Loss of awareness of space-time and location – a brief outline of causes

It is our endeavor in this brief section to outline the historical forces that have caused our society to lose the awareness of space-time and of our location in it. Primarily it is a conflict between the British, the Church, the Free Masonic Orders and the French — in the context of which India became a victim.

A critical basis in the understanding of psychology is the axiom that the human being is a social being. The society you live in and the people around you, your family, your elders, the social figures influence your thought processes to a very great degree. In India, it is still the case, that a vast majority of people do not exhibit behavior that opposes the norms of society. However, a degree of confusion is being created by images of a highly individualized West.

Indians would do well to understand that the highly individualized approach to society as being pushed and practiced in Western Societies is not their natural state. It is actually the result of a tinkering of their educational systems for the last hundred years, dating back to the classical problem of the fight between the Church and its enemies, primarily various aspects of the Free Masonic orders. In this battle-to-the-death, first the latter then the former, realized correctly that the while the foe cannot be changed, the “one who will become the foe” can be changed.

This led to an attempt in Europe to control the minds of younger generations by attempting two things: 1) Push in perceptions and limit information receiving abilities, twist the information to suit the pushed perception. 2) Manipulate the process whereby the received information is re-enforceable as being true and valid. Particularly, the second point explains why a large number of Indian students feel that the Social Studies in India are useless, the information they are receiving is completely disconnected from the observed reality, making it impossible for the mind to validate.

So, they have controlled what we might call the 4 Ps: The Public school system, the Printing, the Public Debate as mediated by the Government, and the Press.

Indians should note that the strategy applied by the Freemasons in attacking the Church was used against India by a combination of the Church and the British, who learnt the art. Let it be noted that the starting point of this dilemma was the French Revolution. The French rejected the attempt by the Church to push the fraudulent time- and spatial- lines on them, precisely because they had a direct source of the true time- and space- lines from India.  This is precisely the root of the French revolution, culminating with the Rise of Napoleon who crowned himself Emperor as opposed to getting crowned by the Pope.

But, if these ideologies were allowed to run, the Church would have been destroyed by now. The fact that this has not happened, indicates that they have fought back. The battle ground of this fight was India and America. One of the side-effects of holding the Church in check in America was an extreme individualization of Philosophies etc which is perhaps the only side the Indian public are shown about America today by the Corporate media. In India however the fight took a different turn.  Unlike America of the time, India had a very vast knowledge-base that was very much alive. Here, the British colluded with the Church to completely destroy the Indian knowledge base.

A major factor for the British, for taking the path of discrediting everything in India as worthless, thus, subjugating populations to mental spiritual servitude, came from the intellectual thinking of revolutionary France. Having had trade connections with India for very long before the advent of British, the French had translated many treatises on mathematics, science and medicine in to French. This made them understand the importance of mathematics and science in relation to society. In particular, they realized the most unscientific basis of Christianity with its tale of the creation- tale of genesis, dating the entire evolution of universe to few thousands of years.

By scientifically rejecting the absurdity of religion, the French moved to reject Christianity as main social binding force during the revolution, specifically citing Indian astronomical accounts. From Voltaire to several others, this trend became a bed rock in forging the French revolution based on intellectual achievements and self-knowledge with slogans of equality, liberty and fraternity. This shift from the Church to a Republic shook the very foundations of Catholicism. This popped up an unusual alliance between British and Catholic Church to disprove the French and the nascent German thinking about the role of knowledge in statecraft. More specifically, the Church and the British concerned themselves with the problem of how to discard and disprove such knowledge if it went against the established dogmas of church. The British struck an alliance with the Catholic Church to complete that discarding of Oriental knowledge in favor of that of the Church and their time-lines in exchange for noncompetition in business matters with them in Indian subcontinent.

Since the beginning of 1785 a systematic methodology was adapted by British to achieve their objective of intellectual, spiritual and mental enslavement of Indians. This was long before Macaulay presented his plan in the British Parliament. And by 1815, with the defeat of Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo, the British eliminated all French presence from India.

