists and terrorists.

During the Kargil war, we did not cross the LOC to destroy the terrorist camps – unlike in all the previous wars with Pakistan. Perhaps, as a unprecedented example in the Indian history, we have replaced the field commanders of the strike forces at the start of the Kargil war, just because the Americans did not like us having our offensive formations, as then the war would not go according to the American dictates! We were unable to save the Nepalese Royal family knowing full well that the coup was engineered by the drug-mafia. Not only this, but Indian school text-books have been modified to suggestively teach children that Nepal constitution requires changes! (Well, what about the Indian constitution??? Which is written in a convoluted and contorted foreign language that the vast majority of Indians cannot understand?).

Post-Rajiv Gandhi, India never intervened to help the Ceylonese/Sri Lankan government to weed out the terrorist problem, allowing it instead to burn, until the ISI began to take full advantage of it, under the guidance of their patrons, the MI6, and the MOSSAD. We never reacted, even what little help was given to the Sri Lankans, was given clandestinely by the concerned Intelligence agencies, not by the Government of India.

The problem of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) which initially started on an absolutely erroneous interpretation that China helped the Ceylonese government, and to counter this, India should help the Tamil rebels, rather than mediating a negotiated political settlement, was a blunder that was perpetuated under the pressure of regional politics and politicians. This led to a point of intervention by every Western Intelligence agency into Sri Lanka, with London becoming the head-quarters of the terrorist organizations and India providing training for them! One consequence of this was the assassination of our prime-ministerial candidate Rajiv Gandhi.

We specifically point to Indians that at this juncture, the terrorist groups that were trained by India in fact listened not to India—which had facilitated and provided the training—but listened rather to their ultimate masters in London to carry out the assassination. If we don’t learn from history, it is going to repeat.

A particular warning should be heeded by the Indians. During the southern debacle in Ceylon, India was not dismembered, thanks only to the Non-aligned Prime Ministers. But now, this time when the debacle is brewing in our North-West, India will be literally dismembered, with Kashmir completely cut-off even from the erroneously-published maps of India!

As such, Government of India has no control over POK, except to show the territory as part of ours in Indian-Published maps. Since 65 years, post the death of Lal-Bahadur Shastri, no attempt has been made to rectify the situation. Worst come, post-1971, we have seen and experienced the danger of even losing the Indian side of Kashmir, but we are still harping on “Diplomatic Solutions” – whatever they are – even after the recent Uri-incident by Pakistani CNN!! The Sur(ma)gical strike which was claimed as success by Indian CNN was categorically denied as a non-occurrence at the same time

Isn’t it wonderful (??) to hear our Deputy Foreign Minister wailing in the UN, that the failed state Pakistan is the primary sponsor for terrorists across the World, drawing these ’turbaned anarchists’ from a multitude of ethnicities and countries (who — he does not mention — are neither Islamic nor have any statehood, and yet call themselves Islamic State).

The rubbish the Indian representatives mention in the UN is that this failed state Pakistan is not controlled by their civil administration, misguiding Indian listeners into thinking that it is the anti-India Pakistani military that is somehow responsible……while failing to mention that neither the military, nor the Pakistani Civil Administration has any control over their own country, except in taking and implementing orders given to them by the British-American-Saudi combine.  Few good Pakistanis who questioned this above state of affairs were shunted down to insignificance or slandered or hunted down and fled Pakistan.

And those who remain in power in Pakistan, compliantly accept the orders serve the highest bidder, at times even short-changing both the Americans and the Saudis. The single minded American objective of containing Russia has caused the Americans to turn a blind-eye when these Pakistani puppets wreak havoc and mayhem in India and in Afghanistan for their sycophantic, schizophrenic personal political satisfactions, while we are instructed by the same masters to limit ourselves to “Serious” diplomatic offensives!!  More details on Kashmir and the Saudi-funded, American-trained, London-headquartered Jihad-International Inc. wreaking havoc in India are in another GPSSI publication.

The UN refuses to step-in and monitor the recent Syrian-ceasefire-evacuation in Aleppo, but they have been brought to monitor the artificially created Line-of-Control in Kashmir, which the Government of India does not (or does?) recognize?

India’s foreign secretary testifying before the Jain Commission stated that one of the motives for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination was his refusal to allow India to be used as a base by British-American-NATO planes in the Gulf-War. Was this not in the true spirit of Non-Alignment? What is India’s position now, with the recent agreement signed by India and the US? That the British-Americans will be allowed to use Indian bases to launch attacks on independent Nations according to their convenience, with India to decide on a “case-by-case-basis”? And what should or would have been the Indian government’s judgement in the case of the Gulf war? May, we the Indians ask our current leadership what they think, on whether or not the British-Americans should have been allowed to use Indian bases for re-fueling during the Gulf War?

