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The China Rant

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The China Rant

By Shalini & Shri  Kidambi

Drugged Dragons dysfunctional half sleep talking or

The dead and defunct neo Imperial Chinese (British) East India Company rising

Where India stand & What India Should Do?

This is a country exposition of China, what it was, what it is now and how it became what it is now and what it is going to be.

It is an examination of true facts of China, a country that cannot feed her omnivorous population, suppresses all human rights ruthlessly and thoroughly exploits their labor force in the name of communism, highly corrupt politicians who pride to be called Mr. 25% for all bribes and political commissions on all contracts, works hand in glove with British intel to sustain pedophile networks of  immense proportions, is threatening India with drugging her youth first and then with another military defeat.

China was used to batter India when British realized that India was going against their interests in international arena and in the United Nations, resulting in a war where we lost one third of Kashmir. Now, today again China is threatening a war with India to destroy even the regional power status and the morale of the Indian army and people at the behest of the international fight of the two rival factions – the Free Masons and the Catholic Church. China was, and is, on the side of the Church as most of the rulers of China from first revolutionaries to nationalists are all converts, used for the purpose of British and American interests and to batter other ancient Buddhist empires and civilizations of the orients including India.

A diagnosis in to absolutely seemingly contradictory, mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive ideologies of Neo Liberalism and the so called Agrarian Marxism/Maoism/communism ideologies that China exhibit are being super imposed on completely drugged Dragon, with implications to India as to what we need to know and understand and do to stop this real/imaginary threat from our eastern neighbor Cynically Hanging on to Indian NAtural  Resources and ancient cultural trade routes as New Silk Road (NSN) Or OBOR (One belt one road or Original Bharath Oriented Road)

The most dangerous aspect of all this is morphing of China in to the classical and traditional, centuries old role of India, as a beacon of civilization and center of universal knowledge and powerhouse of creation of material and spiritual wealth. No one in the world ever bothered about the middle kingdom or China until the Europeans found a fabulous market for Indian grown opium to drug Chinese imperial officers and common men alike in the beginning of the 18th century. From the time of Ottoman rulers blocking the Damascus Baghdad Tehran Khorrasan and Kashmir India silk route, the Europeans started frantically searching alternate sea routes to link up with India, definitely not China. Most of these expeditions are called East or West India Companies. In their search, Columbus and others, whatever new lands (Americas) they re-discovered named all inhabitants as Indians only as they found remarkable semblance of culture among these groups, and none of them were named as Chinese. This pivotal role of India for centuries is now being usurped by Chinese morphing as a beacon of Li(e) beralization and leader of Communism linking up with western cousins through illegally occupied Indian heart and soul Kashmir, and surrounding India across the sea routes around. This envelopment by Jihadi groups and Chinese will pose an existential threat to the eternal Bhārat aka India from becoming an insignificant, weak and helpless country while her resources and population is plundered both by domestic and international players.

What is the way ahead?

China literally means and was called the middle kingdom, indicating that it was surrounded by many other kingdoms. Though the actual derivation of the word China comes from the Sanskrit word Chīna or Jina indicating that long back it was under the influence of Jina philosophical thought prior to fusing itself in to Confucius and later Buddhist thought all moving and influencing from India. Starting from China’s four fold division to the art of war and ruling and public policy, all reverberate a vibrant influence from India. Since the drugging of China and unifying all other geographic areas/ kingdoms around her, first through defunct agreements and then by force of arms, to create a buffer zone around India to encircle her, China became a tool in the hands of Western Imperialist Designs. This gave an impression of China as one undivided country with one language, which is a phenomenon fused by the East India Companies under the British to keep China as a Church and British based back up to batter India and then all oriental countries in Asia and then the world at a later date.

The primary objectives of the Catholic Church which were ratified by the British in their agreement to keep control and destroy India, identifies three existential enemies. First, the Russian Orthodoxy, Second, Any other form of Reform movements including Judaism and Freemasonic Orders and Third, the Simple teachings of Mohammad’s Islam (not the tribal fussed beliefs of Wahhabi-Salafi systems of the Arabian tribes which resulted in multi turban anarchists/jihadists which were the creation of British and Americans to tackle the former simplistic Islam).

At any cost these three enemies were to be destroyed. A series of centuries of wars ravaged the world to achieve these objectives under various masquerading catchy titles. The real reason of inter church fights which they call as great schism shocks any sane mind with little IQ. The whole question of this 2000 years of wars is a simple issue that relates to Mary’s virginity post birth of Jesus. Catholicism or Western Church of Rome maintained that Mary was Virgin post birth of Jesus Christ. Whereas, the Eastern Orthodoxy maintained that she was not.  This main difference of approach as to how to treat the virginity of Mary led to the 1500 year excommunication of each of the Churches, both not even agreeing on the fundamental birth and death dates of Jesus, yet claiming their version of religion and whatever stemmed from it as the most scientific in the world. The adamancy of church to stick to whatever in Bible as absolutely scientific permeated all western political establishments to a point of denying already established scientific facts and truths by either obscuring them or out rightly destroying them. Though there was sufficient evidence of life and water on moon and mars as proved by Indian scientific expeditions, the Church controlled space establishments all across the world denied and covered up everything as Bible did not mention them and life on other planets means that earth is not special place in the eyes of whatever gods they pray.

The first objective of destroying the Eastern Orthodoxy or the Greek or Russian Church became a bed rock of policy in the destabilization of Russian Empire or Soviet Union or now The Russian Federation. The encirclement of Russia and Insulation of India from Russian, French and German advances became the main center piece of International Affairs of Geo Politics for last 200 years.

Why India?

India was the only country where the repository of knowledge still existed that can dispel the myths of all fundamentalist religions and give a proper perspective to the evolution of mankind. India is the only country then and now that can provide fathomless resources both natural and human for the fight of major geo-political players, various church groups, free masons and their often nurtured jihadi turban anarchists of both Sunni and Shia brands.

Since 1750, for last two and half centuries the Chinese were successfully occupied and controlled by British East India Company first using the opium grown and addicting en masse populations and then using the Indian Kingdoms, soldiers to militarily conquer the remaining nominal Manchu Rulers and imposing proxy rule over them. But this defunct dynasty was used for the eastern envelopment of India as a buffer zone by giving non existing authority to the Chinese over Burma, Tibet, Assam and North East of India in a series of defunct agreements created by the now defunct East India Company. The same western envelopment of India was achieved by another series of creation of Non Existent empires or States like Afghanistan and Pakistan, so that Russians, French or Germans never approach India through land route or India will never connect to the rest of the Humanity through her ancient cultural and trade routes known as Silk Road, the closure of which by Turks pushed entire western world in to Panic mode to Search Alternate Sea Routes to India (and remember this search was not for the finding of China, and whatever land the west discovered they named it India only like West Indies, Native American Indians, South American Indians). Once the British controlled seas, they became confidant that none can approach India by sea routes. As India was isolated militarily, economically and culturally, the British set their agenda of conquering Indian mind, soul and heart by 4 P’s to plunder her resources and use her human resources for all their military campaigns starting from China occupation to World War I & II.

What was China?

China from the beginning followed a closed door policy first by building a great wall to prevent central Asian nomads so no one enters China except scholars and merchants from India through mountain passages or from the south Indian sea routes. China believed their civilization is far advanced and hence other parts of the world have nothing to offer Chinese as they are self contained, self sufficient and self knowledgeable.

China, as we said, was the middle kingdom and the Far East was ruled by Manchu Rulers and both quarreled for centuries with ever changing dynasties of the middle kingdom. Once the Middle kingdom or China was conquered by Mongols, the Chinese Imperial rule ended. What followed was the conquest and occupation of China by Mongols and later by Manchu Rulers. Then finally, the British conquered China from the weak Machu Rulers who were defeated by British.

Drugging the Dragon – Rewind

Free Trade and Global Trade were the noble motives of East India Company. If we re arrange the phrase then it will be Global Trade Free for British interests. When the Catholic Church and the British agreed to destroy the Indian knowledge sources and plunder India to check mate the threats that emanated from German Protestants and French Revolutionaries who after understanding Indian knowledge bases of Time Space, Astronomy and host of allied sciences rejected the church doctrines, greed avarice and pedophilia. At the same time Catholic Church was also battling Free Masons/Knights Templar/Illuminati and dedicated Jews who survived the inquisitions. The problem of Indian knowledge bases though thoroughly destroyed with the implementation of 4 P’s, still loomed large as there are multiple copies of the same knowledge bases both in Persian and in dozens of Buddhist Kingdoms all across orient. These main pillars of such main repositories were Chinese, Burmese, Thai and Tibetans and to the lesser extent all other Oriental Kingdoms from Cambodia to Vietnam and Koreas.

It became imperative to subjugate and conquer China and turn it against India and all oriental countries. The methodology adapted was simple. Drug the entire nation which will destroy the military ability to fight and then conquer it. For this, first the East India Companies took over the trade routes of Portuguese in Macau, Canton and Shanghai, through a series of marital agreements under the church blessings with Royals. Once this was done under the guise of trade exclusivity and cultural diversity, they set up first Opium Dens there.

But where did the opium came from?

It was grown in the fertile lands of Ganga of current Bihar and Bengal, once Bengal became a possession of the British, by forcing the farmers to grow and reducing them to indentured labor or slaves. This opium was exported to China to first create the habit in administrative military officials and their children and then spread the habit to town populations. Once officials were hooked up they failed to prevent the habit growing in to hinterland as they themselves are addicts and shared little profits of trade which we can call now bribes. By the time the menace reached alarming proportions the Manchu Rulers intervened and ordered to destroy the opium dens. The civilian and military officials who were already hooked up for drugs and free money simply ignored. When the King’s troops intervened they were no match for internal sedition and the massive British fire power and large armies that the British were able to assemble from Indian kingdoms. With each war to control opium addiction Chinese Manchu Rulers lost sizable portions of their authority territory and ruling privileges.

