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Failed Turkish Coup and prevented Partition of Surya – Geo Strategic Consequences and Implications to India

By Shalini & Shri Kidambi

The Sultan, the Khalifs, the Descendants of The Cyrus and the Czar unblocked the Land Route to the Heart Land, While Imperial Robber Baron Kings, Freemasons whine,Will India surge to solve the world problems or ‘look east’, Listen to Leftist Liberal Chairman of China and become a movie entertainer?

While the world is distracted by the North Korean crisis, while the Indians as usual were subjected to the massive intellectual dissonance of making messiahs and avatars from simple  British Operated politicians who were more worried as to why US President did not call Indian PM for a dinner and ready to buy billions of dollars worth of monkey defense toys from USA, recently, an earth shaking event with far reaching implications took place post failed Turkish Coup and the U turn of Turkish Sultan towards old Ottoman ideal this time with the partnership motto, that can define the fate of humanity either for total destruction or a sustainable development, peace and prosperity.

Knowing fully the tremendous implications and consequences, this event was given different names from the perspective of each geo-political player, yet except Indians probably all others realized how much this event will reshape the world from its current state of destruction to that of elevating humanity to its reasonable senses. As usual, Indians reaffirmed their support in Washington that they fight war on terrorism, forgetting that most of the Jihadi terrorist outfits were created by two main agencies CIA and Pentagon in Washington and funded by their sponsored and maintained Kingdoms of Middle East. Accompanied with this event two minor events took place independent of its occurring showing a convergence of age of wisdom and true knowledge indicating the real ancient prophecies of the dawning of golden age.

In a brilliant strategic and tactical maneuver in mobile war fare –learning a page from Bajirao Peshwa’s Battle of Palakhed, which was often quoted in Montgomery’s Classic text on the Theory of Warfare taught everywhere except in India, – in the age of absolute modern satellite and information war fare of 6th generation, the Syrians, their elite Tiger Forces and their allied fighters from Hezbollah out smarted the self proclaimed world’s best US army stationed at Al Tanif Border crossing. They suddenly swung across the dessert for 100 kilometers with lightning speed, circumvented Al Tanif, encircled it and raced to Iraqi border to link up with the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) of Iraq and secured the border crossing and opened up the Damascus Baghdad International Highway. Tough Americans stated as usual that they have Intel on this but surprised. Other claimed that it is the total defeat of all sponsors of international terrorism in Syria and hailed this step as the beginning of the End of Suryan War and the well planned triple partition of Surya that could have for long time permanently blocked the Damascus Baghdad International Highway.

Many disgruntled ones like the Israelis and the Americans claimed that it was neither the Suryans nor the Hezbollah who did that or planned that but it was the Russian Mobile forces who moved with them. The Iranian missile firing towards Deir Azur, the Suryans luring the US and the Coalition Air force to bomb them repeatedly was all a brilliant strategy played, a classic diversion tactic used with an ultimate tactical objective of taking the Al Tanif border and link up with the Iraqi forces and open the Damascus and Baghdad Highway.

Immediately, the veteran sponsors of the great game felt the tremors of this simple battlefield incident unreported in many media outlets and moved swiftly to minimize, malign and brush it aside with many terms using their corporate controlled presstitutes and whorespondents while simultaneously planning or trying to implement back up plans to break this move. Shia Crescent, Iran terrorist Highway, Iran’s permanent presence in Mediterranean, Iran Lebanon Turkey Land Route, or an arms smuggling route by Iran to the Shia factions of Lebanon especially Hezbollah or Land Bridge of Iran are few terms to be stated. Also, they started popping up another set of Alpha numeric Jihadi groups to declare that they willnot tolerate Shia presence in this high way only to recast the whole incident as a trivial but age old opportunistic Shia-Sunni fight that must be supported by all geo political players according to their convenience or theory of balance of power.

May be pure coincidence, but many of the groups that were declared as terrorist groups were taken out of the list and many of the current terrorist group leaders and valuable trainers that were facing utter collapse in Suryan War were on fast track evacuation to safe places so that they can be re deployed another day with another name on the intended countries along this liberated Highway, alarmingly reminding a wise observation of Robin Cook, the former British Foreign Secretary

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the U.S.”

The ideology behind this is the Wahhabi brand of Islam of the Kings of Saudi Arabia and other 20 km x 20 km Sheikdoms modeled after the Pirates Monarchy of Britain (PMOB) and protected by American military that encouraged and bolstered Shia and Sunni conflict as a part of strategy of the theory of balance of power.

Immediately after this unconsciously unreported or deliberately unnoticed battle field victory in Surya, the buffoon show in the popped up kingdoms and sheikdoms took opera/realty show style tantrums. First, Saudi Arabia declared Qatar as a sponsor of terrorism and threat to the world broke their diplomatic relations and blockaded the land locked country, even imposing ‘no fly zones’ for Qatari airlines. The wise Emir of Qatar who is very balanced and more humanistic, deterministic and independent in his outlook and approach, immediately requested help from the Sultan of Turkey and the Cyrus of Iran and requested the Czar to oversee the operation and they moved troops and food supplies lifting the blockade of Qatar even before it was imposed. Then Qatar responded in kind, siding with Turkey and Iran and threatening to pull out all its US and Saudi sponsored Jihadi outfits from Surya, and these terrorist groups promptly started, intensified fight not with the Suryan Government but with Saudi and US sponsored jihadi terrorist groups. Qatar also through its powerful media Al Jazeera exposed that all those terrorists Saudi was accusing of being sponsored by Qatar was done at the request of USA and Saudi Arabia only. In the mean time the Saudi itself faced a kind of coup by various factions of Princes part of the Al Saud, extended personal family which number now close to 15000 princes. Fearing the current cr(l)own prince may revolt against the isolation of Qatar the current King of Saudi replaced one Prince with another prince who is his own son. The current price is really a ‘ferocious one’and declared that the brave Saudis can kick Russians out of Surya in a matter of a week.

With highly stable, financially wise and vast natural resource, Qatar slipping from the fold of Saudi led GCC, the Saudis did the unthinkable. Flouting whatever the rules of succession the current King of Saudi replaced the prince who is his nephew with another prince who is his son.  This replaced prince who is slated to become the king of Saudi Arabia in near future was described by many as extremely haughty, destructively megalomaniac, brilliantly ruinous in financial affairs and pathologically perfect in making all kinds of wrong decisions at right times and extremely skillful in making enemies from among best well wishers.  But the deposed prince had a sway over the Saudi National Guard which is a euphemism for the entire Bedouin tribal army. The Bedouins were popped up by the extreme handouts of the royal family who are experts in getting massive handouts and guarding their position and role than guarding anything else. Fearing a revolt from them being instigated by the deposed prince backed by Qatar or Iran, the current prince did the most bizarre act of bringing in to light the truth which was never whispered in the entire kingdom of Saudi Arabia even in the dreamful state. To protect the train of princes and the king, the Israeli Fighter jets precisely 18 of them and couple of Gulf Stream jets landed in Saudi Arabia to thwart any dissent from the National Guard or the deposed prince. Finally Saudi Arabia gave 10 days time until July 4, to Qatar with 13 demands that can never be fulfilled probably even after July 4th after next ten  years.

What is happening here? Is this the Critical U turn after Failed Turkish Coup – a chess move of Sultan and the Czar?

Heart Land and Connectivity.

This high way that connected all the land mass of Eurasia and Africa which was called Hinda or al hind or was explained in ancient Indian texts as Bharatha Bhumika or simply Bharatha Varsha or Indian Continent /Bharatha Khanda. As from this land mass from East, West, North and South directions the sea travel was made to connect other land masses it was called the Heart Land of Human Civilization. This definition of heart land initially applied to the area Centering Kashmir and spanning in the east west north and south directions which is roughly the area or the empire ruled by Emperor Lalitaditya. The Kashmir Valley or Madhumati Valley or Neelum Valley was and is the Heart of this Heart Land where the Sharada Sarvajna Peetha or the Universal Center of Learning of both material and spiritual sciences was situated. This sprawling complex of multi disciplinary learning spanned in a radius of 330 kilometers centering in Madhumathi or Neelum Valley. At the height of its glory this center of learning taught close to 100 000 scientific disciplines, 96000 material sciences and 4000 spiritual sciences. A massive identification of this immense learning center is undertaken by Russian and German archeologists with the help of Pakistani army.

What are we talking about here? Why the occupancy of this highway connecting Surya and Iraq suddenly pushed US and others to escalate Syrian war to hot war even at the cost of a world war?

This  same section of the high way from Damascus to Baghdad was in fact only a tiny portion of the land route that connected from Damascus or Al Shyam to current Turkey or ancient Anatolia and in to Europe and current Lebanon or ancient Kannan to Mediterranean Sea and to other European destinations to the west and north west. Towards the east from Baghdad it moves in to Teheran and then in to Baluchistan and Afghanistan and in to Kashmir then in to the center of the Heart Land India, to further east in to China and towards north east in to Central Asia and Mongolia and north wards in to Russia. From Baghdad towards west it moved in to Egypt then in to entire African nations until early 19th century when the land connection between Egypt and Sinai were forcibly cut by digging Suez Canal and separating Africa from the Heart Land and making it a dark continent. The same land route or High way, was travelled across by many for thousands of years before the advent of Christianity or Islam or Moses moving into the Promised Land from Egypt, and was called the Silk or Spice Route of India or precisely the path to East for looking east for material and spiritual Knowledge, wisdom towards Kashmir. These are the land routes used by Genghis Khan to conquer the then known world 5 times larger than that of what was supposedly conquered by Alexander to create Mongolian Empire during 11th century. Empires rose and fell but this route was never blocked except for brief periods of time. This is the route that was taken by all persecuted people based on their faith in their version of god seeking refuge of freedom of human expression in India. From Jews to early Christians to the Persians and recently Baha’is all took this route for safety,   knowledge and of course trade towards India. During the initial days of Islam this route to India was blocked by   Persians for Arabs completely   till 12th century thus debunking the myths of Arabs  of Islam destroying western India especially Sindh. After that this route was completely blocked for Europeans after Ottomans took Constantine Naples for a period of 700 years. But this was more to do with commerce than anything else. Turkey became the central out let for all the goods coming from India to Europe. The trade flourished until the end of the 17th century so too prosperity of the people along the trade routes.

This land route connecting Kashmir to North East West South Axis of this Heart Land was never blocked by any empire that sprung over thousands of years of human civilizational existence. Of course empires controlled parts of this land route within their borders to protect it for the smooth flow of commerce and eternal knowledge sharing. That is why the names, customs and culture of many places are same irrespective of which faith in god they followed, from arctic to south of Africa, from Morocco to Vladivostok.