Will we allow corrupting of our armed forces “on a case-by-case basis” as has happened in Turkey prior to the coup?? Are we not witnessing rampant corruption of our political offices at the highest level when our PMO’s office itself has allowed seditious defectors from the RAW who sold our secrets to America to “legally escape” and live (with their families!) in the luxury of the US, openly laughing at our political impotence while the truly patriotic Intelligence officers are crying day and night witnessing the destruction of their country right before their eyes? If a RAW officer sold secrets to Pakistan, would the PMO office follow the same principle of go-slow-on-his arrest and give him time to resettle with his entire family in Karachi?

From bastions of Free Press to Press-titutes to Prostitutes

The US navy coming to India with bases provided for port-servicing?

The agreement being signed exactly while a major investigation is underway in the US, with over 30 American Admirals being under investigation, for unspeakable corruption, run by a Malaysian national (Fat Leonard), accepting prostitutes and other services in a manner completely un-becoming of American officers.

The precedent of Philippines and Thailand allowing American bases for re-fuelling and ship-servicing purposes and husbanding has resulted their becoming in a very short time, International Prostitution Capitals and paved the way for the sovereign republics to become docile, sheepish vassals of British-American hegemony.  Is India competing for this same status as number one International Prostitution Capital? And if we look at the successive coalition governments of all colors and shades, the answer seems to be a re-sounding, emphatic Yes -business indeed! Anyway by liberally allowing privatization of media, India has already become the Presstitute Capital for Western interests.

With a missionary zeal, every media outlet has announced, that post-BREXIT, India will pour investment into Britain to save it, while we ourselves are borrowing from World Bank, IMF, not to mention from Dubai and Saudi-Arabia  for our own Development Projects!! Of course some patriots will be content with saying that after all “it is anyway our own black money that is going out to Dubai and merely returning to India…so we should be proud about this remarkable achievement!! (Let us give credit where it is due: at least they know it is our own money)

And, when several Western Media outlets hailed the Freedom of Expression against Globalization and Oppression by twelve million striking Bank employees of India recently, there is an absolutely deafening silence in the entire Indian Media—as if this incident took place on another planet!!

It is alarming that India is becoming a boy-scout for British-American regime change / creation of democracy / mediated and propped up by mediocre psychopathic corporate media, aligned with the interests of the British-American military industrial complex for whom war is a terrific business, terrorism is a glorified input, pushing drug addiction is a required raw-material, and the resulting destruction of civil-cultural life is an un-avoidable collateral damage in the march for the advance of free-market forces, the last being claimed as the foundation of democracy.

The dummy’s guide for freedom-fighters/terrorist/birth-of-new-nations/division-re-division of geostrategic geographies are as follows. First, accuse the target government of killing and raping its own civilians. Second, setup International Donors via NGO’s for the victims. Third, relentlessly repeat on and off atrocities committed by the government on their own populations (real or imaginary) as breaking news. Fourth, Western democracies will start a funding for victims, including self-defence forces, with training for the latter being sub-contracted to puppet regimes who feel themselves as regional-powers/front-line states in combating terrorism. The Western countries will flout every international treaty signed to prevent the giving of lethal arms to conflict-zones, and supply them to these self-defence forces. When enough men are trained, they will be prompted to attack the government positions and soft targets, which will be met with severe reprisals by sovereign governments. These reprisals will be shown as a further example of atrocities on the civilians, and then used to set-up governments in exile. When the self-defence forces fail to fight regimes, the West will impose a no-fly-zone, paving the way for direct military intervention.  Finally, when self-defence forces cannot fight the sovereign regimes, there will be direct Western military intervention in the name of “Responsibility to Re-construct”.  The same methodology was repeated with text book precision and missionary zeal from East-Timor to Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and finally in the case of Syria. The above dummy-rule-book has been thoroughly, successfully and precisely implemented.

The failure of the West in the case of Syria has put most of their Self-defence-forces (called by various names: Al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, Moderates, Al-Nusra etc.) in mortal existential danger. They have to be re-located and preserved in a semi-no-man’s land for future use against either Iran or Russia. That no-man’s land is Balochistan. And the future puppet regime to train these self-defence forces in the sycophantic delusion of being a regional power is India.

This we will be doing as a checkmate to the atrocities committed in Kashmir by the Pakistanis. Prophetically, to prove the atrocities, exactly at the time when India’s granting of asylum to the Balochi rebels is being discussed, the Uri-attack occurs. Isn’t the connection obvious??