Let Indians also note that Continental Europe has always treated the British as Pirates, and the British were kept out of all civilized activities. Now the British, who were always treated as Pirates, wanted to show to continental Europe that they were also civilizers and pro-Science, pro-advancement. To this end, the British and the Church entered into an un-holy agreement. Note that the Church was the victim of the French Revolution based on the French Renaissance that was actually based on the Astronomical knowledge the French obtained from India.

The agreement of the un-holy alliance was that if the British could find a find a way to check-mate France and counter the French danger to the Church, in return the Church would see to it that the British would be admitted to the Empire and would not be treated as pirates. And it is precisely the effect of this un-holy alliance that we will see at all points in India….Note once again that Indian Astronomical Knowledge was the main danger to the Church via the French Revolution….. All Europeans who came as scholars to learn the Vedas were Catholics, whereas their British controllers and financiers were Protestants.

Thus, therefore, the British adopted a two-pronged strategy. First, militarily check-mate the French by throwing up coalition after coalition, AND Secondly, destroy the source of the knowledge that has created the French Revolution. This led to the destruction of knowledge bases in India.

Destruction of the knowledge-bases in India was a four-pronged approach. First, destroy the funding sources to all centers of learning in India. Second corner all manuscripts and lift them out of India. Third, Raze to the dust anything that survives in India in the form of astronomical observatories, temples, scientific marvels, plundered and pillaged them (and put the complete blame on the Muslims to play safe and continue the plunder of anything that is left out in India while the Indians are always busy fighting with the Muslims and would no way realize the continued plunder of the British) so that future Indian generations will never be able to re-construct the truth about what has happened to them.  Fourthly, prevent the Indian mind from going back to the process of re-construction of their destroyed History by re-engineering their ideas of space and time.

They retrofitted the entire timeline of the “Indian” civilization to 2000-3000 B.C. They tinkered our historical texts to limit their geographical location to within British India. When they carefully controlled the archives, the libraries, public education, they published only 636-odd texts, out of the hundreds of thousands of manuscripts that were taken out. These 636-odd texts are then used to show that there was no Indian civilization worth the name. The 636 texts were used to push a Christian thought on the Indian mind, and created a new religion. The followers of this new religion were called HINDUS= Her-Majesty’s INdians, DUmb and Stupid.

The whole of Continental Europe, especially the French and the Germans decried the massive onslaught on the Indian knowledge base being perpetuated by the British. But with the political turmoil in Europe no one was able to interfere to checkmate the British onslaught. With nobody, including the Indians, to oppose them, the British set the entire Indian civilizational achievements in to a biblical frame work of 2000 years BC thus making India subservient to the bible creation tale of 5000 years. From the oldest texts to Vedas to everything else was retrofitted in to this 2000-year time frame work and piped in to the masses through the public education as a matter of fact. The Indian mind with an “intellect unable to question” this onslaught and in the absence of sources of knowledge or having no means to retrieve these sources slowly surrendered their basic quality of questioning to seek truth and began to simply accepting passively whatever was being taught to them.

The new religion, Hinduism, which is absolutely hierarchical, oppressive and which fostered an un-questioning ignorance was piped in to the brains of one and all starting with school children, with women being relegated to positions of slaves.

A critical role in the destruction of the society in India was played out with the destruction of the state of women. The British pushed the case that women are not equal to men and have no property rights and changed the succession rules so that property can be inherited by male offspring only.  Thus, the role of women in the society was confined to baby-producing machines or physical objects dependent on the man, and cut them off from all critical social spheres. This was the copy of the Christian thought.

With no way to learn what the ancient texts actually said, as the traditional learning centers were destroyed, the Indian Mind violently swung between contradictory pictures of woman as being divine to being sex slaves. It finally ended up paying lip service to women being embodiment of some god-head but accepted the new found position of male superiority. From being represented by a Brahmin widow Queen Rani Laxmi Bai, leading a great war against the best of the best British Generals (Cornwallis), in the last 50 years, women were relegated to and objects of servitude attending to household duties.