The entire land mass of Asia – Africa was connected and travel from the bottom tip of Arica till the end of Vladivostok and from the arctic to Turkey, Tehran, Kabul, Kashmir and Kanyakumari was a smooth affair to one and all irrespective of religious faith or affiliation to belief in god. The central Heart of this landmass was Kashmir and the entire land that connected to Kashmir was called Heart Land or Hinda in ancient Indian Texts or equated to BharathaBhumika. The known empire to control the entire geography was that of Emperor Lalitaditya whose capital was in the heartland of Kashmir, Shri Nagar.

With messing up of Kalhana’s Raja Tarangini which depicted the history of India under great kings who ruled from Shri Nagar and messing up and attributing arbitrarily of the time lines of Lalitaditya to a later dates, and dismissing the writings of Kalhana as fiction we lost the complete connection of the extant of the vibrancy of this empire. Once Indian history was retrofitted in to 5000 year biblical time frame work, emperor Lalitaditya reign was also arbitrarily fixed to 800 AD. But when we want to trace the events and personalities of the time of Lalitaditya in the retrofitted time frame works none could be found. This led to comparative and contemporary Indian historical researchers to conclude that the Kalhana may be wrong as in contemporary historical records available around the time of 800 AD, there was no mention of Lalitaditya at all. This problem of historical inconsistencies appear after every personality of India starting from Buddha to Shankara as it was the result of retrofitting of the original time lines in to the 5000 year arbitrary frame work. One thing we should be proud was the independent Indian researchers were looking in to contemporary and comparative accounts, events and personalities within India to check the accepted TS Eliot retrofitted historical accounts but unfortunately they have to reject certain events as unrealistic as they are unable to get over this 5000 year Indian historical development curse. At the same stretch if all Indian researchers look in to the contemporary Arab and Persian historical accounts on Mir Quasim or on Arab invasions, the truth about the whole gigantic lies of T S Eliot and the initial British so called historical researchers deliberate destruction of Indian sense of time and space become more glaring ushering a new era in our rediscovery of India’s central role in the modern context.

This entire Eurasian and African land mass was called in pre Alexander Zoroastrian texts as Hinda or according our Indian texts Bharatha Varsha  with Kashmir being the Heart Center of this land both for Knowledge sources and wealth. BharathaKhanda was a portion of a reduced portion of Bharatha Varsha post Mahabharatha war or the Great War when ever and where ever it happened. Please note that the Kashmir we are talking here is not the Kashmir under Dogra kings nor that one cut to one third after partition. Once Persia and Arabia were Islamized they started to name all non-Islamic lands to the east after Persia as al Hind. This Al Hind was defined by the British as Sub continent of India.

The two high ways emerging from Kashmir both west and north wards connected the current Arabian Peninsula and Africa and the European main land and Russia till the end of Asia towards East. Mongols under Genghis khan used both these roads to conquer the largest land mass 5 times more than that of Alexander to set up Mongol empire.

Once these land trade routes were blocked by the Ottoman Empire preventing access to the Europeans for Africa and Asia, both Europe and Africa plunged in to dark ages as the knowledge sources that were coming from east dried up. Whatever knowledge that remained in Europe at that time were cornered by Church or Free masons or their off shot Knights of Templar. European kingdoms unwilling to pay the high prices for Turkish merchants decided to explore new sea routes to connect to Heart Land India. This finally resulted in Vasco da Gama finding a circuitous route to India. Along with that they also re discovered the sea routes to Americas. But these sea routes were very long and expensive than the often travelled land route. Once British with the blessings of the Catholic Church took over the sea trade from Portuguese and Dutch and monopolized them and wanted to thwart the land road going from the Turkey to control over the resources of India. French were first to see the danger of British monopoly on the high seas. Napoleon revived the heart land theory of geo politics and desperately tried to limit the British monopoly on the sea trade. This was one of the reasons of Napoleon march through Russia as he wanted to open the eastern land route to India via Russia and then from Russia the southern route into India. Though this was in principle agreed between French and Russians the meddling of British sensing the danger of losing the sea trade pitched Napoleon against Russians and temporarily thwarted the danger for next 100 years.

Suez Canal and Control of Heart Land Trade and birth of Maritime Powers beginning of Great Game for Heart Land dismemberment

British realized the sea routes they are controlling to India is too long to traverse and want to cut short the time of travel for easy troop and resource plunder. This gave birth to the idea of cutting the mainland in to two continents Asia and Africa by separating them with a Suez Canal near Egypt. Once this canal was completed it became a paramount importance for British to control the sea lane as entire commerce in those days were moving through Suez Canal. With the separation of Egypt and Africa from the main land British effectively delinked the Ottoman Empire from its governorates of Egypt. The rising Germans who saw the danger of this monopoly of British negotiated the remnants of Ottoman Turkey and Persia for the land route which is now called Berlin Baghdad Railway. From here Germans were able to get the consent of Iranian rulers to extend this Baghdad railway all the way in to the Afghanistan to swirl south wards in to India. In fact this Baghdad Turkey portion of railway became almost complete when British sensed the danger and the First World War started. With the end of the First World War the British divided the entire middle east in to multiple sheikdoms, kingdoms, nation states and filled them with their loyal partners thus once for all blocking the supposed land route that could have connected India directly to Europe and thus would have destroyed British commerce and their hold on high seas once for all.

With the onset of the World War 2, with the future of the Damascus-Baghdad-Tehran- Afghanistan highway permanently in Peril, Germans tried to open the old Napoleonic Russia- Afghanistan and India route. During the second World War just like in case of  Napoleon, Russia was pitted against Germans and this land access was once again prevented for few decades. As a last ditch effort Germans helped Subhash Chandra Bose to move to Japan so that he can move eastward with the help of Japanese to take the undivided India which would have opened the both northern route via Kashmir in to central Asia Russia and Europe and North Western Route in to Baghdad. With the defeat of Japanese by dropping atomic weapons, Freemasons once again proved that human lives have no value in their objective of keeping India in their fold. The British realized that undivided India is a threat for the global hegemony of their sea commerce. The dead Islamic and Hindu card they nurtured carefully for years was revived thus effecting the partition and blocked the North West land road from Kashmir in to Baghdad. This sill left the possibility of northern land highway from Kashmir in to central Asia and Russia. Terrified with the possibility of Russians at the gates of India the British then double crossed the Russians by hiring Iranian Sunni mercenaries and swinging them as Afghans and paid tribes to attack Kashmir and occupying one third of Kashmir and split in to two in which the part that was taken by our western cousins contained the Northern high way from Kashmir in to Russia thus again blocking the access of India in to her traditional Damascus-Baghdad connecting highway thustemporarily preventing India the heart land from becoming connected to rest of the land mass of Eurasia.

Both these routes were opened with much vigor if India was not partitioned in to two and making India and Pakistan in a perpetual state of war based on religion. This move removed Indian access to Arabian Sea at Strait of Hormuz and permanently prevented cultural exchanges from their western Persian brothers. But still India would have revived the northern Highway via Kashmir. This is where again British played all dirty tricks to see that part of Kashmir was occupied by our western cousins which connected to Northern High way into Russia. With the Kashmir divided between China and Our Cousins, India has no way to utilize her land routes for commerce or cultural knowledge exchanges and succumb to the isolation from our heart land where the Kashmir which is the center of world knowledge lost its glory, lost all of her main knowledge and cultural icon Sharada Sarvajna Peetha which was the center of the universal learning and Indian army was prevented from taking it when they were mere 4 km away from it.

The fear of British was if India was undivided it will neighbor with Iran and will revive cultural and linguistic exchanges that were forcefully cut under British regime. This revival would have led both countries to re discover their common ancestral routes and civilizational role, and in the last 60 years could have recovered all their lost knowledge sources that were kept as back up in Persian which would have led to the complete revival of their history and culture due to comparative historical studies and that would have moved Indians away from the retrofitting of 5000 years and many of the current world problems could not have arisen in First Place. In fact many Arab countries later commented that they thought they will neighbor India at Gwadar port but unfortunately it did not occur.

With the end of the World War II, the British planners realized that if India reasserts herself and connect to their Persian cousins, the Great Game for Heart Land is over. To prevent any such resurrection on part of India more than one third of the current state of Kashmir was taken by our cousins. One third was taken by Chinese.

Palmerston Doctrine to Truman Doctrine to Kissinger doctrine

  1. Russia Out Ottomans Down and America In

With the rise of Napoleon, the Great Game for control of India as part of Heart Land Unity was revived in earnest. Securing India from falling in to the hands of hostile European powers has to be achieved at all costs and Indians should never know that this is being achieved. Any alliance with any one is fine to achieve this goal. So the first step in that objective which was to prevent Russia to have a land border with India. Second step was to dismember Russia herself. Third step was to Surround Russia so it will be in eternal and perpetual war for ever. Towards this end radicalizing Islam and using them as first line of attack became a priority. To achieve this breaking of Ottoman Empire became necessary. Every Bedouin tribe was radicalized and weaponized. Every governorate of Ottomans were turned against Central Rule.

Once the land routes within Heart land was forcibly cut off by Suez Canal and Africa and Asia being separated as two continents, the Bedouin tribes and their source of commerce dried up and they turned in to attacking each other cannibalizing one another’s resources. They played in to the hands of the British. Playing one tribe over the other, finally like in India British kept only those who are absolutely loyal to their interests who can be called Kings or Princes. Like Princely States in India were created so too Princely Arabia was created. When these bands of marauding cannibalizing tribes could not do the job of dislodging Ottomans or the Persian Empire, who by then were siding with the Germans for a revival of land route in to India, the First World War was slapped on Germany and forcibly Turkey was broken down. It was also thought Russia will also be completely destroyed due to the Bolshevik revolution after First World War. Post World War, all Ottoman governorates were arbitrarily and carefully split with multi ethnicities and religious affiliations in to innumerous artificial kingdoms and sheikdoms or princely states and to check mate all these the Palestine was partitioned in to Jewish and Arab quarters and the former  to become the State of Israel.

  1. Russia out Turkey Down Bandit Pirate Monarchs In

However, when Russia embroiled in revolution, the problem of opening the blocked land route was taken by Germans wo tried not only to open the Berlin Baghdad rail roads but also the Napoleonic route via Russia and also tried the Japanese Route through Subhash to completely force British out of undivided India so that both the routes can be opened even if Germans lose the war. A strategy probably was envisioned both by Japanese and Subhash and silently blessed by Gandhi. The British were horrified and mortified at the brilliant and bold move done by Gandhi and Bose to completely end their great game at the gates of Singapore. British forced Americans to bomb Japan so Bose could be stopped. The surrender of Japan and subsequent arrest of Bose and his exile gave British free hand in alpha numeric partitions of Undivided India or Subcontinent just like they did to Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, thus again temporarily blocking the land routes in to Russia, Europe and Baghdad and Turkey and Africa.