We would like to re-state some of the facts on Balochistan, which the current Indian pro-British Presstitutes will not mention:

From the inception of Pakistan, Balochistan was the most neglected region.  With the creation of the Afghan problem on the Durand line and the subsequent conflicts, most of the Pashtu tribes relocated to the Balochi areas, altering the population-demographics from 100% Balochi to 70-30% Balochi-Pasthu demographics. Once the tremendous amount of natural resources were discovered, Pakistan has resorted to ruthless exploitation of these resources for the benefits of Western multinationals. With Pakistan becoming a frontline state in fighting terrorism, post 1971, a massive ethnic cleansing program of the Balochis was started by Pakistan, under the instruction of their Western masters, citing the reason that the Balochis are culturally close to the Indians. The limited concept of self-determination, democracy, utilization of regional resources for the people of Balochistan was completely ignored. The Pujanbi dominated army and civil administrations of Islamabad resorted to atrocious oppression and suppression of Balochi rights by jailing, maiming, killing, bombing of civilian centers, including Quetta since the last 30 years, right under the knowledge of the British-American sponsors of Pakistan. Most of the Balochis fled into Iran.

Just as the Pashtu problem is created by the Durand line, splitting the Pashtus into Afghan and Pakistani, imposing two nation-hoods on them, which they never recognized until today, so too the Balochi inhabited lands were divided between Pakistan and Iran, imposing two Nation-hoods on them which they never recognized either. Iran has supported most of these rebels for long time, giving them asylum, and there are members of the Iranian Parliament representing the Balochi people. Recently, Pakistan has given away large areas of these Balochi lands on lease to Multi-National and Chinese companies, including the port Gwadar, so that China could move Iranian oil and other precious natural Balochi resources via Karakoram into the mainland China.

Just as any fundamentalist Islamic nation de-recognizes the problem of minorities, so too the Pakistanis never acknowledged Balochistan as being a question to address, always claiming that there are no Balochis living in this entire area, except Quetta, while simultaneously carrying on an ethnic-cleansing and genocide. All these years, the West looked the other way as Pakistan was their frontline state in “fighting terrorism” –  fighting the Russian underbelly via the Jihad Internationale Inc!

When this massacre of Balochis was going on un-abated for the past 30 years, why only now have the rights of Balochis suddenly becomes a high priority for the west in general and for the Indian-corporate-presstitutes in particular?   Especially in guiding the Foreign Policy of India?

When every single weapon-system that was given to Pakistan to fight the Russians was used against the Balochis and Kashmiris (in the fashion of the Saudis annihilating Yemeni civilians today), now, is it India’s responsibility to train the Balochi Self-defense forces to fight the British-American trained Pakistani Army and Saudi-funded Wahhabi Jihadists??  Why don’t the British-Americans who control the civilian military apparatus of Pakistan, who can create no-fly-zones at their whim and fancy, simply tell Pakistan to back-off from Balochistan??

But in an Orwellian twist, and in an O’ Henry style of screen-play, Indian media is propagating that “We the Indians” have to “Save Balochistan” by arming, funding and training the Balochis and pitting them against the Pakistani establishment!…..what a convoluted suggestion when we could not even take down a single terrorist camp in POK even until today!…..why?.. Is the reason that our British-American masters don’t like it?

The ridiculous part is that we whine at every available International Forum that our Partitioned-Cousins (aka-the-Pakistanis) are training, arming Khalistani and Kashmiri Militants along with a slew of Indian-home-grown terrorists of all shades, left as well as right.

While Nehru had in UN, on the Suez-Crisis issue, declared Britain to be a terrorist state, and was assassinated for doing this, are we today chasing the British Tail and ourselves becoming sponsors of Terrorism? The correct solution to the Kashmir is not by setting the stupid example “Terrorism will be fought by Terrorism”, but by routing Terrorism by all available means at the disposal of a Strong Independent State., starting with diplomacy which has now been going on for over forty years but is today on life-support of the Western Pressure. Let Indians take the healthy stand that Terrorism should be fought by Strong State Forces as did Russia, Turkey and Syria in the recent months.

It is amusing to watch the epileptic and short memory of the Indian Foreign Minister of State on his four nation tour, from Iran to Lebanon when he got a drubbing on the real founders, funders and trainers of terrorism of all alpha-numeric Jihadi-Internationale Inc., and got a request for India to play an important role in combating this terrorism. But upon landing in India, he forgot all his lessons and remembered only one country —Pakistan– as the Central University of Terrorism – a country which was perhaps not even mentioned in the entire discussions of his four-nation tour? Perhaps, the aircraft he travelled on had some memory-erasing fields and his mind rebooted to the British-American-Foreign-Policy factory settings?