With each loss of liberties and cultural values, the Chinese traditionalists revolted leading to Taipei and Boxer Revolutions. The same thing happened in India in 1857 with the first freedom struggle. What British learned in India they implemented in China. In India, they created three groups as intermediaries to deflect the attention from the atrocities of British, pitting instead those three groups each against another. They are The Indian Muslim League modelled on Wahhabi version of Islam, the Hind Maha Sabha modelled after the Catholic Church and the Secular National Congress which romped all other 4 P educated Indians. In each group they again created conservatives, moderates and reformers each fighting as what is best for India, but finally requesting British to help in settling the scores with each other. All these groups educated in British system of 4 P education lost touch with the country and people and lived in their British controlled imaginary world. Though none of these groups were converted in to Christianity of British version, their souls, minds and hearts all irrevocably became the image of Catholic Christian thought.

In China, to channelize the anger of the people, Nationalist and Communist forces were created with a difference. The entire leadership of both groups were converts who were carefully nurtured by the various church denominations. These two groups were pitted against each other as well as against the defunct Qing Dynasty. These wars that ravaged in China, destroyed her culture, learning, morals and all civilizational advancements along with the repository of thousands of books they preserved as a heritage of mankind.

From 1800 when the discontent grew in China in traditional circles towards the descent of China in to western British fold many rebellions took place like Taipei and Boxer revolutions but all of them were brutally suppressed by the nominal King and those supporting British. While India was subjected to intellectual dissonance, China was completely destroyed culturally, morally, ethically. Citing the inept central leadership the British created from the faithful converts both Nationalists and Communists, just like they did create both Hindu and Islamic political cultural and reform movements within India. The Chinese Communists and Nationalists, both controlled by two different warring groups of Christian faiths clashed and marginalized thousands of years of cultural achievements of China in to 5000 year time line and carefully erased all the Chinese associations or dependencies on India. Though now it has been discovered in many places that the civilizational progress on this planet is millions of years old and proofs are discovered everywhere about such settlements, still the 4 P’s pushes all across orient the same concept of 5000 years of human development.

Destruction of Qing and Division of China

With the traditionalists completely sidelined, the war raged between Nationalists, Communists and what is left as Qing dynasty resulting in final over throw of Qing rulers and Nationalists taking power and proclaiming a Republic. During these last years of Qing the entire area and kingdoms around China like Tibet, Burma, Bhutan, current North east were recognized as under the suzerainty of China by the then British East India company/British Raj. In to this turmoil Japanese entered and overthrew the Manchu rulers in East China and occupied that including current Taiwan in their deft military campaigns under the slogan Asia for Asians, and finally moved towards the middle kingdom. This resulted in the temporary unification of the Nationalists and Communists or Maoists under one banner. They sided with the United States of America/Britain in their war against Japanese under the supreme command of none other than Mountbatten.

In a series of debilitating but brilliant moves, Subhash Chandra Bose occupied Burma and Singapore, liberated them and proclaimed Indian National Government/Republic, with Singapore as the headquarters. This brilliant move put into jeopardy of the entire game plan of the British, of surrounding India with hostile kingdoms under the control of China post their exit from India. A series of moves forced Americans to use Atomic weapons on Japan to force her surrender, Bose to evacuate. China became victorious and declared Independent, of not only the middle kingdom but on all areas that were claimed to be Chinese including Tibet, Burma etc. Once the World War was over the two factions- Nationalists and Communists resumed their fighting to death resulting in Nationalist forces evacuating the mainland China to Taiwan and declaring that as ‘Republic of China’ and Communists occupying the mainland China and declaring it as ‘People’s Republic of China’.

But the problem for the British was, if they leave India and if India connects to all oriental lands spanning from China to Koreas, then India can reconstruct the entire lost knowledge and will re assert herself again as the ‘Leader’ of the world. The entire orient has to be subjugated and destroyed and until then India should never establish any relation with any of the oriental countries. Starting from China, in the name of independence, the power was handed over to the British-European-American trained native missionaries who made sure nothing remained in any of these countries about their ancient past beyond 200 years at the best, and at the worst beyond the life span of the leaders who were put in to power.

China and the Oriental Destruction under Mao

What British did under 4 P’s to subjugate India mentally, psychologically and spiritually via Intellectual dissonance over a period of 200 years was achieved in a sort span of 25 years under the Mao. In a brutal, inhuman and merciless campaign against the traditions and culture of China, the neo converted Christian Mao massacred millions of artists, musicians, painters, priests, monks and raged the entire civilizational advances of Chinese to dust. Traditional education, arts, crafts, sciences, except the Chinese Medicine that saved Mao from definite death, were completely destroyed. To bring Maoist equality and justice a new slogan was raised the “Worker, Peasant, Student, Soldier cannot fail any exam.” So once they were admitted in to Grade 1 they are automatically promoted until their PhD’s and then were made anything and everything in the structure of the government service. The family structure except in the rural areas was abolished and marriage of anyone allowed only with the written permission of the Communist Party. Babies were separated from the parents who were for most part kept in appalling labor camps with no wages except food and enough clothing under strict and liberal working conditions of 12 hours a day. The babies were brain washed to be obedient party workers and follow Chinese Church sanctioned Communism, a new religion imposed with much oppressive principles of other form of churches, from where the original leadership of Chinese Communism emerged. The popular religion was de recognized and it was declared dead and that there are no Buddhists in China. Every relic, memory image of the past glory was burned to ashes along with that whoever opposed it in the name of Cultural Revolution When a brotherhood of such converted leaders supported by the West who fought against Japan were installed in all other oriental countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Koreas  and Laos, Chinese brutal regime became the supporter of them and it took 60 years for all of them to destroy the entire thousands of years of civilizational advances to dust. For example, in Vietnam or the Koreas, their history starts with their founding leaders and graciously extends and adds another 2000 years to the history as long as they can trace the genealogy of the founding leaders. Millions were killed, converted and all the knowledge that was preserved was destroyed with no remorse or fear of any punishment. Again the poor Germans and French continued their tradition of buying anything of value and preserving them as a common heritage of humanity.


When the Communists under Mao took over, they proclaimed that they are nullifying all the treaties made by the Qing dynasty. But they started reviving and making a few of them related to the envelopment of India as international binding treaties. One such horrific treaty was the agreement between the defunct East India Company and the Qing dynasty, where the British gave political authority over Tibet to China. This was done by the British to prevent the Russian and German incursion in to Tibet and from there in to India. Reviving this defunct treaty, learning a page from the partition of India and the instigated riots and slaughter on religion lines, the Chinese encouraged all Islamic Communist cadres and army personnel to wage a relentless religious war on Tibet. This war fare continued unabated for 15 years prior to the occupation of Tibet completely by the Chinese Muslim Generals relentlessly causing much human and material loss. When finally the Tibet spiritual leader abdicated the power the Chinese moved and illegally occupied Tibet and then moved into the Indian eastern Kashmir to link up with the already occupied western Kashmir so that they can use that land route to connect to central Asia and to Middle East posing it as ‘New China Silk Road’.

In UN, when Nehru started opposing the British and led a movement to banish Britain from the UN during the Suez Canal Crisis, the British realized the danger posed by the partitioned India, that if India realizes what has been done to her during the British rule, then she will rise to occasion and solve the world problems instantly. The war was slapped with the puppet Chinese government on India and one third of Kashmir was cut off from Kashmir in such a way that the Chinese can link up with our western cousins. At the same time, the democratically elected government in Iran was thrown out in the name of preventing Russian communism. But the real motive was to prevent the Socialist Iran to open ties with the Socialist India so they can rejoin and rediscover their common heritage preserved in Persian.

But much of these plans were never brought to reality because of the brilliant economic policies of Mao ruined China, created famines after famines. Once again, China closed herself to the world internally cannibalizing her own citizens and externally colluding with the British and American intelligence and worked against another Communist brother – The Soviet Union. To boost their internal economy and have some liquidity, the Chinese communists resorted and took over the trade of their East India Company masters-opium production and shipping it for the British owners all across the world through Golden Triangle (Burma Thailand and China) destroying Burma and Thailand in the process. These billions of dollars of drug money was laundered through the expatriate Chinese networks who were used by the Chinese intelligence to push pedophilia and prostitution all across the world. It is not far from the truth that in the entire west, majority of massage parlors, prostitution rings were controlled by the Chinese gangs in turn controlled by the Chinese intelligence. Many European countries when processing the crimes of human trafficking discovered that China was and is behind the massive supply of children for the purpose of pedophilia of Civilized European Clients including church for a long time. Of course the drugs that were grown, made in China in the Golden Triangle were smuggled via Tibetan routes in to the Golden Crescent (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran) to get in to Europe. What the British East India Company did to China in the last century was now done by the Chinese under the British masters to flood the European and American markets with drugs and oriental sex. But these drug moneys were not enough to generate good economic activity and the Chinese economy stagnated. With the brilliant education system of no one failing from grade 3 to PhD, the productivity and total lever of scientific and technological progress came to stand still.

India progressed from what was left with her without her heart and soul ‘Kashmir’, limped slowly but steadily to the status of regional power and a technologically self sufficient world power in terms of arms, space, science, technology and agriculture.  This, despite the major loss in the war slapped on India by the Chinese, India produced a stellar list of scientists, mathematicians, doctors and agriculturalists with an undying patriotic fervor which showed all signs that India can achieve the super power status soon and will become the next super power of Asia to assert her rightful role in the world scenario. With the lessons learned from the China War, India focused pragmatically on strengthening Defense and Food securities under ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ and moved doggedly to overcome the past dependencies. This disparity between India and China widened by the end of 1971.

The rise of India after China War as a regional self sufficient fighting Machine

The world geo-political powers realized that India becomes unstoppable if nothing done. So the 1971 war was slapped on India. This war gave another important lesson to the western colonialists especially the British. Even as a woman Mrs. Indira defied all the might of US and Kissinger to tell them that if Americans do not solve the problem of Pakistan she will do herself with Sam Manekshaw. A dangerous combination indeed – A Persian Commander in Chief leading India to victory! This could open up a dangerous liaison between half of the Iran populations who still are non-Muslim (Original Persian, Druze, Bahai, Jews etc) at that time and victorious India. That could dissolve the western cousins whom Persians do not recognize as a country any way. So India was slapped with a war with our cousins and Persia was slapped with the paid bribed clerical Ayatollah Revolution. The objective of the war was to completely demoralize and destroy the Indian army, the only most powerful fighting machine on earth that can fight any conventional battle as defined by all western armies put together.

