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One based on changed historical dates another based on reminding/reinforcing EIC control over India

The Venue being Mother India becoming Wife of Israeli God in heaven, a mild reminder of India’s cultural history

A beginning of remedy of psychological and mental distress experienced by all wings of Indian Society


Just little over the year of one set of gifts exchanged between Germany and India and India and Saudi, in a stunning way in July 2017, we exchanged another set of gifts with Israel. What was accepted by Israel and given by Israel to India has more far reaching implications in terms of understanding our role in history, place in the world affairs, and our role and responsibilities towards future peaceful settlement of current world problems once for all. But usually we tend to do the same mistakes that were done in the past 150 years in understanding our role in the current time/space and condemn ourselves to perpetual slavery with complete loss of our conscious intellectual process as individuals and as a nation and culture.

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  • Part 02 Gifts from India to Israel
  • Part 05 The question of copper plates and their timelines
  • Part 07 The Kalhaṇa question
  • Part 08 White Washing Indian History - A Note
  • Part 09 The Gift reciprocated to India from Israel
  • Part 10 India and Israel- Marriage made in Heaven!
  • Part 11 O Henry Twist to the Brass/Copper Plates-dated to 727 -722 BC
  • Part 12 Conclusion

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Few notable points regarding the two gifts:

On July 5th 2017, during the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel, he and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exchanged a few gifts. India gifted two sets of relics from Kerala regarded as key artifacts in the long Jewish history in India, a crown and a sword, and a Torah scroll to Netanyahu while he in turn gifted an Indian soldiers’ photograph and a signed photograph of the two leaders standing at the Olga beach to PM Narendra Modi. Netanyahu also termed the relation between the two countries as the “marriage made in heaven.”

  1. The first set of copper plates, a gift from India to Israel, is a cherished relic for the Cochin Jews in India. It is regarded as a charter describing the grant of hereditary royal privileges and prerogatives by the Hindu King, Cheraman Perumal (often identified as Bhāskara Ravi Varma) to the Jewish leader Joseph Rabban in Mahodayapuram/Kodungallur.
  2. Fernandez terms Kodungallur as “a substitute to Jerusalem.” Local Jews once placed in each coffin a handful of earth from Shingli/Cranganore/Kodungallur that was remembered as a holy place & a Second Jerusalem”.
  3. According to traditional Jewish accounts, Joseph Rabban was later crowned as the Prince of Shingli, a place in or equated with Cranganore. Another document also records a royal grant to the Jewish chief Joseph Rabban of the rights of Mattancheri, Cochin. Thomas of Cana also reportedly received similar copper plates during the fourth century.
  4. In songs shared by both groups (Rabban and Thomas Cana traditions), three kings fought bravely and fell when Kodungallur was burned in 1524, and the descendants of Cheraman Perumal, Joseph Rabban and Thomas of Cana fought valiantly to save their town.
  5. According to a narrative, a Kerala Jew by the name of Joseph Rabban who accepted on behalf of his community copper plates granting the local Jews a set of privileges by the Hindu leader Bhaskara Ravi Varma was also given wood by his Highness for the erection of a synagogue around 1000 A.D.
  6. The plates are physically inscribed with the date 379 CE, but in 1925, tradition was setting it as 1069 CE. Indian rulers granted the Jewish leader Joseph Rabban the rank of prince over the Jews of Cochin, giving him the rulership and tax revenue of a pocket principality in Anjuvannam near Cranganore, and rights to seventy-two “free houses “.
  7. Mention is made of Rayiran Chathan, the governor of Valluvanad, as a witness in the Jew’s Copper Plate (” Joothasasanam “) of 1000 CE (as opposed to 1069 CE) given to Joseph Rabban by Bhaskara Ravi Varma I, the Chera (Kulasekhara) King of Mahodayapuram. William Logan, (1841–1914), a Scottish officer of the Madras Civil Service under the British Government (Before his appointment as Collector of Malabar, he had served in the area for about twenty years in the capacity of Magistrate and Judge. He was conversant in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. He is remembered for his 1887 guide to the Malabar District, popularly known as the Malabar Manual ) is of the opinion that Vellaattiri was also not directly under the Chera kings but enjoyed more freedom and rights than other chieftains under them.
  8. The second set of copper plates is believed to be the earliest documentation of the history of Jewish trade with India.
  9. These plates describe the grant of land and tax privileges by the local Hindu ruler to a church and oversight of trade in Kollam to West Asian and Indian trading associations.
  10. The plates bear the signatures of West Asian association included Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians, and also a group of Jews who signed in Judeo-Persian and possibly also in Arabic and Pahlavi (Middle Persian) languages. These plates appear to have been “cut” at the portion bearing the signatures by a ‘local workman unfamiliar with the script’.
  11. An exact replica of the Cochin relics, which are now stored in the Paradesi Synagogue in Mattancheri, Kochi, were gifted by former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2003 to Ariel Sharon, the first Israeli prime minister to visit India. The gift, a replica of the “16th century” copper-plate edict granting tax-free land to the Jewish community by the then Kochi King. So the present one is the second time that a similar gift is being given to an Israeli leader.
  12. The hundred years old handwritten Torah Scroll was dedicated to the aforementioned Paradesi Synagogue in Kochi.
  13. The gift from Israel is a photo that depicts Indian soldiers leading a British military column to liberate Jerusalem (December 11th 1917).