So, again, the question, Why Balochistan and India now??? For once if we keep the insanity-causing Psychopathic Presstitute Publicity aside and think, the following scenario emerges. The shocking British-American losses in the Middle-Eastern Theater of the failed concept of Syrian-regime-change has created an unprecedented catastrophe for both the investment of Saudi and the training given by the British-American agencies — in the form of a total route of the ISIS/ISIL/DAESH (on some accounts this group has more than 1000 sub-organizations, each with not more than 5 or 6 members changing alliances, names and colors and transforming from moderates to hard-core), has resulted in a scramble by the West to save these terrorists, for the original purpose for which they are created—battering Russia. This Western propped Caliphate has to be relocated to safer havens….so now Balochistan!

  1. With the American elections completed, the result being a foregone conclusion of back to GOP basics, and the Americans very wisely withdrawing from the destructive hype of Corporate America to the Original America, the Corporate Hydra that sponsors these terrorists wanted to keep their muscles in shape by the training and food being now provided by India….so is it “India now”!

It is just that simple!! Thus, we have been told by the West to go the diplomatic route post-Uri.

It is just that simple!

Now  all those who opposed Soviets are happy that finally communism is dead and so there is no need for NAM. But communism and capitalism are the economic covers for long standing inter Christian rivalry between eastern Orthodox of Greek and Russia (simply called eastern churches or east)and the western orthodoxy of Rome (simply called western churches or western civilizations or west) and the splinter group Protestantism. These two churches have so much historical geographical precision but don’t agree even on the most fundamental aspect of Christianity – the birth date and crucifixion date of Jesus. While Russians celebrate the birth of Jesus around 8th of January, the Catholics and Protestants celebrate on 25th of December.  It is this and other few differences that led to a 1000 year war between these two churches which finally became a cold war. In order to score the victories against Russia and encircle them, the west popped up and revived the Islamic card by supporting fanatical fundamentalist Sunni Islamic factions in Middle East, a spillover effect we are witnessing in India!   For their part, the Russians supported the Shia Islamic factions to counter balance the threat of Sunni Arab factions by supporting Iran. A year before, there was a discussion between both the Church Heads in Havana Cuba on the merger of both churches but they fell apart on the issue of who should lead the Christian world. Russians declared they be the leaders of the church as the Rome is headed by a communist pontiff and declared holy war on unchristian western life styles and their sponsored Islamic jihadist alpha numeric groups. At the same stretch the West headed by Anglo American lobbies declared their holy war under current Trump administration on east and east supported Islamic regiemes.

Today the entire Middle Eastern conflict is the result of the despotic Arab kingdoms, popping up multifaceted terrorist groups to counter Iran and Russia. With newly found oil wealth, a blanket support is thrown on to all groups in any country that follow the Saudi or Qatari version of Islam creating an international problem of terrorism. These non state turban brigands in turn declared holy war on both Russia and the West. In this triangle quagmire, both Russians and Americans resorted to the ancient wisdom of state craft from the Artha Sashtra, the theory of balance of power, waging deadly proxy wars putting the entire civilized world in to turmoil and fighting it out in the halls of UN which now became a fabled forum that famously never agrees on any thing about the real problems.

Indeed, today, the need for NAM is utmost, as now the cold war or the war of east west churches under cover of economic ideology is discarded and an open declaration of holy war or jihad is declared.  Russians declared a holy war in Albania to protect Serbia from Islamization of Europe. Saudis with full backing of US and Britain declared the creation of Islamic NATO of 34 Muslim countries openly to pursue military or terrorist agendas. India and many of the Asian and African countries which are neither Muslim nor Christian countries have to choose one or the opposite groups or can remain neutral as NAM.

Many in India think that the West’s ‘Look East Policy’ is a new catchy word for modern times. In fact from the time Spanish and Portuguese kings ordered naval expeditions to find sea route to India, they are looking east! Even now when USA says ‘look east’ they are looking at India only for the human and natural resources which are utmost needed for their bankrupt and debt ridden economies. But for Indians to say look east looks like the peak of cognitive dissonance.