When the British under their East India Company occupied India, they realized quite early that India cannot be conquered as it was divided in to hundreds of kingdoms. The danger was these kingdoms can take help of other European powers as they did in the initial wars with British from French, will finally kick the British away from Indian borders ending their great game. By 1857, the British abandoned the idea of occupying whole of India. Instead, they came up with the modified Rajwada System of Bajirao I, which is nothing but keeping a resident of the Peshwas in every Indian kingdom with a contingent force so these kings or local rulers will not turn against India and join hands with traitors, and for these residency agreements, Peshwa armies protected them from every external aggression. British named their system as “Theory of Paramountcy” or “System of Residency”, under which they would not occupy remaining Indian kingdoms if they accept the ultimate rule of British Queen or the King, and the British would keep a resident in their capitals to make sure they will not join any other hostile power against them. British created a slogan similar to NATO that ‘all for one and one for all’ in terms of crisis. Indian kingdoms courting peace and prosperity followed unwillingly and supplied their troops for all British adventures in occupying China.

British, lacking manpower then and now had no choice and discarded the golden colonial mutually agreed European rule that the native armies of the colonies should never be trained in the art of war fare of the western superior military forces. Never in the colonial history of exploitation had any colonial power trained any natives in terms of western war fare methods fearing that they may revolt against them one day. In India, the British did not have a choice and believed that as India was and is intellectually subjugated through the use of 4 P’s, either their kings or their armed forces will never revolt against them.  This proved to be one of the irrevocable mistakes British did that set Indian armed forces on the path of massive fighting machines post-independence except in lacking the modern weapon technologies. After the Chinese war debacle India set on the path of acquiring these modern fighting machines on air, land and sea and started acquiring them indigenously.  Coinciding with this India became a leader in NAM thus throwing an international camp of sensibilities among the warring cold war parties of Capitalism versus communism which was nothing but morphing of 2000 year old inter Christian fight of Catholicism (Western Church centered in Rome) and Eastern Orthodoxy (centered in Greek and Russia).

For the British and their Alter Ego Americans, there was only one choice left, destroy India and her fighting machine permanently and once for all. With Indira Gandhi executing the daring solution of solving the crisis on eastern and western borders, and forging ahead with leaps and bounds in economy, defense and science and technology the writing was on the wall for both elimination of Mrs. Gandhi and destroying India and her fighting machines.  What terrified most in the west was the precision with which the war progressed, all be it by the timely and dedicated Russian help, who when detected the American 5th Fleet moving towards India to tilt the balance of war in favor of our cousins, warned Americans to back off or else brace a war with Russia. The incapability of China during 1971 war was clear that they cannot come to the rescue of our cousins and the warning of Russia served as an ultimatum to the Chinese too. This was a great lesson learned by the Indian army then and from then on at least Indian army has planned well for simultaneous war on both western and eastern fronts.

What most worried the West was India as a leader of NAM if can execute a solution to end a humanitarian crisis in her neighborhood, then India will be looked upon and will provide similar assistance in future conflicts orchestrated by the West. Most terrifying prospect was the thought that the Persian Generals who were instrumental in winning the 1971 war may look towards the despotic US puppet installed Iran to liberate it and bring back democracy and socialism to reinstate the traditional non Islamic rule in Iran, and thus open up the pressure on our western neighbors. In an extreme bizarre calculus, the US puppet government in Iran was abandoned and replaced by another despotic clerical British Bribed and Paid Ayatollah regime initially giving the appearance of Anti American and British nationalism which wooed all socialists and communists and other religious groups of Iran to participate in the revolution and in fact it is these groups that removed the Shah government and installed the Ayatollah supremacy. This proved costly towards the down trend of Iran, as these fanatic zealots turned against all those who supported the revolution and hunted down and killed more than any previous regimes thus eliminating the threat to British interests for a long time. Along with that these fanatical regime, consolidating its power in Iran resorted to worst human rights abuses derecognizing millions of non-Islamic Persians, Baha’is Druze and other minorities as human beings or citizens, confiscated their properties, and resorted to wholesale killing which prompted these groups to once again take refuge in India for safety. The worst fears and nightmare of British was of India Iran collaboration on socialist and same cultural ideals, as this paves the way for cultural exchanges which will open the treasure house of thousands of manuscripts saved and preserved in Iran as back up. This fear was temporarily removed when the fanatic Shia clerical rule began. They proved worse than the Wahhabism of Saudi and resorted to wholesale burning of ancient literature, manuscripts and destroying cultural and historical symbols. Most of the non-Islamic Persians and Baha’is escaped to safe locations with whatever they could save. Many of such works were again bought by Germans, French and Russians.

Beginning of the Rise of Middle Kingdom

Before India could be checkmated, the China which was at the worst point of development and stagnation and oppression had to be pushed on to world stage. At the same time India should never be left in peace. So using their puppet and highly failed corrupt state of western cousins on western front and the totally retrograde China on the eastern front a grand scheme of Right Wing and Left Wing Extremist campaign was launched in full swing. Along with this the extreme linguistic oriented state political parties were popped up and supported. This RWE and LWE which were not existent even in a single district during 1971, spread to more than 500 districts within the next decade. The ever non co-operative state and central police forces and their governments who want to retain the police forces in their fold for narrow parochial political ends contributed to the rapid growth as these RWE and LWE outfits by rule than exception, and these groups easily crossed state borders when under pressure leaving the state investigative agencies wait until these outfits get active within their state borders. Along with this, the western cousins and the Chinese used the age old British East India Company technique of financing these terror groups using the profits procured from the dangerous drug sales across the world using these terrorist outfits and corrupt border officials as conduits.  As these two groups RWE and LWE were doing an excellent job of destabilizing India, their control masters, the British and the Americans took their energy, time and planning to pop up China to the world stage.

Using our western cousins who, with the defeat in 1971 surrendered to the West and boiling for a revenge, Islamic fundamentalism was carefully nurtured. But prior to that, the extremely despotic Saudi brand of Wahhabi Islam was pushed using the Saudi money and the British and American arms. The most corrupt western cousin intelligence and the military perfectly fit in to this picture and became part of the drug empire of the west. Using already doped Chinese on the eastern borders the Right Wing Christian militias were popped up from the deliberately converted populations of north-east and agrarian communist Naxalite movements were pushed in to India. With the hind sight, the funny part of all these RWE and LWE movements was, they encircled the most resource rich, mineral rich, rare earth metal rich and metal rich areas of India, thus preventing utilizing these resources for the military infrastructure development of India. Only after liberalization, as if magic, all these movements reconciled with only foreign FDI supported companies and their local partners to extract these resources not for the benefit of India but to every foreign masters especially China. Despite all these India propelled in to the world stage as a viable science and technology super power.

One tactical miscalculation of Mrs. Gandhi, to settle scores on domestic political front with Akali Dal of Punjab, popping up Bhindranwale and radicalizing his supports directly played in to the hands of western cousins. Pakistan sympathizing with the Sikh radicals used them to batter India and also used them as conduits of drugs in exchange of weapons. When Mrs. Gandhi realized the drug menace angle to this extremism, she brutally and ruthlessly suppressed this by cutting off the Drug supply lines from China, which brought billions of dollars of loss for the new budding, developing China and to their British traditional houses of Drug Lords.

Though Sikh radicalism fizzled out, the West used free renegade elements of these radical movements to assassinate Mrs. Gandhi. The monkey court set and trial after her assassination neither did justice to her death nor to millions of Indians hailing from Punjab who were brutally tortured, raped looted and assassinated in the ‘free independent India’ till now, as a revenge for the bogus conclusion of Sikhs killing Indira. Punjab and her most entrepreneurial inhabitants that suffered and resisted worst forms of attacks and oppressions to preserve what remained as India, now became victims of drug lords.

These monkey court proceedings were worse than the kangaroo courts and commissions set up post assassination of Mahātma Gāndhi, Lal Bahadur Śāstri and Subhāsh Chandra Bose. These court proceedings mirrored the proceedings after Jalianwalabagh incident regarding Dyer, proved that even after years of InDependence India followed the laws set up by their British masters, punishing only the doers thus shielding the planners, approvers, at large leading to a situation of more than 60% of our current parliamentarians being declared as having criminal background. We long forgot the fundamentals of Jurisprudence of India that declared that 4 persons will share the responsibility of any action- The Doer-kartā, the One who gets the deed done-Kārayitā, Encourager, Instigator-Preraka and the one who consented – Anumodaka.

कर्ता कारयिता चैव, प्रेरकश्च अनुमोदकः ।

सुकृते दुष्कृते चैव, चत्वारः सम भागिनः ॥

If such an act results in crime against people or state then the Instigator or Schemer should get the maximum punishment. When British ruled us they made this rule upside down, that only doer bears the full responsibility of everything as in without exception, in all crimes against India the British were the ones who made others to do things, became Instigators and Consenters. By sacrificing the golden rule of criminology, the British were able to get over the punishment against the horrific crimes against humanity and many cultures, especially in India. We Indians, post-independence sincerely follow them in this regard.

The doctrine of using Islamic fundamentalism taken from the most favorite doctrine of Palmerston, was used many times but with resounding success against India and her main supporter Russia making use of our western cousins during and post Afghan war.  After the Afghan War on Taliban, which was in fact created by the ISI and Pakistani intelligence with the weapons of America, funding of Saudi and training of British and Israeli intelligence, a series of alphanumeric turbaned anarchist/jihadist manufacturing became a fine science of bashing non-compliant rulers or countries, especially India.

