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Geopolitical Strategic & Security Studies Institute® (GPSSI) is the first of its kind set up for the study of geopolitical strategic and security issues exclusively from the perspective of India, with India centric view point. It is the effort of concerned individuals whose dedicated study spans more than 40 years on almost every issue that is related to India.

We, at GPSSI, relentlessly pursue to find the truth, despite nonstop and persistent oppression to confirm to religious, spiritual political ethical moral codes set by British, as we believe that only truth has the ability to deliver one and all from every chain of slavery- physical, mental, psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual, that is making us animalistic from humans

GPSSI is an effort to bring the truth we realized and experienced, for one and all, so as Indians, we can once again decide what should India be and try to restore her honour and glory as the center of universal learning, thus influencing the entire world to move from the path of animism to humanism to divinism. And, her role as a protective womb that attracted every persecuted, oppressed segment of the world, and set them free to live peacefully and progress within her borders.

GPSSI is the reflection of India and Indians. It is not confined to the geo-political British created current physical orders of Hindu (Her Majesty’s INdians DUmb and Stupid) Dominion which was later partly re occupied for geo-political purposes. Also it is not just about those Indians who physically took birth within the confines of British political India but of all those who retained their ‘Indian’ ness and still struggling all across the world facing appalling deprivations of life and human dignity, but still looking at India to recover from the slumber of ignorance that is forced on to her since last two centuries, and show the path to the mankind as she did for thousands of years. Many great scholars, researchers, true spiritual leaders all across the world are waiting for the day India wakes up to her inner self and solve all the problems the world is facing since last two millennia. While the very Indians not knowing their inner strength and seeking it truthfully were dazzled and confused as to look where to solve their problems, which once done will make India vibrant again which can solve every problem of the current world. Our efforts are to document these struggles and disseminate the truth which alone can deliver both India and world in to a higher state of consciousness.

The name GPSSI is a tribute for all those gypsies who perished and still surviving upholding what they believed to be truth, who for thousands of years travelled all across the world as traders, commoners, spiritual leaders and scholars of all walks of life and spread the message of truth, freedom of spirit, equality in prosperity and liberty in progress.

The logo of GPSSI is symbolic with 12 eyes wide open which represents the 12 Ādityās or undifferentiated layers of overlapping energy and conscious principles that exist in one and all and in the universe. The all seeing eye in the middle is nothing but our own vision which if in collaboration with the understanding of the 12 external layers of reality, externally first and then if internalized will give one and all the ability to find truth by themselves and will give such an internal and external strength to stand by and live the life of truth which will make the mankind free of the current prolonged period of turmoil and suffering.

In a sense, GPSSI is the story of India and Indians through the ages to the current point of In Dependence until today. Our effort is to pave the way for one and all Indians, be it those within geographical borders of British created political entity or those living worldwide to rededicate to understand the true self of Indian spirit and bring the glory back.

We have two choices of two distinct actions. First, continue going down the same British created phathomless spiral of ignorance in to oblivion and ignominy, becoming an ever In Dependent nation on the west or British, sheepishly repeating we have to look east and act east, when we are the epicenter of the ‘east’.  Or, the Second, reassert ourselves to the rightful location in the current space and time so that once we realize who and what we are, we should be, able to solve all the problems mankind has been facing since past two centuries, which were created only to control India and her resources and subjects. Many knowledgeable world leaders and commoners are waiting for this day of India’s awakening.

GPSSI is the humble beginning in this direction and we request one and all to join hands in this effort, both critiques and associates are welcome.

The effort of us or this site is not about either pro or anti of any political ideology or leaders belonging to a particular political party whom their followers may try to elevate to the level of incarnations. This site is about Pro India, about India and about paux India. In this light of pro India we examine every political ideology or making and unmaking of leaders their slogans claims policies and their effects on Indian resources, ideologies and people.




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