USA and Britain are the ones who actively encouraged the fanatical Islamic terrorist groups in the quest to please their puppet Sunni kingdoms with abhorring human rights record and documented suppression of women rights. It is their money that flows in to our neighbors which is keeping Kashmir burning and a main cause of terrorism in India. This India angle of terrorist proliferation is often overlooked by the West as they need these kingdoms or our western cousins, who are supported by them, to batter Russia. So abandoning NAM and veering dangerously in to western camp will make the Kashmir issue a unending unsolvable tragedy. Of course, we can be boosting our ego on surgical strikes approved by USA and Britain a kind of cruel joke on the people of India and armed forces for the continuous series of terrorist acts perpetuated on India. Even at the height of Gulf War, India maintained her dignity among the world of nations by sending Sagar Sindhu with medicines for suffering children of Iraq.

Contrast this with the imposing of sanctions on North Korea on the pretext of pressure from South Korea, for the North Korean development of self- sufficient indigenous weapons. Now, everyone knows that from the beginning as part of cold war strategy and containment of Russia and China strategy, South Korea is ruled by those handpicked and approved by USA trained converted Christians. Recent South Korean Presidential Candidate also requested USA not to interfere with their elections. When Korean War was over, every city, village and structure inside North Korea was raged into dust with more than 3 million Koreans killed. Every known biological and chemical weapon at that time was used against them to defeat them. But North Korea prevailed!

Thousands of years of civilization, the cultural heritage sites, monasteries and architectural wonders of Korea were raged to dust. Every family in Korea lost one or more members in the war. The Korea is partitioned using a tissue paper between Soviets and Americans. Those memories exist live even today in the minds of Koreans. They rebuilt and became prepared for every eventuality using their limited resources and human capital, developing everything from scratch. The main concern of the West was, if Korea would have purchased weapons from them it could have been their best friend. Rather they developed on the basis of self- sufficiency which seemed to the west as a dangerous trend. They believe that the knowledge of all sources must be controlled by west only  to dominate the world. Many Indians also knew this horrific killing of infants, women and innocents was the beginning of NAM. But what a sad anticlimax when India wants to impose sanctions on North Korea! We have to wonder what happened to our memory – before 3 years of the horrific Korean War, India was partitioned. Close to three times the numbers of the Koreans died in war, perished in India partition. Millions uprooted. Every historical cultural heritage site was destroyed. All because of British ploy of their great game to cut India off from their traditional land routes to the world. This is another factor for NAM inception. But today we want to veer to the west that destroyed India in the name of pragmatism. Probably the pragmatism is what the Press Secretary of the US president Truman said – “Winning elections is the national interest.” Until last few years despite pressures from the West, India retained its independent status worrying about her own interests and benefits. When Iranian oil was banned by the West and Iranian main banks were under sanctions, India was able to negotiate a deal for cheaper oil from Iran and invented a very genuine ingenuous mode of partnership without violating any international law. What is now known as IIT or India Iran Turkey partnership. In this method India paid rupees to Turkey and bought gold in Turkey which was moved in to Iran as payment for oil.  In fact Indians printed their currency outside India to avoid monitoring eyes of the West.  Truly India became a pioneer of gold barter to prevent the ills of paper fiat currency. The lead of India was followed then by Iran, China, Russia and Korea to switch to gold barter and slowly move away from dollar hegemony thus weakening the power of USA. Whereas India now rather than continuing on the same path decided to move with Arab despotic kingdoms knowing that they are the cause of jihad terrorism.

If we just watch the billions of dollars of arms sales from USA and Britain to Saudi Bahrain and Kuwait which these kingdoms are using to fuel sectarian mid-east wars and slaughter of Yemeni children and innocents, and funnel some of these arms in to Kashmir, we will definitely appreciate the wisdom of our founding leaders in setting up NAM. Of course while dining with these despots it may assure us that few of their jihadi funded groups may vote in the future elections under the relativistic pragmatism but the loss in the long run for the country’s prestige as an emerging super power is incalculable.

The role of India should be a last bastion of oppression of any kind and focus on the development of mankind moving them from animism to humanism. Not to declare that NAM is dead! And do we have  to move into western camp when all our problems are being created by them. What a sad state of ignorance we descended in to or is it what is the result of political practical relativism? Whether we call it NAM or not, we as a republic and country, should have independent stand on how the world should progress, not in to barbarism but in to prosperity. First of all, for that we have to solve our domestic problems of poverty and corruption, which are the greatest gifts of our colonial plunderers. Then we have to solve the security issues of jihadi terrorism of our cousins either by dialogue or by force. To do that, we have to know how to manage our resources and build the human cultural capital. Till then, whether we call it NAM or not, we have to be neutral, especially, when the UN is pathologically famous for not agreeing on anything in alleviating suffering of mankind. If the current leadership in the country is incapable of making such simple choices in the interests of India, the people of India should move towards replacing these deal makers with true statesmen.

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