Partition of Persia, India and Palestine

  1. Germany Down, Russia Out and America (Israel) In
  2. Europe, Russia Out; America and China in; India and Persia Down
  3. Japan Down, Russia out, China In

Just like India the Persian Empire until and after being forcibly converted in to Islam controlled all the current khanites or sthans under Russia and entire central Asia. The entire Persia was dismembered both by Russians and by British so that many countries of differing ethnicities are created so it will not pose a threat to British dominance of sea routes. This means Persia should be eternally embroiled either by internal strife or surrounded by external enemies. Internal enemies are the sectarian parochial differences between Sunni-Shia-Baha’i and Traditional Persian, and externally setting up the Sunni states to encircle Iran both on east and west with the current failed states like Iraq and Pakistan. But the problem was Persians in particular and Shia Islam in general never encouraged stearin or narrow interpretation of Islam like various Sunni factions did under Wahhabi, Salafi ideologies. The highly tech savvy, tradition respecting Persians were hard to be pushed in to suicidal brigands. But Iran had to be encircled and weakened or else it would open its portion of land route to India. When the final democratically elected Iranian government was overthrown after the CIA coup and Shah regime was installed, the Persians realized they do not have a chance to stand against the might of Britain and USA and turned to the spiritual and conservative form of their one of the popular practices Islam and extreme socialist ideology and over threw the Shah.  Post revolution finally the Islamic factions gained upper hand over Communist/socialist factions as many Persian see even Russia under Soviet Union dismembered Persian Empire in to khanites or sthans. The so called radicalism of Persia is nothing more than a severe reaction to the outright American exceptionalism and meddling in their country affairs, along with anti Arabism of the despotic monarchs set up by the Anglo – American combination in the region of Middle East. Finally taking lessons from the pages of history when the Russians themselves were encircled by both Anglo American Lobbies and Radial Islamic factions of many colors shades and ever changing alpha numeric combinations and their operational front names, the Persian Cyrus of modern day finally aligned with the Tsar of Russia in a determined way to stop this Anglo American monster from devouring the world  in to their greed or exclusive religious or political free masonic ideologies as opposed to Aaronic simple puritanical Judaism that existed  prior to Moses and exist even today as ultra conservative Judaism.

As partition of Palestine created Israel to further the interests of Anglo American political and economic interests they became instant enemies of Iran especially from the Khomeini revolution. Otherwise Persia had and do have a large population of Jews still now who reside in her borders and who are most ultra conservative Jews (can be called Aaronic Judaism) who used to worship prior to Moses a symbol of Golden Cow and Calf (which was the symbol of pre independence congress party during the time of Maharma Gandhi when he led battle of independence against British Free Mason East India company probably to remind British ruling Freemasons of their spiritual roots and stop plunder other countries under the name of Messianic Judaism or its moderate arm of Free Masons of Scottish or York Rite or extreme modern off shot, Zionism).These ultra conservative orthodox Jews who believe in Aaronic Judaism don not believe that the Kingdom of God does represent a physical entity with political borders but it is an internal spiritual kingdom of God to be dawned in to one and all once they connect with their cosmic self. The Partition of Palestine and Arabian or Syrian (Suryan) or Damascus Governorate and Egyptian Governorates were done with such careful and deliberate efforts of carefully keeping opposing polarized tribal groups within a kingdom or political entity forcibly, so that these differences will either be going to explode in future or could be manipulated by external forces either in the name of democracy in case of Iran or in the name of Caliphate in case of Iraq and Surya. But a genuine reaction like the one that came in Persia in the form of Khomeini Revolution came from the former Governorate of Ottomans, Egypt, in the form of Islamic brotherhood or Muslim Brotherhood. Naturally this Muslim brotherhood opposed all the sheikdoms or monarchs of Pomp and avarice and advocated returning back to simple puritanical Islam and naturally opposed to Israel as a guarantor of these atrocious monarchies of Middle East. They were promptly banned by all Middle East dictatorships and monarchs including Egypt as terrorist organization. Qatar and Turkey were exceptions to this and welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood as it is a counter weight to the extremist Wahhabi brand of alpha numeric non state jihadi outfits called by various names as Caliphite, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and goes by dozens of ever changing random temporary definitions.The Saudi and other Kingdoms of Middle East except Qatar were impractical in their approach towards both mundane and spiritual issues of Islam. 15 000 or so princes blew out the entire wealth of Saudi and are in need of new resources and ready to cannibalize their immediate neighbors. These princes never bothered about their own role in supporting radical Wahhabi Islamic outfits all the way to Indonesia, but selectively slaps any one with the label of  terrorism if any one opposes their royal ways of their avarice, want to defend themselves through the extreme Sunni armies from Pakistan and this aspect pissed off the extremely slick and corrupt Pakistani army too as they feared it will balkanize Pakistani army on Sunni and Shia lines and destabilize Pakistan itself. With Suryan war being almost over and almost on the verge of winning by Suryan government the Saudis are feeling the heat of vanishing money which is needed for their day to day survival. So the Saudis tried the often tested doctrine of Terrorism to occupy Qatar for their survival which seemed to back fire on them badly. In the height of idiotic proportions the current Prince Salman who was slated to be the next king unbelievably stated to the fainted American and Swooned European allies and accomplices that he can single handedly with the brave Saudi Warriors can kick Russians out of Surya in a week. For the Russians this was probably the biggest joke of 2017.

When this soup of partitions were made in the current Middle East British also attempted to dislodge the centers of simple puritanical altruistic and spiritual Islamic learning from the traditional Caliphate’s capitals of Baghdad and Damascus or Sultanate capital of Ankara or Governorate Headquarters of Cairo, to the newly implanted puppet kings and princes dessert kingdom of al Sauds. Though the political power sifted from Damascus to Baghdad post Mohammad’s death it firmly got entrenched in Ankara while Damascus Baghdad and Cairo became the prime centers of Islamic learning each connected by the same land route that existed till the Suez Canal was dug. This learning was enriched by the Persian Empire and their scholars though they differed in terms of Sunni or Shia Islam which stems from the succession battles after Mohammad’s death. Though Haj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina was done by one and all Muslims and Bedouin tribes helped pilgrims to visit these holy places (at times looting and plundering the rich pilgrims), they became a symbol to prove the authority of Al Saud brand in Arabia to claim supremacy over entire Islam competing with Shias of Iran in general and to claim absolute authority over Sunni Islam competing with secular Turkey, both on temporal and spiritual fronts. Finally, since past three decades once loaded with oil money, Saudis started violently pushing their own tribal brand of Wahhabism as genuine Islamic teachings of Mohammad meddling with each and every other wise calm Islamic country, sowing the dissent often times violently using our cousins Pakistanis who in the process of becoming an assured failed state and racing to become the most corrupt country in the world accepted Wahhabism as at least their superficial face for the Saudi money and Chinese technology.

But this superficial face became a permanent fixture in Indian Kashmir creating mayhem and destruction and killing innocents, raping and maiming them on an unbelievable scale by these brigands.While the entire world watches the drama and Indians deliberately tend to ignore the whole saga waiting for their former colonial masters’ orders to move further. The entire circus of Saudi could not have survived even a single year without the backing of colonial rulers of Britain and free world leaders of America. The petro dollar agreement made American economy survive and alpha numeric brand royals to grow with almost abhorring and detesting record for human rights and women rights to a point of mortgaging wives in Egyptian casinos and losing millions daily. The Al Saud dynasty respect was temporarily bought by pouring money in to poor third world countries or oppressive regimes or to the highly corrupt rulers. To save their rule Saudis employed huge army of private mercenaries starting from every Sunni Islamic country an attitude that even pissed off our cousins, and led to the formation of   SUNNI ARAB NATO which was inaugurated by Trump’s America as a counter weight for the Iran according to  American age old concept of Theory of Balance of Power,

The Islamic leaders who all opposed the Saudi brand of Islam were bought in by oil money or funding Islamic schools and creating political movements that can oppose the ruling elite or by Saudis sponsored-USA mediated regime changes. The most important foreign policy objective of Saudis if at all civilized world call it as policy or foreign policy was and is definitely the liquidation of Iran. Such a violent meddling in internal affairs of many Islamic and non Islamic countries was opposed in many Islamic capitals and finally gave birth to Islamic brotherhood which was promptly labelled as terrorist organization by both Saudis and their international sponsors.

American sponsors mused at that the dogged determination of the Saudis and thought that it will work after all as the grandiose schemes of Saudis was much more imaginative and creative than the plans drawn in CIA or Pentagon. Based on the Saudi plans or schemes of regime changes the Americans drew the plans for Iran’s Shia Crescent countries, and defined the Heartland Highway connecting Damascus and Baghdad as Sunni Arab Highway starting from India to the borders of Mediterranean and this was a perfect answer for the OBOR of China which could have brought lot of commerce, money and the vast resources of India and middle east combined to save America and other European allies from the folly of Free Masonic short rule and greed and avarice that was imitated by kings and princes. With this highway the control and more specifically the encircling of Russia would have been completed.

The whole of the Suryan Plan or Regime change was executed with three principal objectives. One to pursue the Palmerston and Kissinger Doctrine of Encircling Russia and destroying Russia so they will not reach the Heart of the Heart Land – India and open a land route to India. In previous cases the Napoleonic wars and two world wars fought are for Preventing France and Germany from opening this land route that could have destroyed the Pirate owned East India company control on the Heart Land. Now after the cold war the Russians were ready to open this land route and the birth of Kissinger Doctrine was introduced with little glossy work over Palmerston Doctrine.

The salient features of the Kissinger Doctrine are:

  1. The US is an island off the shores of the large landmass of Eurasia.
  2. The resources and population of Eurasiafar exceed the resources and population of the US.
  3. Any domination by any single state from Eurasia(either from the European or the Asian part) is a critical danger for the American geopolitical and geoeconomic aims as well as national interest regardless during or after the time of the Cold War.
  4. A mortal danger for the US is formation of any political-military coalitions between the Eurasian great powers (primarily between the USSR/Russia and China) as such coalition would have a real capacity to outstrip both the US economy and military.
  5. The US strategic global geopolitical interest is to thwart creation of such Eurasian coalition (the USSR/Russia-China).

In fact, H. Kissinger recognized two fundamental facts in dealing with global geopolitics:

1) Eurasia is of crucial global geopolitical importance; and

2) Russia is the Heartland of Eurasia. Therefore, to have a control over Russia means to have a control over Eurasia and to control Eurasia means to control the rest of the world. For that reason, the US struggle against the communist USSR during the Cold War or Putin’s Russia today is nothing else than a formal pretext for a realization of the basic US geopolitical task from the global perspective: to have a control over the Heartland of Eurasia. Subsequently, any kind of independent and/or stronger Russia is not an acceptable solution for the American policymakers.