This Palmerston doctrine was used to bash Russia post Soviet collapse, right in to the heart of Russia herself. Radicalization of Chechnya is a classic example of this strategy. Noting that Saudi may fail in playing the leadership role in the world except in money handouts, Turkey was also forced to enter in to this anarchist training with the result being Russian underbelly was almost encircled. Our western cousins readily used the disgruntled anarchists/paid Jihadis in Kashmir in particular, and the Planners of these proceedings – the West, looked the other way, as their primary goal here was encircling Russia first.

Kissinger Doctrine – The Deng Era

Following the text book example of the British colonial ‘plunder, divide and rule’, Kissinger pushed the China into UN Security Council as a permanent member thus giving it a regional power status in the world scenario. Second, with the demise of Mao and with Deng taking over the reins of China, another purge of all followers of Mao took place. This internal warfare gave one more chance for the Buddhist Traditionalists to re assert their right to take control over the Christian-trained Communist Party. The Falun Dan movement took birth both in China and overseas communities. Along with them millions of students protested for democracy and better standards of living culminating in the Tiananmen Square occupation in capital Beijing. It is Deng who ruthlessly asked the elite Chinese troops to open fire to crush the protests killing thousands of innocent students and other aspirants of democracy.

The USA looked the other way. The European world and Churches looked the other way. To satisfy the party and give a window dressing that China is progressing towards market economy, Deng instituted reforms. He cancelled all educational degrees awarded to the workers, students, soldiers and farmers and downgraded all Master degrees and PhD’s to technical certificates and for the first time introduced entrance exams for admissions in to colleges and universities. But tightly controlling the students entering the University, China sends them to all western capitals under the tight control of the Chinese intelligence to ‘study’ abroad and then bringing them carefully back to China once they complete their ‘education’ in key sectors.

Trumpeting labor reforms of Deng as progress and using it as a ploy, China was pushed on to the world stage as a roaring developed country. (Before Deng, the only payment for the labor in China was that they are alive and can eat food and should work 12 hours a day without any right to wages, security etc). After the reforms of Deng, the Chinese labor got a bonus, had a dormitory to sleep. Kissinger and many Church-dedicated businessmen of the United States saw a terrific profit in reformed China where they do not need to pay anything for labor except commissions to the corrupt Communist Party Officials. They shifted the production of manufacturing from USA and other leading western countries to China so that they can save billions of dollars on labor costs, and still can sell competitively to unsatiating Western consumers. In this process the American Manufacturing completely collapsed. This labor exploitation is termed as Globalization and Piratization (ooops! Privatization) and glossed over as the fruits of development from the wonders of market economy. While China was popped up as the world’s conveyer belt of cheap goods on the grease of the blood and toil of millions of Chinese labor, the Chinese used these cheap goods to destroy many other countries’ manufacturing base, Research and Development including India. Slowly but steadily the Chinese intelligence penetrated the business circles to political establishments of western countries to a point to steal the technologies using the tightly controlled student circles they deployed from the point of Deng take over. This stolen technology on the philosophy of cheap goods was used for militarization and modernization of Chinese. This was hailed as great human resource development in China and as a miracle of being achieved in less than 30 years which took for the West 100 years and India 50 years.

Successive Catholic and Baptist Presidents of America pushed this arming and popping up China with missionary zeal to a point of offering White House bedrooms for them, again for few commissions offered both by supporting businessmen and directly by the Chinese themselves which in American English is called Political Contributions for democracy.  American businessmen shifted their production to China for cheap or non-existent labor costs, to evade taxes and to completely avoid the environmental regulations of developed western countries which add to the cost of production. From toilet paper to car parts production of all physical goods were shifted to China. Most of these assembly line technologies helped the Chinese to adapt in their development of military capabilities from 30 million baton wielding Peoples Liberation Army to the Few million Metal Rods wielding PLA by 2017. The total strength of PLA during Mao was estimated to be 40 million, the largest standing army. Except 10 million who can have guns the rest of the army had batons or wooden sticks at that time as China could not afford guns to all. Recently during the standoff near Doklam Plateau the Chinese were reported confronting Indian army with Steel Batons or Rods, an impressive development indeed in the last 30 years!

Adriatic to the Great Wall of China – The failed Turkish coup and the discontinued partition of Surya

The US philosophy was encircling Russia using China. The US either remained as a spectator or actively supported the moves of the Chinese intelligence to carefully steal the American arms technology including the design of the Nuclear Weapons. The Chinese by now became ‘experts’ in reverse engineering, rolled their own mirror versions of the stolen designs.

While China was rising with these stolen models, slowly the Indian political establishment, after the assassinations of two Prime Ministers, was scared and moved in the direction of abandoning NAM and join the superior weapon manufacturing America for their security. This occurred, following the theory of Col. Weldon model of taking control of political establishments under any means as part of Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Simply means- all independent research in defense, self sufficiency in any other country should be killed either by collaboration or outright war. This also means abandoning our domestic defense research.   Along with the rise of China’s growth in terms of military, both China and Turkey were popped up, flattered as the best saviors of human Civilization and a new concept of Adriatic Sea to Great Wall of China was floated by Kissinger. Turkey being made as a de facto leader of the Sunni world under the American Arms and Saudi Wahhabism, China became the de facto leader of Free Global Liberal World and a champion of Communism or what remained of it. The Chinese were promoted to a point so as to take over the traditional Indian Silk Route under the name of OBOR, flaunting every international norm and building a direct road in the illegally occupied Kashmir. These Chinese were then linked to an another concept of Great Shia Empire which was envisioned to replace the Great Persian empire of entire Asia but controlled by the Shia Clerics, defunct Communists of China and most corrupt western cousins. Steadily Turkey from 1992 was fed with this ideology of Great Turan or Great Apple of the defunct Ottoman Empire to a point of They accepting to train multi colored turbaned anarchists to destroy Surya and then Russia. This means both Iraq and Surya are to be controlled by the US, British Interests. Iraq was taken under American British protection and Turkey was supposed to do the same by destroying Surya. But the ever changing Turkish political Ottoman intrigue or the Hand of God made current turkey weary of the American British support to Kurdish question leading to a chain reaction of ever vigilant Russian interference. With the Russian wake up the Turkish coup was prevented so too the fragmentation of Surya. Now the great Baghdad Damascus highway is firmly under the control of Russian forces. What we have to watch is how the grandmasters of Chess, the Russians, will tame the Cyrus Persia of Clerics and the most corrupt Wahhabi intoxicated western cousins.

The ever vigilant Russians were from the beginning weary of China and the rise of Chinese brand of communism which is thoroughly in bed with the Catholic Church of varying colors and they helplessly watched China destroy the great Asian kingdoms with their brand of Communism. But one solace to Russia was the ability of China to wage wars. Even with the Vietnam War in 1979, the mighty Chinese army could not move inland more than 6 kilometers, and the reason why Chinese invaded Vietnam was, the help Vietnam extended to dethrone the Khmer regime which was supported by China, in Cambodia. China opposed Russia at every step cutting in to their sphere of influence during cold war and went to war with the Soviet Union in 1969. Russia knew that, but given the current dynamics of multi polar world have no choice but go with them in BRICS.

Chinese Rise ridden in debt, rooted in social unrest, suppression ready to explode

No other country other than the United States and Britain popped up China militarily and economically. Neither the Russians, French, Germans nor the Japanese ever shifted their production of the high tech or low tech equipment or manufacturing to China. The Japanese shifted some of theirs to Korea but not to China. Russians learned the bitter lesson during the last few years when they sold Su 27 to Chinese under technical agreements only to realize the Chinese reverse engineered them towards the carrier fleet in their J series fighters. The China thus popped up as a cheap cost producer of world goods created a massive oppressed labor class with no rights firmly under the iron foot of the Chinese Security forces.

The Rise of New Indian Trading Class post liberalization in India and Impact on destruction of Indian Economy.

Any product will have four components in its making. Raw Material Cost, Labor Cost, process transformation costs and Capital costs (interest) Administrative and Marketing costs. Labor cost constitute at least up to 30% of the product cost. What China did was to reduce this labor component to less than 1% of the product cost as they pay labor only food and a place to sleep and few clothes to wear. This reduction in cost is very tempting to mostly traders as they can make an extra 29% profit on the same goods if imported from China rather than produced within the country

This is a huge margin over and above the general 33% mark ups on retail goods for retailers or 18% markups made by Wholesalers and distributors. With this added Chinese labor cost savings the actual percentage of profits jump to 62% for retailers and 47% for the wholesalers and distributors. Of this extra margins 5% by default goes to political contributions leading to a nexus between the trader class that imports these products and local politicians. When we are talking of a trade of billion dollars each 1% in profits will make $ 10 million dollars or a Whopping Rs. 6 Crores in terms of Indian currencies.

But this calculus upsets totally domestic small and medium scale manufacturing finally affecting the large scale industries of importing countries. No trader wants to push domestic products as they cannot make this extra 29 % mark up as no country in the world allows to exploit their labor force as bonded labors. So slowly but steadily by using the political clout these importers pushed the small and medium manufacturing industries, their technical knowhow process to death.

This is precisely what the US and British interests want. With everything privatized, the trade goes in to the hands of the new trading class supported by the governments who will make sure they import everything from China as that makes them richer by 29% at the expense of millions of poor Chinese labor. But surely this will push all small and medium manufacturing in any country to oblivion. Especially in India, the community based vocations or engineering professions will suffer massively putting millions out of self-reliant work. This becomes a leading untold factor contributing to the growth of poverty and then it will be blamed as the effect of agricultural failure or poor agricultural yields thus going for massive agricultural imports completely destroying the food and agriculture sector in the Economy. To pave way for this, the meagre wealth of farming class or ordinary citizens should be abolished and here the demonetization and confiscation of gold plays a major role.