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Gifts from India to Israel:

As a symbol of its ‘strong ties with Israel’, Modi gifted Netanyahu replicas of two sets of copper plate relics from Kerala with inscriptions and Torah scrolls – both key elements in India’s Jewish history and a crown and sword. These relics are renowned and cherished by the Cochin Jews in Kerala.

The irresistible link between these two sets of gifts on these two occasions- gift from India to Saudi Arabia (Please refer to our previous article on Tale of Two Gifts) and  to Israel was Cheraman Perumal, now only and confirmedly identified (often) with Bhāskara Ravi Varma, a Chera-Kera-Sura-Surya-Kṣīra-king of Kerala, and Kaśmir from where the massive spread of civilization and cultures occurred from Siberia to South America and from Arctic to Antarctica under the Sun King Emperor Lalitāditya, who built massive observatories and revived Solar, Lunar and fire worships all across the world according to the strict instructions of Vedic injunctions which divide the anda (micro)  pinda (species) and brahmanda (Universe) in to Soma (Lunar) Agni (Fire) and Surya (Solar) khandas or divisions. Precisely at the same time his contemporary Acārya Śankara created a universal Panchāyatana System to propagate this revival.

Just like of Bhāskara Ravi Varma’s timeline was moved from 329 AD to 1069 AD ‘following a retrofitted historical tradition” so too both Lalitaditya and Shankara’s historical timeline also was moved forward to 700 AD either by the British and Indian Historians with the help of their sponsored spiritual institutions which confined Śankara to Shiva worship. The time of Emperor Lalitāditya though was retrofitted to 700 AD, but in true essence as we see their time was around 6000 to 7000 BC the time now all historical researchers call as “The Dawn of Sudden Civilizations” or “Alien Created Civilizations” that occurred post the most recent ice age around 10000 BC.

Similarly, in a more bizarre way Bhāskara Varma’s timeline or reign was shifted from 329 AD to 1069 AD. This was done in 1925 following an “established historical tradition of retrofitting Indian eternal history to that of 2000 year frame work” of whoever the historians at that time, mostly either British or their 4 P educated Indians, with far reaching implications.

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The first gift that went from India was a set of copper plates popularly recognized to have been given by Sri Parkaran Iravi Vanmar(recognized as Bhaskara Ravi Varman) to the Jewish Merchant Joseph Rabban who was trading with Kṣīra -Sura-Surya-Kera/Cera-Chera Kings, conferring trading and other 72 privileges in perpetuity until Sun and Moon exists, in their Capital City of Mahodayapuram or Kodungalur now variously identified in Kerala or Tamil Nadu or marked as non-existent. According to a native historical source, Bhāskara Ravi Varma was called (the only one) as Cheraman. But this title was removed from him by later historians and was told to us it was a usual title of any Chera king or their nephews or any great king who ruled South India. The Cheras or Kṣīra kings who were specifically appointed by Lalitaditya to take care of his vast Empire’s Southern Domains from Himalayas to Kanyakumari were confined to a narrow band of towns in Southern Tip of current British divided India.

As mentioned in an earlier article the same Cheraman Perumal title was given to another king who was placed in the average of these two different years of reign of Bhāskara  Ravi Varma (329 AD and 1069 AD coming to a date of 625 AD) and was recorded as “history” and mentioned that he gave the similar privileges in perpetuity till the Sun and Moon exists to the visiting Arab Pilgrims/Traders/Spiritualists  including his entire Capital City again Mahodayapuram including the temple of Arathali, the family deity of  Kṣīra-Shura-Surya-Kera-Cera-Chera Kings.