What is not mentioned in this or unstated objective was India should be kept under the wraps of British or US control as a bull work against either Russia or China. The logic was, we used Indian troops to win the First World War and Second World War so we use them in the Third World War too. Any government in India irrespective of political shades and colors must be under the firm control of US following the Walden Model of Political control under the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) If India is ruled by the Freemasons it will be fantastic but even if not, India must be ruled by such politicians who are enamored by the US and thoroughly anglophiles who will wait at the embassies of US and Britain to take marching orders in terms of Indian resources and Armed forces. Indian armed forces were and are thoroughly western model lovers and they act as bull work in future against any political leadership if they choose to go anti US or Britain.

Basically, the US foreign policy of global hegemony is shaped by two most important internal processes which exist from the very beginning of the US independence and statehood (declared in 1776):

  1. A mass consumerist mentality of her citizens that is deeply permeated throughout American (sub)culture;
  2. Corresponding policy of maintaining world’s military supremacy for the sake to ensure privileged possession of the global goods, energy, natural resources and credit. For example, there are 800 US military bases across the globe and one of the biggest of them is located in Kosovo (Bondsteel) – one of the richest regions in Europe according to its reserves of the natural resources (at least 500 billion $US)

Imagine with trillions of dollars of black money and gold and resources India must be under US control only to win global war even if every ordinary Indian loses his lives and families. In a surprising move many Indians will act as the front lines of US and Britain in India for just few visas for their near and dear and will safe guard vast Indian resources to make sure they are handed over to US or Britain as happened in the current case of Demonetization.

The second aspect of Regime change was to completely destroy Iran and Iraq and replace them with puppet  Regimes which can further link up with the land route via USA controlled Pakistan and India.

The third objective was to do regime change in Lebanon and replace it with such a friendly government so that it becomes another lap dog of the West or their proxies Israel in that region so that the entire pipelines of Qatari and Iranian gas will go to Europe under the watch full eyes of USA, Saudi and Israel and the entire other resource transfer from India will go through the land routes opened via Lebanon, Surya, Iraq and Iran, Pakistan and India as an alternate to OBOR. This serves as a bull work against all European allies too as they will be completely dependent on their energy needs via USA mediated oil and natural gas pipelines and will not in near future venture along with Russians to open the land route on their own but use the land route created by Americans.

A strong assumption was made in this whole process that the Turkey was completely under the control of the USA. For years Americans nurtured the Turkish armed forces under the pretext of helping anti Russian Islamic terrorist groups that operated under Saudi money and Turkish training in the name of cold war. As a back up the Americans while training Turkish forces also penetrated in to the Turkish armed forces as to destroy the Secular Turkey rule in case the Turkish armed forces do not go with the American plan. They envisaged that in the partition of Surya Turkey will get her former Damascus Governorate and thus will go with the American plan. But the theory of balance of power as followed in that region by Israelis forced Americans to side with Kurdish forces and this factor of Kurdish and Israeli alliance angered Turks and they sensed the danger of dismembering Turkey herself and corrupting the Turkish secular armed forces in to use less fourth world parochial Iraqi style militias.

The Failed Turkish Coup Recap:

The Turkish Independence Movement was able to check mate the European objective of the complete fragmentation of the Ottoman Empire, and succeeded in keeping its heartland, Anatolia, free from European administration (having repudiated the Treaty of Sevres) and establishing firm Turkish rule under the subsequent treaty of Lausanne (1923). The Anglo-American objectives in this regard are clear from the Treaty of Sevres, which they tried to enforce: to keep the area fragmented under Kurds, Greeks, Armenians, and Muslims each protected by a combination of various European countries. The leadership of the Turkish Independence Movement was able to avoid under the strategy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the hero of Gallipoli.

So then, while at a time most of the other parts of the Ottoman Empire, Central Asia, and North Africa were under the rule of British-installed puppet Kings, the Turks were able to have a strong Nationalist rule in their homeland.  Although, it is noteworthy that Kemal Ataturk accepted the reality of downsizing of the Ottoman Empire’s burdens of the Middle Eastern and Egyptian possessions (as the Soviet Union would downsize eighty years later to become Russia).

We should nevertheless note that the fissures which Ataturk was able to hold together, are precisely the points used to keep Turkey under blackmail on most policy issues today. Once in every two decades, the Kurdish question is raised, the Kurds are used for the work of the interests of the Anglo-American combine and then they are ditched again. Raising this bogey of the Kurdish issue has almost become like a golden rule in the geopolitics of the Middle East. Next, the threat of raising the question of the Armenians and the Armenian Genocide, which anyway has been instigated and mediated by the British themselves, is kept dangling – as is the question of the part of Cyprus that was disputed by the Ottomans and the Greeks.

This blackmail permitted Turkey to be used (at least to some extent) to manipulate the Arab politics till 1975, when the Americans figured out a better way to disrupt the Arab Politics by using Wahhabism. Although the pressure on Turkey then decreased on this front, the Anglo-American combine still continued to meddle with the Turkish internal affairs, since they wanted to make it a vassal state similar to the other Arab states. This last context makes the current purge carried out by Erdogan, very hard for the Anglo-American lobby to digest.

Let it also be remarked here that the failure of the Anglo-American combine to use Turkey to turn to fundamentalist Islam and push this virulent brand according to the Anglo-American interests would lead to the Anglo-American lobby to look elsewhere (Saudi Arabia) to get this job done for them. Thus, it is precisely this failure in Turkey that caused Saudi Arabia to turn to the extremist and virulent path.

Amongst all the secular institutions set up by Kemal Pasha, the most noteworthy of these was the Turkish army, which has played a critical role in maintaining a healthy stability of the nation-state. A noteworthy quote by a very senior Turkish General CevikBir (who played a very critical role and arrest in the 1997 coup and the control of the Islamic danger rising in Turkey): “In Turkey we have a marriage of Islam and democracy. (…) The child of this marriage is secularism. Now this child gets sick from time to time. The Turkish Armed Forces is the doctor which saves the child. Depending on how sick the kid is, we administer the necessary medicine to make sure the child recuperates”. The army has seen to it that secular education is available for all children, they have seen to it that political parties pushing either radical Islamic or radical leftist views were outlawed, they have seen to it that the Tariqas (a multitude of Islamic Sufi orders which often get very cultish and are subject to infiltration by foreigners and undesirable elements) have been kept at a healthy balance, they have ensured that views are not enforced on specified minority religions (e.g. Orthodox Christians, Armenians and Jews, but many are not thus classified). The army frequently discharges officers who involve in radical Islamic movements. They have stepped in to force the government’s hand during times of economic mismanagement and crisis.

The British in particular and the West in general, have since been continuously trying to meddle with this healthy and secular configuration and have attempted to establish their own rule via fundamentalists. At least four concerted attempts have been made in the post WW-II era so far – and in all these four attempts the Turks, with very high credit going to the Turkish Army were successfully able to thwart the designs of the British and their Western allies. Thus, then this realization put the destruction of the Turkish army at high priority on the agenda of the Anglo-American combine.

Critical then in this Western Geo-strategy, was Turkey’s role in the destabilization of Syria. Once the Turks are controlled, the regime change in Syria can then be executed via ground forces provided by Turkey, and the oil can be piped to Europe at a price convenient to the Anglo-American interests. They forced Turkey to set up training bases for IS/Daesh, ISIL etc, — for implementing which the Americans needed good interaction with the Turkish army’s command. The American penetration of the Turkish Armed forces, using Fetullah Gulen’s organization, came into play. While working with Erdogan, they also established and maintained inside Turkey a parallel structure, so that if Erdogan were to subsequently refuse to toe the US line, as in-fact he did, they could fall back on this parallel mode. This game however angered the Turkish Nationalist Establishment, adding fuel to which was the American funding of the Kurds. In a sense, it would be fair to say, that the Americans before executing the coup over-estimated their own abilities inside Turkey and perhaps erroneously assumed that Turkish Nationalists had been heavily bought out (via for example Colonel Campbell’s Nigerian-Bank affair).

Nevertheless, as explained earlier, Western motives for their Turkey policy is intended to control both Russia in the North as well as to serve as a tool to control Arab politics in the South. The centuries old Russo-Turkish antagonism was exploited by America to pull Turkey into its fold, and Turkey then became a pivot in this game. By becoming a NATO member, Turkey inadvertently got pulled into all these conflicts while the series of historical battles between Turkey and Orthodox Russia was now viewed through the Cold War paradigm.

As at the height of the Cold War the artificially constructed nation-state of Afghanistan would be the staging/learning and training ground for the Mujahedin to overthrow Russians from Afghanistan, so too would all similarities carry over to later training of the Chechens, who were trained after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This training, whose ideological and informational backbone was provided by the West, was facilitated by Turkey, financed by Saudi Arabia (Wahhabi Islam), Qatar (Salafi Islam) etc. And so in this context Turkey became their ally.

Except in the case of Taliban and Afghan Mujahedin, most of the training for the other groups was facilitated by the Turkish Army. This had very serious consequences in the question of the stability and historical basis of Turkey. The last two decades worth of interaction of certain sections of the army officers who were assigned for training these groups in collaboration with the West, led to a drastic change, mostly in a negative sense, in the most sacred institution setup by the Ataturk: the Turkish Army. Most of the coordination and supervision of these groups was assigned to the Turkish Second Army which operated around Incirlik and other nearby bases. Coincidentally or accidentally most of the plotters, planners and executors of the current Coup who were all booked under sedition cases following the failed coup, belonged to this particular batch of the Turkish army.

Ahmed Davutoglu (former PM of Turkey) was an American choice and was funded by the Saudis and the Salafi and pushed a very pro-Sunni Wahhabi stance and anti-Shia stance….which was not the hallmark of the Turkish stand. On the Syrian question, when Erdogan was making statements that it is good to have Assad as part of a transitional government, Davutoglu had made statements against Assad. He had turned a blind eye and also actively encouraged the arming of the Kurds. He also masked American-led training for the terrorists, with all moves that were dangerous to Turkey as being exclusively anti-Russia, and this permitted further penetration into the army. A good amount of the blame for the recent fall of Turkey into this quagmire could perhaps rest on him, which is why Erdogan relieved him of Prime Ministership. This is another reason why Turkey is purging so many people who have caused Turkey to deviate from the healthy policy.  Most of the coup participants were trained as NATO’s re-deployment force. Austrian and German sources estimate that 60% of the police and 70 % of the civil administration and 20 % of the armed forces were penetrated by the pro-American Gullen followers. Those who penetrated the Civil Services and Judiciary further helped with the cover up of the true aim of this operation. Do we see any signs of a similar cover up in India as well?