The final effect of this in any country like India, where this neo trading class of profits dictate the political parties, will lead to importing of everything made in China, from rice to fertilizers, pens to bullets, and many more. Every political party member with or without power will guard their own merchant class as they fund their political campaigns. It was evident that the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, actively lobbied the Chinese to get a release of few business men who were arrested in China on charges of fraud. As these traders do not bother anything other than profit percentage margins, over a period of time the stage is set for the total destruction of economic activity within the country. As Chinese know how to trap these business traders and as they know they are connected to the political circles in all countries, rest assured Chinese make sure that there are no anti-China sentiments in political circles of any given country. Now from rice to rags, missile parts to wirings, everything is imported from China as the same parts are expensive to import from the western countries or Russia. With privatization, the safety of armed forces or the public at large is long forgotten except the 29% more profit fetching cheap products. The question is with these Chinese parts which were brilliantly restamped as ‘Made in India’ or Germany or Russia under the “Make India (a slave again)” campaign can we win any war with Chinese?

China Debt Bubbles and Printing of Money and conquering Asian nations corrupt governments.

Americans not only made China a huge hub of cheap products, they also taught them the art of printing currency and injecting the same in to the economy as debt to boost domestic consumption. To do this fudging with the economic data, China started manipulating currencies, deliberately setting exchange rates in such a way that shows a growing economy while the country was depleted in all resources, creating worst environmental disasters and sinking in to the unfathomable hole of public, private, corporate and governmental debt. Most of the beneficiaries of the ‘Chinese never explained economic  miracle’ are the Communist party cadres who are close to power structures and their children who are all termed Mr. 25%. On every contract, official business, aid, international help during the reform era, 25% cut used to go to these groups. Probably Indians if they looked east might have learned this economic miracle of political aggrandizement. Such moneys amounting to billions of dollars were invested in foreign safe heavens including Japan. As most Indian corrupt money is in the hands of Indian dual citizens and NRIs in England, Europe, USA and Dubai and dozen such safe heavens, so too Chinese corrupt money again is in the hands of Chinese Dual Citizens mostly from Japan. Just copying the strategy of the USA where they shifted their debt and inflation bubbles to all other countries using Petro dollar agreement of Saudi Arabia, China was able to do the same by shifting their debt bubbles using the brilliant concept of OBOR-‘One Belt One Road,’ a concept of New Silk Road morphed from the original Indian Silk Road – ‘The Original Bharat Oriented Road.’ They are generously extending billions of dollars of soft loans to our cousins, all countries around India only to hook them, as Chinese knew most of that money comes back to corrupt safe heavens. These countries will be stuck with debt and to extract repayment China will slowly take mortgage of their all natural resources and the corrupt governments or leaders in those countries either do not care what happens to their countries or will be incapable to recognize the problem that the country may fall into. With this, China will extend their military (how use less it may be does not matter as a media hype was created about the lightning rise of Chinese prowess) to protect their assets in these countries thus encircling India completely. The loan to build $ 2 billion dollar airport in Sri Lanka, $ 55 billion dollar debt to our Western cousins are few examples in this regard. For this debt our cousins leased a portion of the illegally occupied Kashmir to the Chinese to build a road from Gwadar all the way in to the main land of China via the Indian Kashmir’s Karakoram highway. The Bhutan land strip issue is a tremendous diversion by the Chinese, only to withdraw or back off from there at a later date to give a temporary victory to India, so that China can extract concessions from India namely forgetting the illegally occupied Kashmir by the Chinese and the Western cousins.

Our successive governments are hooked on the New Trading Class of importers’ money for their political survival and for party economics base. But a show off goes to convince the innocent Indians that we are fighting for Kashmir whereas inch by inch Kashmir is filled with jihadi anarchists of all shades including the most dread ISIS who were extracted by US from Surya and are on their relocation routes.

This is precisely what happened in the USA over a period of last 20 year bedding with China. This is what is happening in India currently. Only when Trump came to power the whole of the mess USA was in, is coming to the forefront including all the multibillion dollar scandals of ‘Pay to Play Washington rule books’ which Trump called as the ‘Swamp of Washington’. A similar term was used 250 years ago by Peshwa  Bajirao I (who had promised and vowed to drain the then swamp of Delhi rulers and even named the main entrance of his Pune palace as the ‘Delhi Gate’ to remind his successors to complete the job he started – draining the swamp of Delhi) towards the decadent Moghul rulers who were handing trading permits left, right and center to the East India Companies. Today the swamp in Delhi is so large and complex that even River Yamuna dried up to accommodate the ever expanding swamp.

The Dragon’s wings over India

In a very ludicrous way many NGO’s and the Indian media outlets are advertising using children as spokespersons, passionately appealing to the consumers, not to buy Chinese products as the money from these sales go to China and with these profits Chinese make weapons and they are threatening India at the borders along with their consumers – Pakistan, and that the parents of these appealing children are part of the army deployment posted at Chinese and Pakistan borders defending India. There are other youngsters who think they should burn China Bazars to teach the Chinese a lesson aggression in a youthful way. The main point that was missing here was these small time retailers were not importing anything from China as imports involve complicated legal and technical procedures.  They only sell where they can get maximum profit and as told by their distributors. In turn distributors too push those products in which they get maximum margins as offered by importers. It is only these importers who have the technical financial and legal muscle to import stuff from China. Rather than burning China Bazars or boycotting the materials sold by small time retailers, if these importers who are prime political donation contributors across the party lines, if tackled and forced to use Indian made goods then the problem of wealth transfer from India to China can stop. But over a period of few decades the Indian small scale and medium scale industries were so destroyed that nothing can be sourced from within India. Worst the profit greed of these importers is sapping the very life blood of India as evidenced by the following two examples

Plastic Rice

Few months ago, China exporting Plastic Rice was a big news and that the Indian importers are importing the same as organic rice and selling through all outlets and this racket is centered around Kerala. Until it was discovered by the investigative journalists none in India knew this fact except the importers and probably their paid politicians. When the scandal broke out, first as usual, it was denied, then when the investigative social media went with series of proofs, it was said that this adulteration is done by the ‘greedy retail traders’ and if caught they will be punished with 5 years of imprisonment-assuring Indians that all is fine. The fact is none of the retail ‘greedy traders’ can import rice from China. Which means it was given to them or sold to them to resell, either by the distributors or the importers themselves who have the import houses licenses to import from China. So when these importers imported plastic rice, definitely they would not have stated in their customs declaration that they are importing plastic rice. Which means the plastic rice was imported under a different name, worst as ‘Organic Rice’. Rather than arresting the poor traders on the vending streets (of course they are knowingly or unknowingly the ‘karthaas’ or ‘doers’ of the crime), and punishing them with 5 years of imprisonment, a thorough investigation has to be done to find how in the first place plastic rice came into India, who imported it, what happened to the custom check points despite knowing that India is in a state of war with China, where it was packed, who distributed it, more relevantly who in which ministries knew about this and covered this up for long. We can give a benefit of doubt that these ministers want the poor Indians eat good rice so might have thought that the ‘Organic Rice’ was healthy for the starving Indians. If so, then who cheated the trust of these Indian patriotic ministers and did this business deal continue for years until it got exposed not by the vigilance, nor by the fake private media outlets but by investigative journalists?

The next example of the import house’s sacrifice of patriotism for profit turns more bizarre and outrageous.

Wire Race Rollers of Indian Artillery were Stamped “Made in Germany” but imported from China – The height nexus between Trading Importers and Politicians

Indian made Dhanush (Bow) 155mm/45 caliber artillery gun, a long trumpeted ‘Make in India’ product of defense self reliance, which was supposed to be a replacement for the Cargill famed Bofors gun, has failed on three occasions after the current Nationalist government declared ‘Make India’ a top priority. When the guns were on test fire, six guns at a go, a shell hit the muzzle brake in one of the guns and this happened repeatedly. Though the schematics were obtained from the Swedish Bofors FH-77B, still we can contend it is a ‘Make India’ product for replacing all our aging artillery guns and we need it on urgent basis if war breaks out with China or with our Western cousins. In the Cargill war Bofors proved of its worth with or without controversy of bribery scandals. Any way under the ‘Make India’ rules, 80% of the components are intended to be domestically manufactured. So out of the 20 % of the components, the Wire Race Rollers of the gun were imported. It was claimed that these Wire Race Rollers were imported from Germany, one of the most technologically advanced country. But it was revealed later that the importers, thought that they can import the same thing from China at a fraction of cost, yet billing the invoice in German Euros thus pocketing the difference. Any way race roller is a race roller, and if it is not made in India and to be imported then what difference it makes if it is bought from China or Germany? The only difference is how much profit one makes in this deal. These race rollers that were imported from China were defective to boot. To avoid the public scrutiny and armed forces objections, these race rollers were labelled as ‘Made in GERMANY’. Out of every six guns if 1 fails during the test phase, then during live action there is a definite possibility that 1 in every 3 will fail. It means we will have to lose any war either on west or eastern fronts.  When most of the Bulgarian imported AK series of guns failed in the cold conditions at high altitudes of the Himalayas during the Cargill war, it simply caused the death of 1000 brave soldiers and maiming of another 10,000. Collateral damage for huge import profits!

This raises serious questions. The above incident was reported in the CAG report. When did the army come to know about the problem? Who imported these rollers? If it was done by the some private people then it is an example of private interests over the security of India and need to be tackled at the highest political and administrative levels as without their consent such deals could have never moved an inch. What was the Indian intelligence or military intelligence doing? Why the army was silent on these defective parts and never confronted either Defense Ministry or other officials, as in case of war it is the lives of many army men on line of death if these guns fail? Did the army know or did not know about this short changing? If no third party or private people or firms were involved in this absolute fraudulent transaction that can put the entire country at jeopardy, and if directly the army itself placed the order it raises more troubling questions. If the army cannot ascertain the quality control of a key component of a primary defending gun to a point that they do not know whether that part came from Germany as labeled, or came from China as pointed out by CAG then there is a serious problem of corruption within the ranks of Indian army quality control? This can be detrimental to the whole national security. The effect of moving away from NAM and becoming a satellite to the Western Interests is becoming visible as the rising Sun. Who were involved in this deal and at what level? And if we maintain that they are all honest and loyal patriotic men then how did the rolls switch? Who switched them? When? Why this switch was not investigated or found either by the Military Intelligence or the Global Military Intelligence or by the domestic Intelligence agencies until CAG pointed the anomaly? Post CAG report, was this deal cancelled? Was there an inspection team set up? Were the real culprits who switched and pocketed the money found?