This Cheraman Perumal of 625 AD, is also said to have converted in to Islam, went to Mecca and became the first NRI-Never Returning Indian, a tradition still followed not only in Kerala but all across India. For long time post 625 AD, it was believed that Cheraman Perumal will return back to his kingdom. There was a practice of receiving pan (betel leaf) from a Muslim woman when the King Samudri ascends throne for the first time and telling her ‘I shall guard the sword (kingship) until my uncle returns from Makkah.’ This custom continued until 1890s”. Somehow these Chera kings seem to have more than 2000 years life span, or like Jesus or Saibaba of Shirdi have an ability to come to life not after three days but after hundreds of years- to do all these things over 15 centuries, a miracle indeed on par with Mohammad cutting moon in to two pieces with a sword! Again the same Cheraman Perumal according to Portuguese and Dutch records donated his capital, again Mahodayapuram, and the family deity temple to Portuguese and Dutch between 1500 and 1700 AD but this time he became a Catholic or Protestant Christian. The saga of this Cheraman Perumal does not stop here. It was also claimed that he converted in 1st century AD to original Syrian Christianity when first set of Syrian Christians arrived again in his Capital Mahodayapuram and gave the same privileges to them.

British and their trained Indian historians accepted all this ‘as authentic facts’ citing much confusing Sangam Literature of 2nd century AD and claim that all details of these Kṣīra-Shura-Surya-Kera-Cera-Chera Kings prior to Sangam Literature are too sketchy, as if post that era the details as written by them are rock solid facts.

“Rock solid facts” remind one more truth about these Kṣīra-Shura-Surya-Kera-Cera-Chera Kings’ inscriptions on “copper plates”. Usually in those days almost all inscriptions were on stone as the life of copper plates was not more than 500 years to 1000 years. It was seen from the time of emperor Ashoka and prior and most of these inscriptions were on temple/observatory walls.

Coming to the issue of the Jewish copper plates or the Thomas Cannon copper plates or similar grants said to be made on copper plates to the non-native traders of India, the whole story seems to be either fiction or fundamentally faulty for various obvious reasons visible to even ignorant except historians. It seems as if various groups/religions cooked up to claim of “seniority” in their existence in India, especially Kerala or Kodungallur in particular. Why this necessity arose is a question that the researchers have to find an answer which would in fact throw light on various important factors deciding the future role of India.

The Jews usually showed a Hebrew translation of these tablets which differed from the second version translated by Dr. Leyden ((8 September 1775 – 28 August 1811)), a Scottish orientalist and linguist who worked for the British in India. A third translation was lately found in the Old Dutch records at Cochin which was closer to Dr. Leyden than the Hebrew one. The Annual Register of 1807 mentions that “in a Hebrew manuscript that would be ‘shortly published’, it was recorded that a grant on brass tablet was given to the Jews in 379 A.D.”[i] Due to the difficulty in obtaining an accurate translation it was “proposed” to print a “copper plate facsimile” of the whole and to transmit the copies to the learned societies of Hindustan and Europe. By this it could be understood that the copper plates now with the synagogue is a facsimile unprinted until post 1807 or made in 1807 and not the original edict claimed to be granted by the King Bhāskara Ravi Varma or Cheraman. Moreover, Kerala never saw a copper age nor was the metal taken for any official use until eighteenth century[ii] till the British decided to have facsimiles. The quality of the copper used in the supposed Jewish Copper plates or its manufacturing standards fail to corroborate the grant to have been made as early as 379AD as it is mentioned in the plate. This raises a question on the authenticity of the plates and if the content of the plate is exactly the same as the original brass plate or if any such plate ever existed. Or to avoid these questions were the dates postponed by  1000 years to 1069 A.D?

Another edict estimated between 8th and 10th centuries granting special rights and privileges to the Nazarenes issued by the King Rajasimha Perumal of Thazhekad Sasanam is a stone edict. From this one thing could be learnt that copper plate edicts were not so popular among the Perumals even until 8th and 9th centuries.  Another amazing fact about these inscriptions is that they are written in old Vatteluttu script and signed by many in multiple languages of Old Farsi – Pehlavi (which is close to Sanskrit), Hebrew, and Old Greek and as a consolation in Old Malayalam. But, the official language of Kṣīra-Shura-Surya-Kera-Cera-Chera Kings was Sanskrit or Pāli or even old form of Kannada until old Malayalam as it is now called, that came in to life around 1000 AD.  Some of the copper plate grants similar to the Jewish Copper Plates are even said to be in Arabic languages. Such a futuristic and modern historian user friendly kings were never found anywhere in the world except in South India that too in current Kerala state!