As mentioned earlier, a critical step in the engineering of the coup was to pull FetullahGulen to America and use his organization to infiltrate the entire Turkish establishment – not just the army. More revealingly the FetullahGulen Network has spread its network into the Judiciary, Police, Academicians and Border Patrol Units. Right now the Turkish Intelligence is tracking and tracing and most of these coup plotters, supporters and financiers inside Turkey, escaping under ISIS/ISIL/ DAESH/ PKK / Moderate Western backed terrorist groups, operating on the Turkish border. Some of them have been nabbed by the Turkish intelligence before they crossed the border and some are nabbed inside the Terrorist controlled cities themselves.

This resulted in a staged incident of shooting down the Russian recon plane by Turks. This alarmed the Russians who then got their ELINT to monitor Turkey in a 24/7 mode. Once the Russian ELINT started monitoring the Turkish communications, they picked up the existence of the danger of a coup, involving NATO-trained rapid re-deployment forces who were using a WhatsApp common group to plan a coup. The Russians at this point did not speak a word except to shut down Russian tourist traffic to and from Turkey. With the magnitude of the coup becoming clear, they realized that Turkey will become another Libya or Iraq and face a very grave danger of being further partitioned, in the manner of the failed Sevres Treaty, and that this would be followed by a partition of Syria as well. The Russians also realized that if a hard-line Sunni party came to power in Turkey, these hard-line Jihadists would enter Russia, complicating further the current problems in Ukraine. The danger of allowing the coup to go through was far too high.

Shortly before the actual coup was to take place, the Russians had presented the evidence to Erdogan, to prove the American backing. Interestingly, the moment the coup started, the NBC reported that Erdogan has fled into Germany—thereby hoping to destroy the morale of his followers and lure them into meekly surrendering to the coup plotters. While NBC claimed that they got this information from an unnamed military source, the Turkish sources realized that it is General Campbell who pushed this. This clearly showed that NBC was acting at the behest of a high level international group that planned the coup.

Not only did the Russians warn Erdogan, but their Spetsnaz forces were actually following him. The Presidential jet was escorted by two or three fighter jets loyal to him. On their way back from the Marmaris resort, F-16s coming in from Incirlik locked not only onto Erdogan’s plane, but also onto his loyal escorting F-16’s . At this highly critical juncture, the Russian president, Putin himself stepped in and issued a straight warning to the Americans that he would within the next 120 seconds activate the S-500 missiles and shoot every NATO plane in the sky within a 500 km range. The threatening F-16 planes -not inexplicably as commonly thought now- backed off and did not return to base in Incirlik, but flew onto Greece where they sought asylum. On a side-note, the Turkish Government is threatening legal recourse against NBC for propagating false information, asking them as to how they found that Erdogan is fleeing Turkey and heading out to Germany.

When the coup was in progress, the President called upon the Turkish people to come out to the streets to make sure the coup fails. Strangely, the only ones to answer this call, at least in the initial phase, were the Muslim brotherhood elements inside Turkey. This explains a long way of Turkey siding with Qatar in the latter’s support of Muslim brotherhood elements opposed by Saudi USA Egypt and host of Sheikdoms.

This is the existential danger that Turkey faced and as the last and only resort made a 180-degree-U-turn away from West, NATO and US, and away from the marauding Saudi Wahhabi brand of Islamic groups (as practiced by the compliant monarchies) and gravitated towards Russia and Iranian viewpoint.

That is why when Erdogan successfully returned he decided to purge Turkey of this infiltration completely in a legal manner, after a fair trial. If he does this, 21 years of penetration effort will be lost to the West, which is now shouting itself hoarse —- losing Turkey for them means losing Syria…..and a lot more!

Forgetting about any international geo-political lessons, the minimum the Turks learnt was that the West wanted to further fragment the Ottoman Empire; and by harboring these terrorists at the behest of the Westerners to fulfill their objectives has corrupted Turkey’s secular military institution itself. Academicians, lawyers, administrators etc became one with the terrorists and propelled Turkey in the direction of the failed state of Pakistan. Exactly then our Western neighbor aka Pakistan is in  a sense exact mirror image of Turkey – minus the good assistance of Kemal Pasha at its founding, minus the knowledge and wisdom acquired from centuries of existence as an Empire, minus the strong secular army, minus the mercurial and timely judgmental leadership of Erdogan, minus the Russian interference at most critical time that turned the tide.

The Ottoman and Caliphs and Czars and Cyrus Struck back

With the failed coup in Turkey and Turkeys rapprochement with the Tsar, the entire Plan of partition of Surya collapsed when the Suryans with the help of Iranians and Hezbollah under the planning of Russians and with Russian marines directly involving and Turkey blocking all help to various terrorist outfits and blocking their borders and free flow of weapons and purging all the training camps set up to train alphanumeric Jihadi groups inside turkey, moved steadily but systematically to take key regions inside Surya. This effort in a year turned the tables of war and opened this long awaited land route that was blocked and crazily sought after both by USA, Saudi and Israel. This remarkable feat of Suryan (Syrian) government made everyone to throw the tantrums in the entire west forcing Saudi to declare diplomatic war on Qatar. Israel is ready to declare war on Surya and USA is ready to declare war on Surya and Iran, reviving the entire chemical attacks in the ongoing war.

But it looks like that the west does not stand a chance on this. So the question of this ancient land route opening until in to Afghanistan looks a foregone conclusion. Unless India trains Baluchi rebels and throw them as another buffer conflict zone to prevent such land access from Iran to our traditional markets. But the fundamental question here is what China will do with OBOR.

The China Question

British East India Company to Chinese West India Company – a silent morphing to enslave former colonies.

China which was not known to the world except for few Russian and Italian travelers for a period of close to 1000 years after Mongol invasion became a closed empire isolating herself for the entire period. Until Dutch merchants opened trade routes Japan was also an isolated island kingdom. The only cultural or trade relations were from the Indian Eastern Spice Trade land routes via Tibet. Though Chinese had few maritime relations with the southern kingdoms of India, the Chinese question predominantly opened as part of the great game of British either to keep India isolated or to keep independent kingdoms like Tibet in the fold of Chinese to prevent other geopolitical players of that time from negotiating with them directly. The entire trade on all land routes were carried by either Gypsis or Jewish or Arab or Christian merchants traversing the land routes. If China was so important the force of discovery of sea routes would have commenced in finding the sea to China first rather than India. And the wise Europeans would have set up East China Companies rather than East India Companies. As now post-independence India asserted her nonaligned policy and pursued her own goals in terms of development and security the British realized that India cannot be used as a slave in their global wars as they used us in Opium Afghan First and second world wars.

Post 1949, using the newly converted various Christian factions loyal to either British or USA, the multiple kingdoms of China were fused in to one communist China only to destroy age old cultural spiritual civilizational developments of large multi ethnic Chinese only to make it now as a leader of defunct Communism to batter and destroy Russia and leader of most oppressive East India Company heir in terms of Globalization and Privatization or euphemistic Free Liberal world to destroy entire Asia with a particular focus on dissolving India as a nation and Republic by encircling India using our western cousins and illegally occupied   Kashmir by supporting multi colored right and left wing anarchists popped up by both Pakistan and China. As a combined make shift leader of both Communism and Free Trade China will be used to destroy the entire Heart Land or Eurasia for the greed and defunct debt and economic policies of both West and Chinese sucking the whole world in to an eternal conflict for future decades to come.

To counter the threat of a future rising India as a global power the encircling of India is done all around isolating her. Since last few decades the entire Indian land routes and Indian connections to the world were cut and pasted to the isolated Chinese and the Original Bharath Oriented Road was morphed in to One Belt and One Road and pasted on to Chinese. With a large trade balance with both British and USA, China since 1949 has transformed in to anti -Indian bull work, working with our western cousins to encircle India citing defunct mercantile corporations and isolated empires.

Is the question of OBOR concept of China another ploy to encircle Russia and push India in to the complete western fold as satellite state and thus cut off from Russia the permanent access to the land route in to India for the needed resources and this is done with the tacit consent of USA by setting up of various economic coalitions?

Is the US debt which is toxic and filled the world with huge $217 trillion debt is about to get shifted to China and then from there shifted to all Asian countries by usurping their resources by enslaving them to toxic debt?

Is China with unsustainable debt and currency exchange rate manipulations and absolute suppression of labor about to become an octopus to suck the vitality of all former Eurasian countries?

Is China used to push all non aligned countries in to the USA Camp to completely encircle Russia and destroy the multi polar world?

China declared that it will lead the free world and be a defender of Globalization. The former Owners of East India Companies Britain and USA consented this time to use Chinese Human Resources to enslave the world.

Is china raising the ante with India by bringing Bhutan, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh issues based on a never accepted agreement under British East India Company and the defunct Quing Dynasty as a bargaining Chip to make sure India foregoes ad forgets POK and Karakoram Highway which is the life line of Chinese security from Gwadar via Kashmir, Karakoram and Tibet in to China?

And more specifically this land route via Kashmir, which was India’s land and now occupied by our cousins as part of British strategy to deny Russia Land and Road Access to India was the Original Bharath Oriented Road (OBOR) of prosperity and knowledge. And once India gets that it will move to shape the world in to a better place than the ruthless debt ridden cooperations proposed by all geo political players starting from British East India Company to Chinese East and West India companies. Is it to deny the rightful north and North West land access to India to the entire original Eurasian Indian Continent or Hinda or Al Hind, the China is raising the ante?

Chinese knew that Persians and Turks will join India as they joined in IIT (Iran India Turkey partnership) and they are culturally similar and commercially had a wonderful trading relationship for centuries while China closed herself until they were defeated and conquered by European Combined powers using Indian soldiers and forcibly opened China to the world through the medium of opium wars. Until then the OBOR or the Original Bharath (India) Oriented Road was the only source of commerce, knowledge flow and cultural exchanges from India all the way to Africa to the west, through China all the way to Japan through the east and all the way to the top of Russia to the North and all the way down in southern Indian peninsula to the tip of Kanyakumari. With the growing non payable consumer debt and unbearable government debt and excess trade surplus Chinese wanted to hijack the India Centric Heartland Land Routes in their name to push every nation in to debt slavery as proxies to East India Companies and their largest trade partners,USA. Every major geo-political player knew the current absolutely dichotomic and mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive incompatible ideological marriage of Communism and Neo Globalized Liberalism under the current Chinese Christian Leadership which is anti-cultural, anti-labor, highly corrupt and excessively oppressive that cannot sustain long term. The only way China survives is to morph herself in to the Role of India and for that India should be diminished in everything to a point of driving India in to the camp of United States thus completing the encirclement of Russia.

“Their objective isn’t to control the conflict, it’s to control the debt that the conflict produces. You see, the real value of a conflict, the true value, is in the debt that it creates. You control the debt, you control everything. You find this upsetting, yes? But this is the very essence of the banking industry, to make us all, whether we be nations or individuals, slaves to debt.” Is a famous conversational clip in a holly wood movie produced on the Failed BCCI Bank.

Debt used as a tool on an international and political level and how it affects currencies and geopolitics.