Most pressing question now is in the name of 20% of the parts from outside as part of Make India or Made in India campaign how many other critical parts which are absolutely substandard parts were imported from China and were or are being used in our critical defense infrastructure or systems which were stamped as Made in Germany or some other country? What will be impact of these systems in terms of war with China?

Did any analyst think that in the worst scenario, if the Chinese army and intelligence pretty sure know that Indian army is using Chinese made substandard defective rollers on India’s premier gun and they also know that these guns are bound to fail at an average of one in six then do Chinese or our western cousins fear for the Indian army? Do the Chinese really care about the main force of the Indian army as they know everything about the technical capabilities of India as well as who imported them and how much money they made and how much of it changed political hands? And with this explosive information of such a level of corruption details in their hands do the Chinese corrupt political leadership hesitate to blackmail their counterpart corrupt Indian political leadership? Does the Indian political leadership has any guts to face the Chinese in any confrontation except moving the  armed units to the border and then back only to be trumpeted in their supportive presstitute media that we “scared the Chinese” so they backed off?

In such ‘never corrected’ political circumstances, the Indian army created another valuable ‘lifesaving’ precedent. Even if the corrupt politicians push unwanted military deals worth billions of dollars and millions in commissions and kickbacks, yet once the army gets these weapons will never use them and try to make things indigenously with whatever budget surplus they have. Most of such items will rot in the warehouses to be sold as scrap after few years.

More cynical is this way of making defense equipment by defective parts with a purpose of discarding the Indian Indigenous Research, and then showing the urgency of war with either China or our Western cousins; push for immediate import of other newer defective, non usable weapon systems from Israel, USA and Britain for another round of acquisition of huge commissions.

Russian Orthodoxy-Free Masonic American and Catholic British (China) Fight

Russians follow four principle objectives – Duty to Motherland Russia, Duty to the Church (Eastern Orthodox), Duty towards Russian people and Duty towards the humanity at large. Though each of these objectives at times take precedence over the other, in the last few decades Russians are well balancing these four objectives towards a steady peace and prosperity of the world. First, as a rule Russian religious leaders must marry, thus avoiding the pedophilia that swamps the Catholic Church and such celibate organizations that were modelled along Church lines in India. Second, the Russians were and are well aware of the dangers posed by the Catholic Church in particular and West in general (West here means those countries that adhere to the doctrine of Western Orthodoxy be it Catholicism or the Protestantism that separated from the Catholic Church 600 years ago under the reform movement). Third, the Russians were well aware of the British East India Companies and the Palmerston and Kissinger Doctrines, and how these doctrines prevented the needed friendship and co-operation between Free Mason Presidents of America and Russia. Fourth, the Russians were more sensitive to the dangers of the drugged China morphing as a global power under the influence of the Catholic Church controlled America. It is no wonder now even Hilary Clinton, who was praised as a ‘Goddess’ for her brilliant exposition about the ‘Look East Policy’ by many patriotic chest thumping Indian politicians, now decided to become a servant of God and Catholic Priestess. Fifth, the Russian emperors or even current leaders are much more spiritual who spend at least two weeks in every six months in solitary monasteries in penance and meditation, which is a bizarre concept for Indians-the land of spiritualized commission brokers and ‘Mr. Percentage’ politicians. The only time we turned to the spiritual Commission leaders was when a corruption of massive proportions was exposed by either the intelligence or by the investigative journalists, only to save themselves from jail terms. Sixth, as a matter of rule the Russian Church does not bother to convert and harvest souls of other religions, as they believe if one is destined he will be born as Christian according to the will of god.

Russians tried to negotiate/fought with the Catholic Church for centuries to change the path of the multibillion 10% revenue model of the Catholic church and to bring the same to the original path of Spiritual Mission of Jesus which is a simple ‘10 points’ religion taken from the 35 or 40 points Egyptian Moral code of those times. With the irreconcilable differences on the virginity of Mary, Western Church (Catholics + Protestants) celebrate the birth of Jesus on 25 December, while the Eastern Church (Greeks + Russians) celebrate on January 7. Same difference in dates with regard to the death of Jesus too. The Western Church celebrates that in April and the Eastern Church celebrates a couple of weeks later. In all accounts, the scholars agree that the Russian and Greek dates are more original than the competitive discount dates set up by the Catholic Church.

It is very amazing and shameful that the Indian intellectual mind thinks such a system of religion of the Catholics as pushed by the British is more scientific than the precise mathematical, astronomical way of life lived in India for thousands of years, which was followed by every country in the world. Even the clerical ruled fanatic Shia controlled current Iranian Parliament has honored the Varaha Mihira, the greatest of astronomers and unveiled his portrait in their Majlis.

The effect of 4 P’s on the Indian Intellectual dissonance worked its wonders. More amazing is that there is no debate on this issue anywhere in India or few simple questions that could have removed or paved way for the removal of our cognitive dissonance and its cause- intellectual dissonance.

Finally, during the last few months of 2015, the Russian Orthodox Church leaders at the request of the current Pope of Vatican, tried one last attempt in Cuba for a final settlement of the centuries old conflict. Both of the Church leaders differed on one point as who should lead the Christians or the Church in to the new millennium. The Russians claimed the failure of the Catholics failed in leading the spiritual aspirants for past 2 millenniums and thus they-Russians-will lead the faithful. But the Catholic Church refused to give that role of leading the faithful to their arch enemies Russians. With the talks failing, both the churches resorted to their original battle line positions, with the Catholic Church striking first by removing all Free Masonic priests from its order after Trump’s election as the President of US and declared a war on both Free Masons and the Russians.

This outrageous turn of events made the Russian president Vladimir Putin, the Political Czar of Eastern Orthodox, to state the following comment highlighting the effects of centuries old Catholic Church rule and their controlled effect on countries like China. This comment was made on Aug 08, 2017, on a visit to the Naval Academy of Kronstadt, with an indication that nothing changed between the Churches for last 2000 years of conflict:

“If you look around at what he (the Pope Head of Catholics, who was technically and theologically disqualified to be the Pope. To qualify to become a Pope one should be the Bishop of Rome) says, it is clear that he is not the ‘Man of God’. At least, not the Christian God, not the God of the Bible.”     

This profound statement indicates that the Russians are well aware of the dangers of Catholicism and their relation with the rising of China as a bastion of Liberalism, Globalism and defunct Communism put together in one bottle.

Vladimir the Great Sums up Pope Francis The Fake

Free Masonic Presidents of America and their role in pulling US from world police and wars

From the time of Abraham Lincoln to the time of Kennedy, China never was factored in to the American foreign policy calculus. Only when the Palmerston Doctrine was revived as the Kissinger Doctrine, the Middle Kingdom was pushed to the center stage of world affairs, by creating an aura that it is an advanced nation or the emerging regional economic and military power in Asia. This is done with a deliberate purpose of pushing all nonaligned countries in to the gambit of American version of encircling the Russia.

The second objective that served in pushing China was to use China as a bull work in all Asian countries by supporting a decadent version of Communism and destroying the entire Asia from her cultural and historical heritage and delinking these countries from India by supporting the despotic, converted rulers who were supported by China thus re writing and confirming the British version of church history. Whenever the Free Masonic Presidents come to power in America they make sure that the China threat is minimized only to find it tripled to the US interests under the Catholic or Baptist Presidents.  Trump is no exception to this free masonic doctrine. The only twist this time is India acting as the lap dog of Western Interests and building armed forces to a conflict level not for China’s illegal occupation of Askai Chin, nor for the illegal construction of Karakoram Highway through Indian part of Kashmir occupied by our western cousins, but for a stretch of land that traditionally belonged to Bhutan that was threatened.

Indo China Paradigm- Where it is heading

China (British) Drugging India Reverse Karma– Repeat of British (East India Co) Drugging China using India

As explained earlier, the highly addictive drug opium that was used to drug the Middle Kingdom or the China, under the pretext of Free Trade and Global Trade from 1700 to 1900, was grown in the fertile plains of Ganga in India under the supervision of the British East India Companies from their capital Calcutta. A massive land grab was executed and old land owners were replaced by the new loyal British henchmen who destroyed the entire agricultural diversity for the profits for the Company which created massive famines and millions of deaths in Bengal and other parts of India. But any way the trade flourished and finally when the drugged Chinese resisted it resulted in Opium Wars, and these wars were fought by the British using millions of Indian troops borrowed from the newly set up Indian kingdoms under the Theory of Paramountcy. Imperial China objected, the Chinese Nationalists objected and the Indian nationalists also objected to this process of destroying China. Yet, profits of the company over rode all objections.

East India company rule was the first fusion of political interests serving corporate interests backed up by the unimaginable force of militaries. There is no difference even now as the past and present Indian governments serve the corporate crony interests under the guise of Development Mantra and use formidable force on her own citizens whoever object this. After Mahatma Gandhi took over the leadership of Congress and started agitating for the removal of opium production from India, the British yielded and then simply shifted the production and distribution of opium to the Afghanistan centered golden crescent and the China centered golden triangle. Today this drug trade worth more than trillions of dollars is tightly controlled by the British, the US and the Chinese intelligence and the proceeds from the drug sales are used for various clandestine operations including at times backing up the US and Chinese currencies by buying their bonds or treasuries using shell companies through which the drug sales proceeds are laundered.

Culturally and medically the opium plant was considered one of the sacred plants in India for long time and many native medicines/ drugs were synthesized using various parts of the plant. Coming under tremendous pressure from the liquor and international drug pusher lobbies India banned the production of opium as illegal except for medical purposes.

Today, since the beginning of liberalization, the drug problem in India skyrocketed raking billions of dollars profits for their drug pushers and their protectors. Over the past decade, the entire northwest- Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan along with the many metro cities of southern states succumbed to this drug menace. With no coherent anti-drug policy, the state police were unable to contain the ever fast spreading drug evil, only to make few arrests when some high profile incidents happen because of the usage of drugs. In most cases we are throwing the blame on Nigerian Gangs which constitute mostly students who come to study in India and usually deporting them back to Nigeria, only to come back to India on a different name and passport until caught next time.