From the beginning, the role of British in India is to usurp personal movable and immovable properties. The original principle of community sharing headed by even women is disbanded by citing a commentary on Yajnyavalkya Smrti by a 12th century court accountant by name Mitakshara as standard and 50 % of population – women were removed from any property rights handing them over to the male biological offspring of the family. Then they disbanded the polygamy and polyandry rules of India, restricting them to ‘one man one wife’. So if first wife does not have any offspring a man cannot marry second wife for offspring as they are not recognized as legitimate offspring under British Law. At worst, the second marriage was not recognized as marriage at all. But British conveniently forgot that in 15th century, King James separated from Catholic Church and created his own version of Bible because the Catholic Church refused to accept his third wife as legitimate.  Thus, if a man or king dies without an offspring, their whole property belong to East India Company. All adaption rules of ancient India were discarded and any adaption in case should be approved by the British. If there was no property under consideration, then adaptions were accepted but if there was property, then adaptions were negated. The same rule was applied for all religious temples or institutions. If there was a legal ham heir the properties were left untouched. If there was no legal heir, then the properties were confiscated. It was these sets of laws that made Queen Laxmi Bai to revolt against the oppressive rule of the British to the end. Many religious and spiritual institutions made deals with British, bribed them to keep their properties, accepting British over sight on their daily functioning and learning modes. This corruption and the rules of such corruption even today continue in India. Post Jhansi rebellion many Indians simply moved away from British rule and start settling issues among themselves using community or industrial leaders. Also, the question of black money goes back to the British times. British started taxing revenues at more than 80% from all works of Indians citing their superior progressive economic Keynesian theories. The basic tax rules of ancient India that kings should collect taxes like the sun evaporates water from waterbodies and gives them back as rain, was totally discarded.  The Indians indigenously came with falsifying revenues and started moving money in to hoarding. Post-independence, we have not changed any of these oppressive laws but instead introduced more laws which reflected the spirit if British Laws. Post-independence when none of these laws were changed, the business communities continued the same practices thus generating huge money in terms of black economy. Whenever in ‘independent India’ the governments wanted money they could bank on these British Laws and rip the people off from their possessions. The current demonetization is another such example of British styled plunder. What we need is not demonetization but ‘de legalization’ of most of these oppressive laws and revert back to simple code of rules that existed pre British. ⁠⁠⁠⁠

The Indian mind is thus forced to oscillate between three contradictory anchors. One is what they are taught in fragments from history coming down traditionally. The second is what they are taught by the Public Education System. The third is the observed reality in the world today. The three are completely irreconcilable. They have seen their grandmothers having property rights, participate in decision making processes, they have their grandmothers supporting a Brahmin Widow (Rani Laxmi Bai) and ruling a kingdom and fighting the best of the best of the British Generals for several months. Contrasted to this is a legal reality, where women have no inheritance rights at all, again in contrast, they are taught that Western lead reforms have given equal rights to modern day Women. This dichotomy or Trichotomy between Rani Laxmi Bai and the current Judicial Position on women, and between what is taught to us in the public education system, is confusing our attitudes towards women in our society.  ONE which we cannot prove, cannot look up to because we seem unable to move towards it, the SECOND of painful humiliation and the THIRD which goes against the nature of our mind to accept and is convoluted beyond reason.

If we accept the input from our memory, (Rani Laxmi Bai) we are unable to prove it, and what is harder seem pitifully unable to get back to this state, of having a woman ruler who could challenge the British might (except briefly Mrs. Indira Gandhi). If we accept the current judicial position, we can’t live with it because it perpetuates the suffering of women. If we accept what is taught to us in the public school system, we immediately reject it because of the confusion it creates between history and the current reality.

As long as this is taught in the public schools, the confusion in the mind goes on increasing, because it contradicts the reality. In this confused state, we make a decision based on immediate survival in the present…in the manner of a slave who has to eat in order to survive.