From the inception of modern China under Mao and the subsequent conflict with Taiwan is a result of two groups of fanatic Christian groups competing for political control of the eastern part of Asia. The entire destruction of China, her traditions and cultural values of thousands of years under Mao is an eye opening to the intellectual and mental conquest of a nation. The subsequent reforms of Deng and what continues as a succession under the current Communist Party’s claim of international leadership of universal liberalization must be such a dichotomy of two mutually exclusive ideologies which will collectively exhaust all nations from their resources. Completely debt ridden, resourceless, ruthlessly labor oppressive, violently expansionistic, and thoroughly currency manipulative current Chinese leadership is nothing but the mirror image of USA with an Asian twist modeled to masquerade thousands of the Original East India Companies-both in objectives and scope-to plunder massive Asian resources for the survival of China and thus their trading partners USA.

It is in this context the opening of the Damascus Tehran Road corridor has immense significance. This corridor will logically turn in to Baluchistan and then in to Indian Kashmir and to other Eurasian land mass. A road that existed until 1947 which was forcibly closed due to the British geo-political seditious moves to control India. Now the role of British is taken by China and USA. India has to assert her rights and stop China from taking over this road making illegal occupation of Kashmir in to legal one and for this they are raising the ante with India. With Suryan war winding down and all indications coming to reality that all the alphanumeric terrorist groups being relocated to central Asia and in to Pakistan the existential threats to Indian existence are more open than at the time of ruling of British.

Just as Japan was used by British Free Masons to batter Europe and America, now the Free Masonic rule in USA under Trump and in Britain are popping up China to batter Eurasian countries including Russia especially India. It is time for us to make a stand in Kashmir and Tibet and start serious negotiations with our failed state neighbors and solve the Kashmir issue once for all and open the True OBOR Original Bharat Oriented Road. Rather than worrying about the text context and pretexts of using defunct British Raj and Qing Dynasty mutual agreements which Geo-political British from London did any way (while British Raj officials dealt directly with Tibetan leadership) to prevent recognizing Tibet as an Independent country as British feared other European powers will meddle the same way with Iran and Afghanistan which were declared as part of British control and in the process sacrificed Tibet completely to the Chinese defunct Qing dynasty’s ambitions. The Chinese reviews revive and resurrect these agreements according to their convenience denying most latest on Hong Kong claiming that they do not respect anything that was agreed before 1949 inception of Communist China, yet claiming that India or any other country should be bound by 1890 agreements that Chinese selectively recognize.

Just like East India Companies loaned small Indian kings and then seized the land so too Chinese are offering their credit which is rooted in debt later to convert in to equity of these small countries to occupy them. Our cousins are going to be first victims plunging our security in to great danger.

In many ways China has many elements in their favour whereby they can use their manipulative increasing economic prowess, large trade surplus, and existing overcapacity to control the debt of trading partners, and in doing so, slowly but surely influence politics and economics in a self reinforcing cycle of interest debt and resource plunder.

Incidentally, if they’re successful in their OBOR endeavors, they can hope to mitigate some of the fallout from an impending and overdue domestic non-performing loan and corrupt black money cycle.

Commentators on OBOR seem to fall into those who are bullish… and those who poke fun at it and either don’t like it or question China’s ability to pull it all off. On the face of it the idea seems simple enough. OBOR promises to open up markets for Chinese exports. This is, somewhat simplistic and naive.

The more we look at this One Belt One Road or Original Bharat Oriented Rod we know there is way much more to OBOR than it meets the eye. The Chinese are many things but stupid is not one of them. The OBOR is nothing but the Original Eurasia land mass or Hinda of ancient texts from the southern tip of Africa to end of Vladivostok from the northern tip of Russia or ancient Rishivaari to the southern tip of India. This is the land mass that connected Kashmir as its heart in all directions both trade knowledge and culture. Kashmir was the capital of this heart land until and after the times of Lalitaditya. In a sense India was Kashmir though in ancient times called by different kingdoms’ geographical names. This is the same Kashmir where, which was the heart of the heart land or Eurasia or Hinda, first time the entire human wisdom and knowledge was written down in the name of Vedas in Sharada Script (which were then copied in to Persian and it is the same Kashmir where the massive Universal Center of Learning known even today as Sharada Sarvajna Peetha was established in a massive area of 330 square kilometers stretching from Kabul on the banks of Kumbhala (Kabul) river  to the Tibet in the east and Mulasthana or Multan in the west and terminating near Mathura in south. It is in this perimeter 12 massive solar and lunar observatories that were built which were carefully destroyed by British as they prove the antiquity of mankind more than the 5000 year retrofitting of Indian history by British and Catholic Church.

It is this land route from this heart land and from Kashmir India stood like a beacon of wisdom and knowledge spreading universal human values for one and all who sought them. It is this heartland towards which from east west north south all travelled for their self realization and promulgation of new branches of civilizational faiths. And it is this heart of this heart land laid in ruins with sorrow, suffering, devastation, plunder and rape and Indian army was prevented in taking this center of learning in the Madhumati or Neelum valley by the British when Indian army was just 4 kilometers away from this destination thus once for all since 67 years cutting the Indian soul Kashmir from the main body of India. In to this heart and soul of the India the Chinese want to pave a way connecting Tibet to Gwadar port and want to make this illegal occupation in to a permanent division only to completely destroy India for their economic gain as proxies of British Free Masons.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems of Chinese, their ambitions, and how and why OBOR really is development front and façade and center for mutually exclusive blend –communist and liberal and Globalization- of followers of Free Mason and Chinese Catholic converts of ruling elite headed by Xi.

We know that too much of anything is bad for us.
China suffer from too much capacity as well as too much domestic debt in their banking system. OBOR may provide a means for China to deflate this debt while exporting overcapacity. This means genuine economic capacity of countries like India in every field need to be destroyed. Like plastic rice being sold as genuine rice in India shows how much deep Chinese penetrated through unscrupulous profit mongering of patriotic businessmen and surprisingly compliant officials and docile scientists who knowingly did not give wake up calls to the ‘going to be affected’ citizens of India.
What’s more is that they can do so while providing credit (at the state level) to countries who are in desperate need of it. And it may be provided to big industrial houses by washing their black money through China as loan for the regular Chinese 25% political commissions.
Deflating the Domestic Credit Bubble

China has a domestic credit problem, and they’re going to have to deal with that in some way or another. Certainly a harsh non-performing loan cycle can punish GDP growth but consider this…

What if China essentially moved this domestic debt problem onto the balance sheets of OBOR partners? Just like Americans moved their printed dollars via Petro Dollar deal with Saudi Arabia and offset simple printing of currencies against the hard worked GDPs of all countries by making the Al Sauds demand dollars for oil and thus protecting the most wretched and abhorring avaricious monarchy that sponsored every terrorist Sunni/Wahhabi outfit and created massive front for terrorists so US and Britain can claim to fight Terrorism and plunder the world.


By the Chinese government lending these partners money for large infrastructure projects (as they’ve already been doing). When those infrastructure projects get built, a decent amount of the project works go to Chinese companies which provides them the ability to both export overcapacity all the while deflating some of the domestic credit bubble. A pretty damn smart move if you can pull it off! China has some $3 trillion of paper which they can trade for power and influence.

Think about it, which would you rather have: a pile of greenbacks (with the Fed at the helm who have shown in no uncertain terms that, when push comes to shove, they’ll forego monetary stature for domestic political security) or political and economic leverage globally like China is planning using their manipulated currencies at hand?

Just like US Feds, Chinese too when time comes will pull plug on their currencies devastating the entire world.

The Most Powerful Chinese weapon DEBT

China’s answer is pretty clear based on what they’ve begun to do.

They have already been making huge loans to strategically placed and often poor countries. These loans provide jobs and infrastructure, both of which are desperately needed by these countries.

That they’re structured on onerous terms and under conditions whereby Chinese materials and labor are often used is easily overlooked when one is broke and desperate (in the private investment world we call it distressed investing). And in case you’ve not realized it, there are a lot of desperate governments run by despotic politicians littering the planet right now. And we donot want India to become another one in the absolute psychotic day dream of regional power in Asia for 10% commissions on all such debts for ruling political parties.

China need not have these projects even be successful but want to fail as this provide a way to occupy these countries natural resources just like East India Companies relieved Indian kings of their territories. In fact, there’s a case to be made to say that Chinese prefer them NOT to be successful. Having the debt repaid eliminates political and economic leverage. And most of these countries ruled by despotic and corrupt politicians/businessmen/officials nexus will never make any development projects successful as most of these project money goes in to bribes, commissions, percentages and generation of black money in these countries and will be moving out to many western capitals for safe keeping.

Case in point: Sri Lanka’s Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, which opened in 2013, is still largely idle and empty. What does Sri Lanka now get? An empty airport and a massive debt to China which they can’t repay. Pakistan’s multibillion dollar Gwadar port and Greece’s Piraeus port are two more.

And now before the conclusion of Suryan war Chinese are offering $ 2 billion for Suryan reconstruction. While Indian minister of State for foreign affairs was negotiating to complete the contracts that were suspended due to insurgency. The money to continue the stopped contracts also coming from the Chinese debt. While many times Suryans asked help from India to tackle terrorism we listened.

China controls all of this debt, and by controlling this debt they can, and will, begin using this power for……  “Concessions”.

The world should not be surprised when military submarines with Chinese symbols start using these ports and Beijing begins having a major say in how these partner countries’ “assets” are used and by whom, because, after all, China controls the debt.

Neither should we be surprised when Chinese warships begin providing “security” to these ports, or when “security and surveillance” aircraft belonging to the Chinese military begin providing “services” to the airports, gas pipelines, and so forth.

Realize that it’s in China’s interests for these countries to never ever be able to repay these debts. This provides them with extraordinary leverage at what is really a very cheap cost.

Now, donot be cynical that China doesn’t want this infrastructure to help trade. We are sure they do. But there is likely a strong political incentive here which really amounts to a bait and switch loan sharking game where countries will be forced to make all sorts of concessions in order to defray debt payments.

One can figure out that this debt sharking is a far cheaper method than the “normal” alternatives of controlling kingdoms through war. Remember the Mayor A Rothschild’s statement “Give me the control of the currency and I care not who rules the country” and was it not true the Free Masonic British did the same thing to all Indian Kings to confiscate the kingdoms and the Free World Leader Americans did the same thing and honestly the Chinese are following it to the letter as a compliant student. Any way what do they lose, British used Indian grown opium money, and now Chinese and American just print the currency and create debt.

India should be very careful in taking the wealth of her citizens and their gold on flimsy grounds and make them in to debt ridden hand out oriented labor pool.

Consider that the cruise missiles Trump rained down on Syria just 3 months ago cost an estimated $60 million, and the Iraq war has already cost the US government, or US taxpayer more than 2.4 Trillions and growing.