As mentioned earlier, we never bother to bring to justice the planners or the consenters but only focus on doers of evil. So no questions are asked as to why the current drug problem is spreading its tentacles in India. There are reports that most of the cross border attacks from our cousins are drug related including the recent Pathankot incident. Also multiple intelligence agencies are warning that there is a real nexus that exists between few politicians, government officials and police in this multibillion dollar drug trade focused in India and this may lead to complete sap of our youth resources if not stopped. None of the governments are acting upon the solution for this and many other similar problems but instead are busy bringing FDI into India in the name of development.

It is a known fact that post September 11 occupation of Afghanistan and the production of opium there skyrocketed from absolute nil under the Taliban rule. It is also known to one and all countries except Indians that the enhanced drug production was done under the supervision of American Occupation Army. But the results of drug production, processing and sales has already destroyed many youth in Afghanistan and Pakistan along with many in Europe, USA and even in Russia. Only with the Russian objections in the international arena made it clear the enter ambit of this drug sales extent to one and all. Most of the African poor nations were in the hands of Chinese debt and it is again a known fact that China is now focusing on using this along with their traditional expertise in drugs to push these drugs in to India, May be as a revenge for what British did for them, or may be to destroy the Indian youth who in future can no longer resist any aggressor including the Chinese one, as a way to subjugate India in to docility. With billions of free money flowing via drug trade it is no wonder that there are many politicians involved in this lucrative business, though clandestinely, which is making difficult for investigative agencies to proceed further to take corrective actions.

With most of the corporate media and all film industries in India post liberalization under the control of US or British interests, we see nowhere any discussion on this silently spreading hydra within India since last two decades. Though many local NGOs are rising a cry for correction nowhere we find any news or impact of this drugs, even mentioned. As it took 50 years for British to subjugate China using drugs probably it is now a matter of few more decades to watch Indian descent in to self-induced destruction by the Chinese as part of their grand strategy to become the super power and their greedy objective of controlling entire Asia for their masters, British.

All this started with the destruction of small and medium scale industries and community oriented vocational professions in the name of FDI in the retail trade. The current push for massive urbanization, destruction of rural culturally vibrant life, selling all fertile farm lands to FDI real estate and generating massive unemployment, where this unemployment generates loss of pride and self-made income in turn leading to multiple depressions. The easy escape from these problems, left for the common man is either liquor or drugs. Dumping millions of unemployed in to unsustainable urban sprawl only to make them either drug addicts or drug pushers, will destroy the entire India in to surrender without firing a single shot in war. The solution to drug addiction is again using multiple drugs or chemical toxins in the name of anti-addiction programs and all these anti addiction drugs are made by the same Multinationals who in the first place push the society in to drug addiction.

China’s Water Wars – an existential threat for Entire Asia especially India

Apart from the drugs, hidden in plain sight is an intimidating Chinese weapon that allows it to hold a quarter of the world’s population hostage without firing a single shot. While much attention has been given to the nation’s fearsome stolen and reverse engineered new military hardware, a formidable component in China’s arsenal has largely escaped notice: dams.

With more than 87,000 dams and control over the Tibetan Plateau, which is called the Third Pole in the world which affects weather and rain patterns all across the world, which is the source of ten major rivers which 2 billion people depend upon, China possesses a weapon of mass destruction. It is to control this water source the Tibet was occupied for past 60 years and the entire western international community is silent about the whole thing. With the flip of a switch, the Middle Kingdom can release hundreds of millions of gallons of water from its mega dams, causing catastrophic floods that would reshape entire ecosystems in countries downstream and can wipe out populations.

China knows first-hand the destructive power of water. In an attempt to halt advancing Japanese troops during the World War II, Chang Kai-Shek, the commander of Chinese Nationalist Army, destroyed a dike along the Yellow River flooding thousands of miles of farmland, killing an estimated 800,000 Chinese, and displacing nearly 4 million. If they can do it for their own people then they will definitely do it for others in case of impending defeat in any armed conflict.

High in the Himalayan Mountains are what has been dubbed as the “Water Towers of Asia.”  Or Third or Central pole (apart from Arctic and Antarctic being the other two poles) Seven of the continent’s greatest rivers start life here including the Mekong, Ganges (Ganga), Yangtze, Indus (Sindhu) and Irrawaddy (Irāvati) . What begins as dribble from snow melts in the Tibetan plateau, builds into mighty rivers that flow across China’s borders before eventually reaching South Asia.

To satisfy its insatiable demand for electricity and as part of its shift away from coal, China has gone on a dam building spree. In 1949, China had less than forty small hydroelectric dams, but now it has more dams than the United States, Brazil and Canada combined.

On the upper Mekong alone, China has erected  seven mega dams with plans to build an additional twenty-one. Just one of its latest dams is capable of producing more hydropower than all of Vietnam and Thailand’s dams on the Mekong.

This dramatic increase in dam building activity has had an outsized environmental impact and stoked fears in downstream nations.

“Besides having environmental issues, those dams in Tibet can be disastrous for India. They can unleash their fury during earthquake, accidents or by intentional destruction can easily be used against India during war,” said Milap Chandra Sharma, a glaciologist at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

China’s southern neighbors are not worried without reason. In the past, India has blamed sudden discharges from Chinese dams for several flash floods including one that caused an estimated $30 million in damage and left 50,000 homeless in northeast India.

Every year, during China’s rainy season, downstream nations are on high alert as Chinese dams release water to ease pressure with little warning.

In addition to floods, Chinese dams are also believed to be responsible for worsening droughts. Last year, Vietnam pleaded with China to release water from the Yunnan dam on the Mekong River to ease severe water shortages downstream. China agreed and waters flowed into Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

These two extremes not only highlight the environmental impact of Chinese dams, but also serve as a stark reminder of China’s influence over its southern neighbors. These rivers are foundational to life in South Asia, providing drinking water, irrigation for farming, habitats for fisheries and transportation for commerce.

By controlling the flow of the life blood of the region, China has gained enormous power, which has led to accusations of abuse.

“When it comes to diplomacy, China uses rivers as a bargain chip,” says Tanasak Phosrikun, a Mekong river activist from Thailand.

While China denies that a “water war” exists, the nation has refused to share hydrological data with India this year, despite signing an agreement. The data is critical during monsoon season as it helps India more accurately forecast floods and warn its residents, ultimately saving lives and minimizing damage.

Whether intentional or not, water has become a de facto weapon providing China with significant political leverage over its southern neighbors. As water scarcity worsens with climate change and population increases, the need for this precious resource will grow, amplifying China’s power and intensifying conflict.

Despite the best efforts of regional partnerships South Asian nations have had little success in encouraging sustainable and responsible development of rivers. With control of the Tibetan Plateau by dint of its geography, China is the ‘King of the Hill’ when it comes to water in Asia and there is little that downstream nations can do to change the whims of this monarch.

This is where the question of 60 years of occupation and control of Tibet which was an independent kingdom matters. On the side lines it is this Tibetan Plateau that is the true beginning of the Greatest Rivers of India not the business models set up in Uttarakhand as origin of sacred rivers to make tons of money. By the way, the Mount Kailash and Manasa Sarovar are still under Chinese control and only 5000 Indians were allowed to visit every year, that too under strict supervision of the Chinese. Of course these two sacred places going to the Chinese is a great loss for the spiritual business and filth that we could have produced around these sacred places, but hey again this proves that the current boundaries of Bharat are not what we are being told but something else.

Current Indo China Conflict – Where it goes

With the above despicable China grip on the Indian political, economic, military, social and geographical life unknown to many simple Indians can we fight a war with them? This question can be answered in two parts.

First, can we wage a winning war against China militarily and/or diplomatically or politically?

The Military Perspective – Doctrine of Dual Theatres

With the experiences learned during the 1971 War with our cousins, when China wanted to intervene along with Americans but stopped short because of the Russian threat, Indian military evolved a doctrine of ‘dual theatres’ in which they prepared fully to tackle any conventional threat on both side of the eastern and western borders in multiple theatres. Outside the armed force circles many may not even be aware of this but it is the example of true efforts of the men and women in Indian armed forces, who with all their limitations and short comings and pressures exerted on them by multiple players kept the spirit of repositioning and preparing for the dual theatres. Despite the fact that many substandard equipment systems, guns were thrusted on them by politicians who do not know the difference even between a pistol and revolver, yet our armed forces in most of the times either completely discarded these systems and let them rot in the warehouses or modified them to suit their stringent quality needs to be ready for any eventuality. This preparedness is the reason for the implementation of Walden model of taming the political leadership of India under the Strategic Defense Initiative so that using the politicians the armed force’s preparedness can be downgraded to a third class status. The first phase of this was to wind up all independent research that India was doing most of the time sabotaging that, or eliminating the key personnel who were or are in charge of such research. The continuous free fall of training aircraft, blowing up of time tested space programs on launch pads or near orbits, key nuclear and other scientists suddenly becoming ‘homosexual’ and committing suicide, and key investigators in these murders or investigating high profile cases like 26/11 suddenly getting “depressed” and jumping from trains or firing their guns from their pockets when they want to take hankies out of pockets, still never deterred the Indian armed forces from holding their line of preparedness for the dual theatres. Though, it is difficult to say how many more years they will hold this line.

From the military perspective, the war with either our cousins or the Middle Kingdom, can fix most of the problems and we are capable of solving both at the same time. After all, the hype of the Chinese super power status is for the presstitute media consumption, to influence the politicians to buy monkey toys from the corporate, crony controlled arms importing firms. Not for the guys who live under fire and train to death to protect the country as they know the real capabilities of their enemies. The only problem is if these politicians and their crony importers import faulty parts under the dubious labels like ‘Made in Germany’ and give the same to the armed forces then they will certainly lose few more men like in the Cargill war but surely will prevail in the end if allowed to do their work as warriors without corrupt incapable inefficient political interference like the Suryans finished the mess in less than one year. By the way, most of the victories from last September in Syria were done under the command of General Soheil Hassan or ‘The Tiger’. The Indian army in fact has many such lions hiding and bidding their time like in the movie The Lion King singing and dancing Hakuna matata.