Nevertheless, according to Sadasivan the names of the witnesses inscribed on the plates like the Irayaran Cattan, Murkkan Cattan are said to be Buddhist names, Cattan being Sasta, synonymous to Buddha. With these, many researchers believe that it was possible that Jews never had come to Kerala except a small batch engaged in trade that too around 12th century (or even before in antiquity) post which Buddhism started fading out in Kerala. Even if we consider the Jewish settlement it should be in small numbers around 13th century. But there could be a possibility that the saints or scholars of any community were respected, protected by the Kings and allowed to stay and/or enhance their knowledge or share their knowledge contributing for the wellness of mankind, a tradition followed by the Kings of Bharatavarsa of which Kodungallur or Mahodayapuram could not have been an exception. In such a scenario, the Jews could have also been allowed to stay in this “Centre of Learning” at Mahodayapuram as Jewish saints, prophets and commoners-were usually lovers of knowledge and would almost reach any place for knowledge. This in the later times could have been ‘manipulated’ in the distorted history due to the vested interests of British and Church.

[i] Annual Register or a View of the History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1807

[ii] (A Social History of India by S. N. Sadasivan)

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According to Claudius Buchanan, (12 March 1766 – 9 February 1815) a Scottish theologian, an ordained minister of the Church of England, and an evangelical missionary for the Church Missionary Society who served as Vice Provost of the College of Calcutta in India, the grant to the Jews was originally made on a brass plate according to the prevalent tradition of those days. It was written in Malabaric language and the script was so old that it could not be well understood. According to a source, Buchanan purchased the plates from the Jews although it is not sure if they were of brass or copper. The Hebrew translation which was presented by the Jews to Buchanan, who held the plates with them, itself was very difficult and Jews did not agree among themselves, as to the meaning of the words. The Hebrew translation preserved by the Jews as shown to Buchanan went on like this:

“In the peace of God, the king, which hath made the earth, according to his pleasure. To this God, I AIRVI BRAHMIN, have lifted up my hand, and have granted by this deed, which many hundred thousand years shall run—– I, dwelling in Cranganor, have granted, in the thirty-sixth year of my reign, in the strength of power I have granted, in the strength of power I have given in inheritance, to Joseph Rabban.”

Then follows the details of privileges of nobility. The witnesses to this grant were King, Bivada Cubertin Mitaden, the King of Trvancore, King Airla nada Mana Vikriin, the Samorin, King Veloda Mada Archarin Shatin, the King of Argot, the Kings of Palgatchery, Colastri, Carbinath, Vara-Changur. There is no mention of date in this document and Buchanan adds that dates were not usual in old Malabaric writings. According to (them) Jews, the date of grant should be the year of the creation 4250 (of universe by God), which is in Jewish computation, 490 A.D. He further adds that the famous Malabaric King Ceram Perumal, made grants to Jews, Christians and Mohamedans, during his reign in eighth or ninth century.

One could see that the translation does not in any way meet the standards of an official daana shasanam made by any king in India of which documentation exists. In peace of God, etc are not the usual way any of the stone edicts or shasanams begin at all. We can see any stone edict that is decipherable, readable from 300 AD to 1200 AD and can see the mismatch of the beginning sentences. Moreover it was mentioned in the translation that it was a grant made by Airvi Brahmin not Bhaskara Ravi Varma II the Cheraman..

Eugen Hultzsch’s translation:

“Hail! Prosperity! (The following) gift was made by him who had assumed the title “King of Kings,” His Majesty the king, the glorious Bhāskara Ravivarman, in the time during which (he) was wielding the sceptre and ruling over many hundred-thousands of places, in the thirty-sixth year after the second year, on the day on which (he) was pleased to stay at Muyirikkôdu:-

We have given to Issuppu Irappân (the village of) An̄juvannam, together with the seventy-two proprietary rights, the tolls on female elephants and (other) riding-animals, the revenue of An̄juvannam, a lamp in day-time, a cloth spread (in front to walk on), a palanquin, a parasol, a Vaduga (i.e., Telugu) drum, a large trumpet, a gateway, an arch, a canopy (in the shape) of an arch, a garland, a hereditary estate for as long as the world and the moon shall exist. Hail!”