When the British created the new religion of Hinduism, the reform movements and spiritual movements which although were calculated to show a streak of nationalistic pride, the heads of these movements were geared to imitate their masters, the British. So the product of these social institutions, be they Hindu or Muslim or Reform, are subject to this same confusion. All the recent spiritual, political, religious, cultural leaders have come through this same system where the 4-Ps have been controlled and they are themselves directionless. Only those religious or spiritual institutions could retain their independence and continued to function which surrendered completely to the British version of Indian history, philosophy and culture. Anybody who opposed, their organizations were dismantled, properties confiscated by the East India Company under various Doctrines of Lapses. It is no wonder when we read the texts available with these existing spiritual and religious institutions, Indian historical, cultural timelines are dated back from now to 2000 to 3000 years of British created time lines. Of course there are few who took this back to 197 crore years and claim they are scientific, which was of course encouraged by the British but later to  be proven wrong as it is only a fraction of time in comparison of the age of the earth itself.

A confused youngster goes to a confused spiritual leader who is a by-product of either the malevolent British educational system or of the destroyed traditional system, can only expect to be further confused. It is certainly not our Honorable Prime Minister’s case that the individual should go to a psychologist who has also been confused by the same system, who know nothing about the context of societies in which the psychological theories they are taught arose.

The effect of this mental subjugation resulted in clueless bureaucracy, a directionless army, senseless legal procedures of British era, and purposeless Intelligence Services. Though many in these fields honestly trying to do something good their number is very low and is fast disappearing. The only ones in India who are not confused are the British-created political class who became a mirror image of the British EIC officers whose single-minded purpose is like that of their British masters: to make enough money for at least 600 generations down the line at the expense of the common citizens.

True it is that for a brief period after independence, we attempted to repair this situation in many fields. But this phase was short-lived in the time-scales of History, and with the Liberalization, this same 4Ps are now back again with a vengeance and are pushing us back on the path of complete servitude and slavery.

Except that the British-engineered 4Ps post-liberalization are now being privatized by another set of 4-Ps. The Public education replaced by Private Education, the Press replaced by Private Press, the Public Archives replaced by Private University Libraries and the Public Debate replaced by Private Corporate channel controlled debate.

To destroy the Indian pride in their astronomical and mathematical knowledge British missionaries and administration paid huge bribes to a few scholars in Ujjain asking them to proclaim a date for an eclipse that was incorrect by two days. This was published in all the governor’s almanacs and on that date millions gathered to have a peek at the eclipse and to take holy dip in the rivers.               When the eclipse did not occur in the main river confluences, the carefully placed British agents and Catholic fathers trumpeted that Indian astronomical knowledge was fake and absurd to the schooled millions.  And the British informed the distraught faithful that according to superior British scientific calculations the eclipse will occur in next three days which proved true, to the amazed public. But this fraudulent act of psychological war on the Indian mind came to light only in 1985 through the writings of the German and French scholars who were conducting a study on retrospective reconciliation of astronomical facts. Even NASA’s declaration a decade ago about adapting astronomical tables of India into their computations could not restore the lost sense of pride in the Indians even to this day.

The Europeans who decried the British destruction of Indian knowledge were appalled by the scientific psychological methods adapted by British to do such things. Witnessing this massive disruption of mind and psyche of the Indians, the Germans and French did what they could do best within their limitations. Knowing the greed of British, the French and Germans offered as much cash as possible to anything of value from India. So for a full century the plundered wealth of India from manuscripts to artifacts to statues was auctioned in London’s famous auction centers and dutifully the Germans and French paid for and bought them.

The education system is meant to deliberately create and perpetuate this confusion. This confusion is a pre-requisite to get a job. Not only our understanding of time-space analysis is messed up, but also our understanding of modernity- versus-traditional is also messed up. This forces us to make a choice on the basis of what is critical for immediate survival in the manner of a slave…….