If we start doing the math on the total amount of money spent by the US government on gaining or maintaining geopolitical dominance via military interventions or by just maintaining their 800 or so external military bases, then all calculators and computers start smoking and promptly blow up in to environmental friendly air and water. But it’s definitely safe to say it’s a lot more and higher than the money spent by Chinese. Probably for Chinese it is less than the money spent by British in spreading opium addiction to control China or kingdoms under East India Company or now the American Israeli British combine doing to destroy Punjab Haryana and Rajasthan.

We have to understand that the Economics of War have changed. OBOR represents a vastly cheaper method of acquiring power and influence than does bombing the hell out of sand. Bombing is needed to destroy those who do not want to become debtors or do not want to borrow but want to live within their means.

China is

  • Asia’s largest trading partner
  • US’ largest trading partner
  • Germany’s largest trading partner
  • Australia’s largest trading partner
  • Russia’s second largest trading partner (after Germany)
  • Africa’s largest trading partner
  • South America’s largest trading partner

OBOR is much, much more than simply reestablishing the closed trading routes of India that were closed by British with partition of India, for Chinese goods as the fake mainstream media want one and all to believe. It is THE MOST ambitious geopolitical play/move of our lifetimes, played by Free Masonic Britain and USA along with Chinese to destroy India, Iran, Russia and Turkey and it’s well worth understanding what’s taking place here and preserve the ancient cultural and knowledge of humanity. It is in this context the senior figures of Turkey’s visit to India acquires significance as India dangerously with or without understanding the unity of these powers to destroy her moving blindly in to the camp of America gleefully in the process destroying all advanced research and buying expensive monkey model toys and destroying the vibrant economy in the name of digitization and preparing to plunder her own citizens of their wealth, gold and everything.

Chinese Imperial Circle?

China is able to create a self-reinforcing mechanism whereby they export excess capacity, deflate a domestic credit bubble buildup, build an infrastructure for future export and trade all the while having many of the participants beholden (via debt) to China allowing for unsurpassed geopolitical power… and be able to do so because, in large part, the rest of the world major powershave their own problems to wrestle with and most of the third world rulers mired in corruption thus want an easy way out. India is drowned in mind numbing brain damaging sloganocracy of digitized development, sleepwalking in to the American free mason camp as if blind men leading blindmen or is it that Free Masons are leading India in to self anesthetic suicide sounding like British East India company occupation of India act no II – 1992 onwards.

Does the world wake up a couple decades later when the dollar debt has been converted (another concession) to Renminbi and marvel at what an amazing three dimensional chess maneuver was played by Free Masonic forces and their Free World defenders as we all realize we are inside the Chinese Communist/Liberal/Globalized imperial circle controlled by British Free Masons from whom every one including Americans sought independence?

A thorough OBOR plan that was hatched to include the entire Central Asian countries (Khanite States of former Soviet) in to this fold under the guise of economic development and all other countries that formed part of the Indian continent in the process of encircling India only to suck their resources and replace the economic activity through again Opium or opium kind of developmental slogans looks like a reality. The following twilight issues that are shaping looks like the dots in the puzzle which will get completed in the future years to come.

First China does not have any economic activity genuine to spend trillions of dollars to complete the OBOR. A series of economic organizations were set up like SCO, BRICS etc to achieve cooperative economic development among the countries concerned. The Chinese GDP is slowing down, currency manipulation is at peak, and international markets are reaching saturation with Chinese products. Now China is offering billions of dollars of loans for the countries under this OBOR and countries like Pakistan and Srilanka as part of this futuristic economic package deals. Local governments as corrupt as ever accept debt package first and then when realize that it was squandered by politicians in power, will force to move to mortgage all their natural resources to China and her human resources by converting this non payable debt in to Equity in their countries giving complete control of all natural resources of their countries. The debt that China offered was created from thin air by printing currencies either Chinese or American. Whatever trade surplus the Chinese talk about if paid by the Americans will be only through currency printing. The currencies will be manipulated until the resource grab from all countries is completed. Once this resource grab from the OBOR countries is over then it does not matter who rules them. Sectarian strife using the alphanumeric jihadi outfits of Middle East which will be relocated in to Central Asia after their defeat in Surya so that they will be used  as frontline warriors against Russia or India and for drug addiction all across Africa or Asia, using the American Chinese controlled production of opium from Afghanistan that will destroy the administration of these countries that make them to meekly surrender to the OBOR rulers or masters that were neither Chinese nor American.

Any move that is made by Chinese in international arena sends jitters in India and we rush to or push towards American security alliance or for more weapons from every nation that produces weapons with such a speed and rush as if we are going to have a war with China or Pakistan yesterday. In the same way any move made by our western cousins inside India will send equally traumatic tantrums which again push us rushing to Americans to purchase more weapons. But all these weapons we are purchasing are monkey models without electronic war fare equipment like those P-8 massive surveillance aircraft bough from USA after 26/11 without electronic suit in which case they are visual recon planes for the objective of watching boats that may carry terrorists who will carry similar activities like that of 26/11 at a cost of over $ 8 billion. Now we want to watch Chinese subs in east coast and want to buy 22 drones for $ 2 billion dollars from again USA without offensive capabilities in which case they are expensive toys with high end video capabilities over a longer range and if we detect threat then India has to send another set of missiles or scramble planes. The contract for such medium range missiles was given at $ 2 billion dollars to Israel and the contract for such planes was given to France with additional $ 2 billion dollars and to develop an electronic suit in these planes was given to again Israel for additional $ 3 billion dollars. This much money if spent in India we would have developed thousands of highly skilled jobs and would have created an integrated security that could have lasted for long. No one seems to question if these high end billions of dollars 8 P-8 Planes can detect threat of Chinese future submarines in Bay of Bengal. Or we believe that these absolutely high end planes are calibrated to work and detect objects in Arabian Sea only from Chennai to Karachi-a kind of unidirectional calibration-effectively as these are left hand wired. Probably just like many of the deals made in the last decades the Indian Army or Air Force or Navy will simply keep these toys to learn about them rather than using them at all. Now we are going to get the manufacture of aging F-16 with a collaboration of TATAs again without electronic war fare suits on a condition that TATAs should push Indian Air force to buy all of their production numbers. Even then all components of these F 16 will be made in America, keeping in line with the Trump doctrine of making America great again and American jobs first again, and these components will be shipped to India to support India’s stand “Make in India” so that some employment in India will be created.

Given this pathetic condition in which India is moving in terms of confiscation of all wealth of her citizens to be paid for the above billions of dollars of toy purchase just because Americans are not giving importance to Indian current political leadership but dining with Chinese first. When such a dinner offer is made we became so accommodative to all requests of Americans and declared that we fight terrorism jointly forgetting conveniently all terrorism in the world is the creation of Anglo Saxons to further their interests.

Of course we also had a private lesson from the Chinese President who stated that India is best at making good Bollywood movies like Dangal and we should make more such movies as he liked it. And along with that he advised that we should go slowly on Arunachal Pradesh and all other border disputes we should solve with peaceful negotiations.

We asked neither Chinese nor Americans to reign in our cousins, as to how they can build a road in illegally occupied Kashmir linking Baluchistan, Gwadar to China right through the heart of Indian Kashmir. How can Pakistan who have no right on occupied Kashmir give 99 year lease of Karakoram highway to Chinese?

The above examples show that we as India already surrendered our pride to all nations who want to lecture us in terms of Business and our extreme enthusiasm to be the first to be invited for dinners by British and American newly elected Premiers of Presidents is guiding our security and foreign policies rather than the sound principles of Non Aligned Movement and the dream of becoming a world power that can truly change the current atrocious suffering of human populations. The first issue to be solved irrevocably is the issue of Kashmir, Tibet occupation since last 6 decades with both our eastern and western neighbors. The guiding principle in this should be the observation of Nehru who categorically denied to accept any agreements made by both defunct East India Company British governance who viewed India as part of their great game or defunct Qing dynasty who in the last ditch effort before dissolution entered in to slew of agreements and defined few military objectives.

Sultan Visits India to and to continue IIT

It was interesting after the failed Turkish coup almost all important heads of state of Turkey visited India and warned us on the extreme penetration of Fatehullah Gulen organization members as a major security threat for India as they are controlled by American Intelligence. They also warned thinking that there are true patriots ruling the country that not to cozy up with the Americans as this can destroy the secular nature of Armed forces and make them western imitators and can jeopardize the country in critical times. But unfortunately we replied to Turkey as these members of organization did not commit any crime in India they cannot be arrested or organizations be closed. Was it not the same argument given by USA to us to hand over our RAW defector to USA or by our cousins who refused to hand over any terrorist on the same grounds that they have not committed any crime on their soil?

Second, Turkey urged the most creative economic policies that Indians implemented which now can be called IIT (not the Indian Institute of Travelers aka Indian Institute of Technologies) India, Iran and Turkey Partnership. This single act of Indian ingenuity showed to the world that we still retain our creativity in solving most pressing world problems using our non aligned thinking keeping the overall economic development of regions concerned. At the height of the US Iran confrontation India needed cheaper Iranian oil. Iranian banks were banished from international swift systems. They could not obtain dollars nor did Iran want to trade in dollars. A most complex situation in deed.

Indians came up with a brilliant idea which became a hall mark from then until now for any country to get over with the international sanctions including the current Qatar crisis. The procedure is simple. India pays Turkey gold buying the same in international markets. Turkey transfers the gold for a small commission to Iranian banks that are not under ban list. Iran supplies oil or gas to India at way below cheaper price than international pricing. This once became a norm Iranians and Russians including North Koreans started using the same system to avoid all international draconian selective geo political oriented sanctions benefiting only few money exchangers and their political funded parties at the immense suffering of children women and world citizenry. To achieve this first time India printed her currency outside India to purchase gold so that this fine business model is not sniffed by many other opposing intelligence agencies.

Every country from then on moving on the buying spree of gold and probably gold of that proportions to pay for next 500 years of purchase is lying only with India. Turkish leaders and visionaries can see the downhill moving of India after the new government as they are sliding at super fast speed towards the American camp and found danger of India disintegrating and warned us not to lose people support and not to rob innocent citizens from their wealth like cash or gold they have and then keep them on Missionary Support of monthly handouts which again will be sucked in by Multinationals that will be allowed to operate in the agricultural sector of India. (To encourage conversion in third world the Christian missionaries used to hand out like Rs 30 or equivalent currency to the locals daily if they keep the Christian faith and declare their loyalty to local church on daily basis to get daily hand outs of cash).

Governments do this exact thing at something like Rs 1000 month claiming as Universal Basic Income and this may stop to some extent the Christian conversions inside the country but it will destroy the incentive to work and pave way to multinationals to replace all work spheres by their products eventually leading to the famines just as happened in case of series of famines during the East India Company rule. Already in terms of many slogans we destroyed the small medium industries in India. And now fast racing to destabilize the large industrial infrastructure including defense ones in the name of collaborative and dubious ‘make in India’ campaign.