Here in this translation they are taking the date of gift as corresponding to the Jewish calendar so this most likely looks like their interpretation of the Original edict for making their own people understand.

M.G.S. Narayananan’s translation of the same,

“Hail Prosperity (Svasti Sri), this is the gift (prasada) that His Majesty (Tiruvadi), King of Kings (Kogonmai-kondan), Sri Parkaran Iravivanmar (Bhaskara Ravi Varma II r Cheraman), who is to wield sceptre for several thousand years, was pleased to make during the thirty sixth year opposite to the second year of his reign, on the day when he was pleased to reside at Muyirikkottu.

We have granted to Issuppu Irappan, the Ancuvannam (corporation/guild), tolls by the boat and by other vehicles Ancuvannam dues, the right to employ the day lamp, decorative cloth, palanquin, umbrella, kettle drum, trumpet, gateway, arch, arched roof, weapons and rest of the seventy two privileges. We have remitted customs, dues and weighing fee.

Moreover, according to this copper-plate grant, he shall be exempted from payments due to the king (koyil) from settlers in the town, but he shall enjoy what they enjoy.

To Issuppu Irappan, proprietor of the Ancuvannam, his male and female issues, nephews, and son-in-law, Ancuvannam shall belong by hereditary succession as long as the sun and moon endure – Prosperity!”

“This is attested by Kovarttana Mattandan, Governor (Utaiyavar) of Venatu” “This is attested by Kotai Cirikantan, Governor of Venapalinatu” “This is attested by Manavepala Manaviyan, Governor of Eralanatu” “This is attested by Irayaran Cattan, Governor of Valluvanatu” “This is attested by Kotai Iravi, Governor of Netumpuraiyurnatu” “This is attested by Murkkan Cattan, Commander of the Eastern forces” “This writing is executed by Vanralaceri Kandan-Kunrappolan, the officer who takes down oral messages.”

The above translations seem to be closer to the usual documentations of the Kings but still have a few differences and faults.

Few other translations are also existent differing from one another, one of such differences being regarding the name Cranganore. The name variants used in these translations are Muyirikhode, Muyirikottu, Muziris and Mahodayapuram. Many researches have been done to either prove the names to be synonymous or different from each other.

Michael Sargon, an Indian Jew converted into Christianity in 1818, makes a note on the existence of brass plate in the Chinotta Synagogue of Black Jews which was taken away by the White Jews during the rule of Dutch in Cochin.

The Dutch abstract record of the “Hebrew Chronicles” found in the custody of the Jews of Cochin, translated by Leopold Emanuel Jacob Van Dort (AD 1757), a Jewish convert to Christian says in his note that “The ruler of land Sheram Perimal welcomed them, and favoured them with various privileges, which were engraven on two tables of copper, which are to this day in Cochin, and are kept by Joseph Hallogua, the present Nasi among the people, which I saw translated.” This means that Van Dort, had seen the copper plate in the possession of Paradesi Jews and it was during the reign of Dutch in Cochin. Sargon mentions that the White Jews took the copper plate away when they came to power, wherein, in Dutch records, according to Van Dort it belonged to the White Jews.

Buchanan writes in his Annual Report that the plates were originally in brass of which he made copper facsimiles. The original was engraved on both sides while the facsimiles were on two separate plates. He mentions that these plates were deposited in the Public Library at the University of Cambridge. But Thoufeek Zakriya, a researcher, mentions that in response to his inquiry to the Cambridge University, Ms. Catherine Ansorge, Head of Near Eastern Department, (manuscripts and printed Collections, Cambridge University Library) replied by a personal mail about the MsOo.1.14, Charter of Jews of Cochin, which was submitted by Dr. Claudius Buchanan stating “Oo.1.14 – the texts are all written on rectangles of copper. I do not know of any studies which have been carried out on these” thus confirming the non-existence or loss of the original brass plates even in the Cambridge University or it is that the original brass  plate was never deposited by Claudius Buchanan but instead what he deposited was a copper facsimile. Buchanan also writes that the plates were taken to London. Does the brass plate still exist in London and if so in whose possession and why it has to be kept secret even from Indian historians is a ‘mystery’ yet to be solved.