We have been taught that we have nothing to offer, our history is less than 5000 years old, that we have no cultural values, any culture is given to you by foreigners. We have been conditioned to accept that whatever is English “IS Science” and that what is NOT English is “NOT Science” and the West is English.

True, there are some attempts being made in our books to make passing mention of Aryabhatta or Ramanujan, but these are mere fleeting illusions and far from solid. India was once a wealthy country, both in terms of her spiritual resources as well as materialistic resources.  Indeed, Hillary Clinton is the not the first person to mention ‘Look East and act East’ policy. Starting from Alexander to Zoroaster to Jesus, to Mohammed, they all looked east-towards India, for spiritual and material knowledge. When Jews were persecuted and kicked out of Middle East both by crusader Christians and fanatic Arabs, they looked East, India. When again the Persians were persecuted and harassed by the fanatic Islamists, they also turned towards east(India). When the land route to India which was open from the time of Alexander and even before was blocked by Ottomans, the entire Europe started looking towards East or India. The purpose of travel of Vasco da Gama and Columbus was mainly to search a route to India. When the East India Company was formed, their main objective was to do business with India. The Dutch East India Company looked towards east – India for translating most important medical and botanical works into Dutch. Every Christian missionary and Jesuit priests looked East- India for mathematical and astronomical knowledge sources before they even converted a single person into Christianity. The British Government and the East India Company looked East until 1947 for money resources and gold.

Of course there are a few countries that looked west also. China, Japan, Korea looked west towards India for medical and spiritual knowledge. Even today, the remaining Korean royal families as a matter of custom will marry a bride from Ayodhya in India.

There are few who looked south also. The entire Russians, the whole set of Central Asian Republics all looked South, towards India for same material and spiritual knowledge. Since India got independence, that India which was looked by many for material and spiritual knowledge, which was a beacon of light of the human civilization and progress, was broken, shattered and destroyed and it looked inwards to rebuild her strength. With the advent of liberalization every other country started looking at India for business. Another development post liberalization is that every criminal, every renegade intelligence agent, every terrorist member leader, every coup plotter in other countries also started looking east towards India. India became a proxy ground for intelligence battles of the world powers. It is so surprise that the nationalist part spokesperson suddenly realized after Hillary’s words that India should look East implying that until then they were looking only towards the west for the solutions of problems of India, where as for the whole thousands and thousands of years the entire world was looking towards India for solutions. What a sad state for a party that calls itself as defender of India and her culture to look towards east after Hillary stated!  Of course they may be right that present India, of political, social and religious corrupt groups, must look towards east, Singapore for cleanliness, Japan for non-corruption, China for unwavering dedication towards rebuilding the nation into super power and North Korea towards becoming one of the leaders in the asymmetric warfare ready to take on the entire world with twenty-eight million populations, for what they believed as truth and to fight against oppression. Of course if this is what is meant by the nationalist party spokesperson, few patriots in India will be happy.

At the same stretch, India became a center for massive amounts of money laundering and a shelter heaven for various terrorist groups, most of them which are against India. In the recent times, mediated and established by American and Israeli intelligence with connivance of few rogue right wing elements of all shades inside India, these groups became conduits for destabilizing governments, funding terrorist organizations and supplying human resources for terrorism both in Middle East, Europe and Central Asia. In this context, when the recent coup attempt was made in Turkey, the Turkish President and President and Ambassador looked east, i.e. India.

In case of present India, we have utterly impractical or abusive spiritualism, inwardly useless and outwardly expensive religious practices. Enforcement directorate has pointed out that many of these spiritual and religious institutions received on yearly basis thousands of crores from outside and inside India and in most cases becoming major conduits of black money creating a holy alliance of politicians, industrialists and black money holders and foreign Intel agencies. The situation being thus in the country, where religion or spirituality is incapable of providing a solution neither for the leader nor the public, it would rather be appreciating if the citizens of a country would do well to assist their leader in this process, by understanding the forces that the leader is subject to, rather than to deify and worship the leader as is commonly done in several countries, including in India.

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