Second, Do we have a political will to wage the war?

The Politician and their Importer’s Perspective

Definitely neither we nor the Chinese have the political will to wage the war. They want business. China wants to destroy the Indian manufacturing from small scale to large scale and is looking at India as their back yard super market for all the crap they produce. This back up for China is necessary as US under freemason president, is becoming more protectionist and want to ban trade with China or restrict trade with China. All the patriotic companies of America will follow the American President but they need profits to survive and thus will push in to India destroying the entire wholesale and retail self-reliant stores and destroy the entire remaining agriculture by cheap imports. A push in this direction is already seen accelerating. It is clearly visible from our current Prime Minister’s statements before elections and after elections regarding the FDI in retail. Before the elections according to him, FDI meant “First Destruction of India” and thus opposed it. Once he became the Prime Minister, he declared that FDI means “First Development of India”.

Many of the businessmen or diamond merchants were arrested in China for fraud and other charges. It was then our current Prime Minister who at that time was the Chief Minister of Gujarat intervened to secure a release from the Chinese.

From rice to our Artillery parts now being imported from China by hundreds of importers who are the supporters for all political parties and with billions of profits involved, it will be unimaginable that there will be any political will in India to fight except to create an emotional issue to project current leadership as strong and defenders of the national boundaries. The same is true with the Chinese. Chinese know how weak they are to wage a conventional war with formidable India, but they also know how vulnerable the Indian defense equipment will be in real war, as they generally know how many of them are filled with the faulty Chinese made parts. They also have ties with many importers in India with whose help they raked up billions and there are now reports that in the demonetization of India many Chinese firms benefitted in billions. Yet, we should wish that this scam has to come in to light in full true colors in the near future. With a list of importers from India who imported faulty defective products and supplied the same to the Indian Army, and the links of these importers to the political establishment, the Chinese definitely resort to anything to prevent war by India.

Definitely with these predicaments we never go to war with China neither for Bhutan nor even for our lands illegally leased to China by our cousins, nor for our occupied lands of Askai Chin, nor to defend Tibet, nor even to reclaim our sacred and holy places of Mount Kailash and Manasa Sarovar, as war is always a loss of business and profits.

Remember! During the 1971 war, many of the private oil industries refused to supply fuel to the Indian army as they thought the war is a loss of business and profits. This forced the nationalization of the oil industry at that time.

Of course, we do few things here and there which we are in fact best at doing – emotionally advertise not to buy Chinese products, and definitely we cancel the leave for all armed forces for more than two months and probably collect donations for an impending war with China and for sure all movie actors will perform in all army camps, not but not the least we will pray in all religious places for Indian success! Or, if America asks us to join the naval exercises we definitely do. And we go to all countries in Asia to sell arms or help the business of our importers offering credits.

What we will not or never do is we never punish any one, like the one who plundered Indian mineral wealth and exported billions of government iron ore for the Chinese during their Olympics as China does not want to use their iron ore as it was needed for their army purposes, raked up billions, found guilty by CBI, and whose properties were confiscated by governments, yet when with no money in hand the same person after demonetization presented a Rs 200 crore saree studded with diamonds on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding! No patriot, no leader, no economist seriously ever asked anything as to how that is possible, except a few discussions here and there by the public?

Letter Writing and Comprehension competition by the Successive Administrations in India

One Silver Lining in the entire last 60 years episode with China or our western cousins was the extreme finesse that the Indian administrations developed in a complex and brilliant letter writing to all international bodies whenever we felt either our cousins or the Chinese violated our sovereign rights or lands, be it occupation of Tibet, Askai Chin, Kailash or Manasa Sarovar or leasing the illegally occupied Kashmir to the Chinese.

We wrote multiple letters to many international bodies and carefully filed copies of the same for future reference for the next generation English teaching classes. Apart from this diplomatic success which made even the English men enviable about the linguistic abilities of their former subjects no progress is made on any of the burning issues with either with China or with our cousins. From the Indian political establishment perspective, if there are no burning issues then there is no existence for any political sloganeering for power.

What should be the correct solution for the Middle Kingdom’s Aggression?

Sovereignty implies we defend our lands, not on multi colored HD maps but the physical existence of them. Especially, when the two most important cultural and knowledge centers were illegally occupied namely the Shāradā Sarvajna Pītha and the Kailash and Mānasa Sarovar, both in the occupied Kashmir of our cousins and the Chinese. Our politicians all together forgot the eternal universal center of learning of thousands of years- the Shāradā Sarvajna Pītha, but remember once a year about Kailash and Mānasa Sarovar to get visas for our politically connected devotees so that they can absolve their mortal imperfections with spiritual bathing.

So the first thing we need to do is to take little time from our letter writing competitions and seriously take steps to take back the lands that are under the illegal occupation of our cousins and their multi colored turbaned alphanumeric jihadist groups, their international sponsors, as well as the now new drug kingpins – Chinese. It could mean either diplomacy, or war. We have to solve this 70 year old problem that created a Kashmir Holocaust, killed more than 50000 armed forces and drained our resources and degraded the morale of our armed forces. Most importantly this will stop the morphing of the Middle Kingdom from becoming another cruel exploitative drugged communist and neo liberal dragon from sucking the life blood of billions of Asians and destroying the invaluable cultural historical heritage of mankind only to make the humanity feel they are 5000 years old helpless accidental evolution form single cellular organisms like amoeba. The sovereignty of all the lands trampled under the Middle Kingdom has to be restored. All the destruction done to every country in Asia has to be cleared and a true universal cultural heritage of world should be restored.

Once the Kashmir issue is solved on both sides irrevocably and once for all, this will open up the once fabulized eternal trade and land routes from India to the rest of the world, Eurasia first and then in to Africa. This will bring the hope and prosperity for the suffering of billions by opening up many opportunities for not only in terms of physical comforts but in terms of flowering the human intellect in to its logical evolution of beholding truth that is self realization.

But before even going to the solving of the Kashmir issue there are few mundane things we can do.

  1. Ban all importing trade with China which is dumping all their excess defective stock in to India. In the name of modernization rather than developing our own talent of resourceful youngsters, we are becoming a market dump yard of Chinese goods from staples to rocket engines, as these products if imported will get an extra 15% profit for the importers which they lose when they buy from Indian producers. It is shameful that even the simple electrical meters in households and police wireless sets have to be imported from China while the Indians have the ability to make them much cheaper, draining valuable resources of the country on strengthening the enemy of the world progress. This should be done by preventing any one who does business with China mostly political party’s business cronies as national security threat. By  discussing all issues with the business people this can be solved rather than advertising and forcing people and telling them not to buy from    Chinese. If not, then as we did in the case of our defence procurement’s, Chinese and their Indian business counter parts will stamp the goods as Made in Germany or even made in USA to push the sales for profits at the cost any amount of humiliation to the nation.
  2. The threat of Chinese drugs has to be stopped with a comprehensive national policy on drugs that should involve our active vigilant participation in checkmating our cousin’s role in Afghan affairs. As of now we are completely cut off from Afghanistan and our role is taken by the Chinese in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism whereas it is the Chinese who actively encouraged and controlled the Islamic terrorists in the destruction of Tibet.
  3. The Chinese push in to Indian Kashmir by illegal leases and building Karakoram Highway thus connecting an energy security from Gwadar to China only to encircle India has to be stopped even at the cost of a limited but decisive confrontation both with our cousins and Chinese. This is where solving the Kashmir Issue becomes crucial.
  4. Internationally we have to stop the Chinese from impersonating the centuries old role of India as the Beacon of civilisations by usurping her Silk Road and handing over Kashmir to the Chinese for few percentage rise in profits for out political cronies.
  5. We cannot let the Middle Kingdom control the entire water of the Tibet and thus keep all oriental cultures and countries under blackmail because they want to destroy everything for their survival and corruption or their drugged rant that they become a super power on stolen technology, under the name of leaders of defunct communism or leaders of neo liberalism.
  6. Mahatma’s swadeshi swaraj is more appropriate now than when he first coined it for freedom. We have to rejuvenate everything inside India to regain our once famed glory. For this to be done we should not elevate our leaders to avatars but assess them as to what they are and what is the impact of their actions and what they say before and after coming to power. Are they enslaving us further and playing with emotions of Indians only to come to power then definitely it is time for making sure all such parties or leaders were made ‘Quit India’.

For many decades or for last two centuries India never took lead in this role of her as the solution provider of many universal problems as she was earlier, thinking we are too weak or we should remain as a country that never occupied anyone but was occupied and plundered by one and all who can do as that was our role and destiny, is an absolutely nonsensical slogan pumped down our throats by colonizers as they feared a rising India will be a ‘Just India’ and their role as colonizers will end.  As even today no one knows what is meant by India apart from the British created political borders what they called Raj. Prior to the British Rule, for centuries India and Indian way of life was the center of world who looked at her for both material and spiritual knowledge and wealth and searched frantically for centuries to reach her once the traditional routes were blocked by warring religious fanatics. They might not have called this land as India but identified it by whatever name they are familiar with in their native languages. It is this role of beacon of light that we have to restore to India if we want to see a world of prosperity or progress. If the current political set up or leadership styles within India does not fit for this role, it is the duty of every citizen in India to find out who fits this role as there are many generous and most capable personalities existing among the billion population of India. Of course solutions may not be so easy but also not impossible to execute as it is considered or pumped into our into our brains by the British administration and hence none of the constantly burning issues killing India in general and the world at large just for the greed of the selfish vested interests, are solved.  Let us hope we start a new beginning in this direction.

Foot note: (Recent meeting between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Xiamen on September 5 “has set the direction for the relationship” between the two countries)

Back to normal, business as usual, after a mega drama– Let’s import more from China and make more profits!


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