Dr. Francis Day’s comments in his book “The Land of Perumal”, “*The Rev. C. Buchanan, states that the original plate was of brass, and engraved on both sides. He had facsimile made from it, on two copper plates, which he deposited in the University of Cambridge. The carving of the original, is said to have looked very old that on the present plates, certainly does not do so. If the plate at Cambridge is of brass, and engraved on both the sides, it may perhaps be concluded, that Dr. Buchanan returned the new plates to Jews, and kept the old one.”

Francis also mentions: “The white Jews possess three copper plates,* looking as if they had been taken from a ship’s side, ¼ by 1/8 of a yard in size. The outer one has no inscription.”

These comments of Francis Day make us to rethink about the authenticity of the copper plate in possession of Paradesi Jews.

This “legendary” Jewish copper plate of grants is always shrouded with mystery and contradictions. The contradiction would have turn out after the arrival of “Big Sahib from London- Dr. Claudius Buchanan.” He visited the Jews of Malabar and had collected (in 1806 AD) many manuscripts from them and deposited (in 1809 AD) in Cambridge University.

Mr. Adler (1909 AD) writes that “the white Jews say that they have always held it; the black Jews contend that it was originally theirs. The title-deed is quaint in many ways.”

While Leopold Immanuel Jacob Van Dort, a converted Jew, fifty years prior to Buchanan’s report mentions about the existence of copper plates which he saw and translated them, Buchanan reports it was a single piece of brass plate with engravings on both sides of which he made facsimiles of copper containing three plates each of which had engravings on only one side! Which of these could be correct? Were all these about the same charter presented by the Chera King to the Jews or to Joseph Rabban in particular? Was it that the Cheras presented royal grants to Rabban at different timelines but with same privileges some time on brass plates and sometimes on copper? Or, was this kind of (same) charter often given to all communities by the King/Kings of Cheranad? Or, is it that the whole story of the grants of royal privileges a created story to prove the earlier settlements of non-native trading communities in India? Why would anyone try to claim or acknowledge their ‘earlier existence’ in any foreign land? Why is this land so significant? What makes all these, whether Jews or Christians or Arabs or Muslims to race with each other to prove their early existence in Mahodayapuram/Kodungallur?

As many opine that the script on the copper plates does not seem as old as that of the brass plates as Buchanan mentioned it to be, was the copper plates changed by the Company scholars? If so, why? Was it that the scholars of India at those times were able to decipher and that it contained any rare and very important information that the British did not want us to know and hence erased the history of these plates along with the scholars who deciphered the inscription? Or, was the script in any language that the Company Scholars were familiar with and hence they were able to decipher and kept it unavailable for the Indian Public? If so, why? If the grant was true then did a copy of the same exist in the then and current royal family archives as it was a tradition to keep a copy of any such official transactions? Is that a copy of the plate still exists in Sri Padmanābha Swamy temple vaults as they preserved all texts, documents or trading gifts dating back to Egyptian (Mishra) rulers?

If the language on the plate according to Buchanan was not decipherable, how was it possible that the kings used a language which is not close to any language of the natives or their official language and is unknown to their descendants or the later scholars?

When the tradition of transmission of knowledge from teacher to student and from parents to children was a constant existent process until the British destroyed it after the efforts of Buchanan and other officials of British East India Company in rewriting the history of India how could this important grant information vanish?

While Buchanan writes in his research work that mentioning of timelines was not prominent in Malabaric edicts, then how was he able to conclude that the grant made to the Jews was made in the year of creation that is 4425? How were the later translators able to translate the script with date mentioned as 379 A.D?

Was it that only dates were written in Roman or Persian numerals and all other information in alien language not known to any one? Even the latest Rameshwaram edict of Raja Simha, a Chera King in 1025 clearly mentions everything in Sanskrit but in Grantha Script. They mention their capital being Mahodayapuram etc. Then how was it possible that in 329 AD they wrote in a different language? One more important aspect to remember is that until the linguistic division of states was executed during 1951 none of the ancient kings identified themselves on their edicts as representing current state boundaries of India like we are Tamil Kings or Malayalam Kings or Kannada Kings. To attribute our linguistic extreme chauvinism to the ancient rulers is an absolute example of intellectual dissonance we are suffering since the advent of British 4 P education.