The David’s Dilemma

It is very strange in the entire saga the most knowledgeable group in the entire world about this road opening, the Israelis, are the first ones to oppose the opening of this road. Their main fear is Shia Islamic Fundamentalism which now grips Iran ruling elites. Israelis used this road of Hind or Silk Road for centuries for their uninterrupted movement of their safety and commerce till the Suez Canal was dug. Even today a large number of ultra-orthodox and conservative Israelis live in Iran. Most of the first generation of Israeli politicians up until Shimon Perez, all hail from Iran and speak exceptionally good Persian.  Israel is the first country to host the highest spiritual and religious center of Baha’is, The Universal House of Justice, in Haifa. The spiritual founder of Baha’is, Bahaulla, spent his final years in Israel. Even today, thousands of Baha’is of Iranian origin still travel to Israel and live in Israel. This is one of the land marks of Israeli principles that they host many of the displaced religious beliefs which were hunted down in many of the kingdoms set up by the British, based on extreme bigotry.

The quoting of current Prime minister in Russia about the 2000 years old back historical Persian Empire animosity towards Jews was an aberration known to one and all. Even when Mohammad sent messengers to Emperor Cyrus regarding his new found spiritual mission, Cyrus responded in the same way and for a period of next 400 years Persians blocked every effort of Arabs from crossing Iran.

Though embracing Shia Islam at a later point the dynasties that ruled Persia were more tolerant towards one and all until the British meddled with the internal affairs and revived the fanatic Shia concepts of Islam to further their ends of pressuring the rulers to play according to their rules of great game. Now there is ample evidence that British paid most of the mullahs and heads of Shia clerics to instigate extreme violent form of Shiaism comparable to Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. From sending mercenaries in the disguise of Afghan tribesmen to destroy Kashmir, to that of bringing down the Democratically Elected Iranian Prime minister during 1950s and supporting extremely fanatic brand of Shiaism to ruthlessly hunt down communists and democracy aspirers inside Iran the role of clerics mullahs and the collusion of bribes be it money or otherwise is glaringly clear. Just like Saudis do not recognize any one inside their country unless they are Wahhabi Sunnis and treat all others as second class citizens and do not even report their population numbers as existing, so too current extremist regime of Iran does not recognize any non-Shia as the citizen of Iran. In that stretch millions of original Persians, Baha’is and other religious people who are close to 40% of the Iranian population are unrecognized. They are neither issued any IDs nor passports. As they are not mentioned in any state records as human beings the question of human rights abuse never arise. Many of those fortunate ones who could get out of Iran live in the refugee camps in Turkey and few fortunate ones will immigrate to western countries virtually leaving everything back in Iran except their worn clothes.

Majority of these expelled Iranian citizens were hunted down by local Iranian Embassies and their secret police so that they will not tarnish the Image of Iran outside. Just like Saudis buy influence with their money Iranians do the same but with a twist that they authorize their secret police to eliminate these groups or leaders of such groups where ever they live. India and Canada took most of these people and protect their identities as still they have to deal with the Iranian money influence in the international political arena.

What Israelis fear most is this vibrant trade, commerce, cultural and spiritual route falling in to the control of such Fanatical groups now control Iran politically. At least in case of Saudi Arabia, US and Israel has enough understanding on the series and trains of princes and their dynamics and they know once they stop popping up Saudi regime all these will go back to their ancestral occupation nomadic goat and camel breeding.  This is not so with the current Persian regime which is becoming financially and politically independent from the Anglo American interests and firmly entrenched with Russians and Chinese. With the ambitions of Chinese to take over the ancient Indian Trade routes by occupying Kashmir and re branding it as the NEW Silk Road and the current Iranian rulers ready to comply with it in their dream of Pan Shia Empire stretching all the way in to Southern Russian Khanites, the Israelis are terrified as where it all leads to.

India has to definitely worry about this as from our cousins most of the Shia factions moved to join the battles in Surya. With Turkey now making a U turn and trying to regain the Sunni leadership of the world from the Saudis and opposing Kurdish state in any of the Middle East is now posing another direct threat for the Israel much complicating the possible resolution of the crisis.

It is equally alarming to Israelis that in the grand geo-political calculations of Russia and USA they are isolated or their security interests were not given due place. Israel was pushing to limit the current Iran role in Surya battle with little avail. Desperately Israel tries to strengthen Kurdish alliance with a hope that a second non Islamic country in the region with the support and back up of USA and Israel will be a buffer to the advancing different fanatical jihadi factions of both Sunni and Shia brands of Islam.

Indeed other than this fear Israel does not have any other objections for opening this route. It is this fear of their very existential survival that rallied them behind the regime changes in Iran and want to pursue that even independently. Though many of non-Shia Islamic groups which comprise more than 40% of the population of Iran or Saudi Arabia trying for decades to dislodge the current Sunni Shia regimes with their most fanatical interpretation of Islam they still need coherent viable and alternative strategy. Though Israel is trying her best it looks like they are isolated now like for thousands of years when it comes to the safety of Jews in the hands of fanatical Islamic or Christian factions that control the world affairs.

Indian Predicament on Terrorism

The same predicament of Israel is faced for India too in the form of Kashmir. The current Kashmiri Chief Minister and the leader of Huriyyat declared boldly that if we allow Americans in to Kashmir it becomes another Surya, highlighting the Shia crescent influence in to the valley. This statement was made during the same time when Indian Prime Minister was in USA stating that India will fight terrorism worldwide along with USA. As a pinnacle of profound Shakespearean comedy of sorts, within a week of this meeting between US President and Indian Prime Minister, the USA publicly stated that they are ending their covert overt CIA support to all terrorist groups (moderate or otherwise) inside Surya. And they will fight these terrorist groups created in first place by CIA with another brand of armed groups created by Pentagon, another US Military agency. Probably in this context the Kashmiri CM made the above remark as there is a tendency for us to get trained with Pentagon of our armed forces to fight Kashmiri jihadism.

Indians are expert to ignore inconvenient truths and fast forget as if it never happened or existed and the above episode is one of such we want to forget as it causes intellectual dissonance of high order in our minds. But the fact remains that the same CIA trained the kaleidoscopically ever changing alpha numeric turbaned anarchists in Kashmir that wreaked havoc in the valley of Gods and peace in India for past 50 years killing more number of people and armed personnel displacing millions out of valley who still live in refugee camps in other parts of India, than that happened in the last six years of war in Surya.

It is surprising that Trump saw a video that was tweeted by an activist of beheading of a child and grilled the senior Intel officials for answers which were any way not forth coming. Also US lawmakers figured out that in another training program that spent $ 1 billion dollars to train these moderates only produced a credible 6 fighters who are now non traceable.

Was it not that we have more graphic images/videos that showed women and children killed in cold blood in Kashmir, pregnant women whose breasts were chopped off by the same CIA trained jihadist in Kashmir?. Is it not that we should have shown all these to Trump for decisive action for ending both CIA and our cousins programs of fueling terror in India? And if they cannot help us, is it not our responsibility to weed them out where ever they are? How difficult it is to see that the decades of illegal occupation of Kashmir end so that it does not become another tool in the hands of Chinese to destabilize India in their regional ambitions of hijacked Indian silk road rebranding it as OBOR or New Silk road! Only time tells when the security will be fully restored both for Israel and India and millions who are suffering at the hands of religious extremists of all shades, now morphed as rulers.

Where India stands

India stands at cross roads now. Either we can go back on the non alignment stand and become a leader in that and get rid of the world from their internecine  fight based faulty illogical retrograde destructive religious, economic ideologies or their secret allegiances which plunged the world in to perpetual war fare for last 2000 years. The fight between Christian factions and cults and Islamic divisions or between Jewish Divisions and Christian and Islamic beliefs, or their secret societies like Free Masons, Illuminati, Assassins, Opus die, Carbonari, Skulls and Bones and numerous such organizations at times openly clashing and waging a disruptive war secretly along with their governments, each group aligning with other depending on the target country resource plunder plunged the world in to its darkest divided continuous strife forever.

When it comes to India all the above will join hands together to loot and plunder either for physical resources or for souls so that they can better fight their bitter battles in their chosen grounds. Fortunately or unfortunately many Indian leaders being completely unaware of these workings are pushed or pulled in to one or the other of these conflicts causing immense danger to the properties and lives of many ordinary Indian citizens often times implementing most destructive policies in terms of economics or agriculture within India.

With no sense of security at any level whatsoever at all the Indian leader ship became like cry babies complaining to the same forces for their protection or to secure our borders. These groups that instigated  such divisions of conflicts at the first place enjoy the melodrama of subcontinent cry babies often playing all the three roles of plunderer, police and judge and in further robbing India in each step.

We have to have a solid vision and road map of next 100 years to dedicate ourselves for India first India second and India third campaign not in sloganocracy but in our actions. We have to redefine in this multi polar world our non aligned roots and must solve the 67 year burning issue of our eastern and western borders either through peaceful negotiations as the most oppressive Chinese advised us or through required force as Suryans did to solve their internal terrorist problems or territorial disputes that were artificially imposed on them by Anglo-American lobbies. The similarities of Alphanumeric Jihadi and left wing multi colored turbaned anarchists operating inside India have too much similarities with the Suryan proxy terrorist groups where our cousins footprints and hand prints are all over to see along with the tacit support of Anglo American century old policy of divide and rule and becoming criminal police and judge at the same stretch but at differing times.

It is time to understand the old adage “sometimes your neighbor’s history warns you which path never to follow.” Even if we forget the warnings of Turkey, we have to remember the above quotation as it is necessary to observe our cousins who simply allowed Americans to meddle with their policies and became a failed state and a center for global terrorism yet call themselves as front line state to fight terrorism as part of American strategy of encircling Russia and destroying it. Should we Indians be used like this or should we assert our non aligned status to preserve the semblance of reason in the most unjust and unreasonable gangster like greedy international cannibalization of resources.

It is time now to stop becoming crybabies and seeking everyone to solve our problem by offering any concession to them within the country and act like real visionary leaders to solve our age old problems and move on the path of progress and save Asia from the Chinese debt and enslavement monster by truly opening the ancient North and North west Land routes from Kashmir,rather than becoming part of OBOR, an artificial construct to enslave Asia by China, so that the timeless knowledge and commerce needed for the development of humanity will once again flow from Kashmir which was and is the heart of the heart land to reach which the mankind plunged in to 2000 years of warfare. We have to remember one of the great Prophets of Kashmir Nouriddin’s prediction “Oh Kashmirs(Indians) wake up the day of you becoming the center of the universe in terms of beacon of knowledge and source of wealth is not far”  And in this mission to save mankind we Indians are alone and have to move alone with very few friends if at all who share our vision.

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