Was it the combined intentional effort of the British and the Church to conclude every ancient edict as undecipherable to hide/modify the timelines from the people and historians alike without which their mission of retrofitting history into Biblical timelines would never become successful? Was this the reason Buchanan mentions that dating was not common in the inscriptions of the Chera rulers and hence no date is mentioned in the inscription while he could date that to be in the year of 329 AD of their Christian creation era? How can when the twin Christian worlds or western and eastern Christianity cannot agree on the birth and death date of Jesus Christ (Roman Catholics and Protestants celebrate Jesus birth day on 25 December, whereas Greeks Russians celebrate on 8 January and Jews do not agree on either dates as the birth time of Jesus) and tried to exterminate each other even today, can find fault with the mathematical precision of Indian astronomical wisdom of ancient Indian edicts where even complex planetary  motion calculations even today can be done on finger tips of commoners who never knew in their life what planetary mechanics are ?

When the plates are physically inscribed with the date 379 CE, why in1925, a historical tradition was set and changed the date as 1069 CE? Why this date of 1069 is significant? How many other important inscriptional dates were changed like this? Was this the reason Buchanan concludes that dates are nonexistent in edicts or they are not important at all to the ancient rulers?

Did the brass plate grant to Rabban ever exist? Was it that the brass plate grant was made to the Jewish learners or scholars who came with their books during exile and sought protection in Mahodayapuram long before Rabban which for some reason was later changed by the vested interests? If the brass plate ever existed does it remain in the London archives even now? Was it somewhere in London kept safely as the contents of that plate will destroy all the myths created by British historians like Elliot or McCauley – Aryan Dravidian conflict, the Name of India, History of India? Why was it so important for him to not return the original plate to the owners as promised?  If Chera kings did not have the tradition of issuing copper plate edicts in the 3rd and 4th centuries or until the 18th century, and use of brass or stone edicts were prominent among the earlier kings, then how did these copper plates come into existence? It does not mean that our ancestors did not know about copper but it only means they never used it for edicts. Was it that Van Dort took the brass plates and then were given to another East India Company clerk in Ceylon and from where it reached Holland and then to Germany to the European Jews as a matter of their collection.

Since none were able to translate the brass tablet, copper facsimiles were ‘proposed to be printed’ in the year 1809 by Buchanan to transmit among the learned class and an engraver was appointed for the same.[i] One copy of the same was sent to the Pandits of the Sanskrit College at Trissur. Later he sent the same to many European centers of learning adept in Indian cultural practices and history or languages. Were the Sanskrit scholars of Trissur well versed in the old Malabaric language or they did not know any of their old Malabaric scripts? Is it that only the European scholars were more proficient in Sanskrit or Malayalam or other local languages than the local scholars of India that they alone were able to decipher the edict granted by the Indian ruler? If the content was not in Sanskrit why was it sent to the Pandits of Sanskrit College at Trissur? Is it that the content was closer to Sanskrit and was decipherable by the scholars but they intentionally avoided? If so, is it that the royal family at that time might have prevented the scholars from speaking as they realized the destruction being caused by the British? -The way the current royal family was able to prevent British from looting the treasures of Padmanābha Swamy Temple for more than 400 years from speak volumes of their diligence and intrigue in preserving Indian treasures.

How can any important and ancient edict be allowed to be ‘cut into pieces’ by a local craftsman who was unfamiliar with the script, who ‘cut’ the plates where there were signatures? How and why could similar copper plates supposed to be given to Christians, which were in the fort of Cochin, and which were unavailable for even to the then Governor Andrian Moens in 1770 to take a look at, despite using every means of his power and was termed either to be lost or that they never existed, was easily recovered by the British Resident at Travancore, Lieutenant Colonel Macaulay? Both the Christian and Jewish plates were in the possession of Macaulay.

It is more likely that the Jews trace their antiquity in Kerala back to 72AD or even further to the time of Romans or Egyptians when the Jewish communities-scholars saints prophets alike-continuously visited all the four learning centers set up by Śankara-Mahodayapuram, Pariha(n)sapuram, Purushottamapuram and Dwarakapuram. Shimon Rabban, the Patriarch in Yemen who tried to preserve the texts probably arrived in India. It was recorded according to Jewish history that during the rule of Shalmaneser V, many Jews were ‘exiled’. Or it was that the Jewish saints and seers chose to leave his kingdom, as they did many times from many kingdoms, when they found the king’s ruling practices were not according to the truth, and reached Mahodayapuram with their texts and sacred books as they confirmedly knew the Learning Center at Mahodayapuram was a repository of knowledge and that it was a place where they believed to get protection and could preserve their texts. It is again a strange thing to note that all these Jewish seers were carrying their books of knowledge and not merely money (a popular myth about them now propagated everywhere that Jewish are for money only) and reached the source of the knowledge Mahodayapuram. These prophetic spiritual texts for which from Portuguese to British every one searched, were proved to be of the original Judaism as opposed to the Rabbinical Judaism which was created as an extension of Sadducees, which was heavily influenced by Greek Hellenic thought under Secludian Empire.  This Rabbinical Judaism was a mirror image of Greek Hellenic thought under Christianity which makes current Jerusalem as center of Universe as Christians because of Jesus Christ birth in that region. Chera kings welcomed these saints and seers as they did to many others as they know the purpose of the Mahodayapuram learning center and granted all privileges to them as citizens.

Is it that these texts that prove the antiquity of the Judaism in whatever form it was practiced way before the Abrahamic version were a threat to Church and British and so relentlessly searched for them to seize and destroy?

Shalmaneser exiled (or voluntarily left?) 460 Jews from Samaria some of whom (72 families as per sources) were later able to reach Mahodayapuram. It is more likely that they were protected and encouraged to live in Mahodayapuram by the local rulers and to assure protection and privileges as citizens, they could have been granted title deeds (with 72 privileges as per translations-a point to be noted). The time of Shalmaneser V was 8th century BC. That means the Time of Brass plates is also 8th century BC and so as the rule of Bhaskara Ravi Varma. So these brass plate (of which the supposed copper facsimiles are later made) written in Hebrew(today popularly believed that the plates contained just few signatures in old Hebrew) would predate the Dead Sea Scrolls by 6 centuries as the most ancient document written in Hebrew. Until the brass plates were discovered it was presumed that the Jewish community exiled by the Shalmaneser V was the lost tribe along with the most important works of one of the greatest Jewish Prophets/seers Gad. For more than 2000 years the Jews searched for them everywhere in the world including North and South Americas. In the last 200 years of research, after the discovery of the brass plates, worldwide Jewish scholars concluded now that these exiled Jews by Shalmaneser reached Mahodayapuram where the Chera King gave them shelter with full privileges as citizens.

Was this the reason why when Mahodayapuram was burned down by Portuguese and it was stated that the remaining local Jews fought valiantly till the last man to protect the city as they believed it to be second Jerusalem?

The Christians in the spirit of rivalry predate their arrival to 52 AD and as is evident by Vasco Da Gama rule who tried to destroy all traces of Jewish in India by imposing inquisitions in India too. The reason for this existential rivalry is the concept of coming Messiah as believed by Jews and returning of Christ as believed by Christian world, about which a detailed analysis is written in our next article on Jerusalem declaration as Capital of Jews.

So, honestly, Jews produced few plates of grants of privileges at a very early age which may be true as they were having spiritual and material connections with India prior to the birth of Christ, and Christians ‘providentially’ produced similar plates predating the Jewish plates and concluded that whatever dates mentioned in Jewish plates are not readable and more ‘scientifically’ even the content in the plates also could not be read. Similar grants were produced by Muslims, Dutch and even Portuguese. For Muslims not only privileges were granted but the entire capital city and their family deity temple minus main idol was also granted. One fact of all these grants was that all these were given in Mahodayapuram, the Capital of Cheras for thousands of years, and it was called by many anglicized Romanized and Tamilized names, and which was destroyed, razed to dust, burned down without traces in a ‘fire’ of 1524 AD. How conveniently the entire history was erased!

When there was constant enmity between the Muslims, Catholics, White Jews and the Black Jews and when they were constantly racing to prove their existence prior to the other and were busy destroying the records of the others, how these copies of the Jewish plates were able to survive?

Why only Mahodayapuram attracted all these people Pehlavis, Persians, Egyptians (Mishras) Romans (Mithras) Jewish groups of Essene mystics, scholars, scientists, persecuted Christians along with Islamists?  Why only in these places alone the Chera Kings were granting all privileges to these groups allowing them to collect taxes from their own subjects?

Almost all the stone inscriptions, the temples and observatories that held them were ‘totally and completely’ destroyed according to British or their 4P Indian historians in an internecine Godly Warfare between Kṣīra -Shura-Surya-Kera-Cera-Chera Kings and their ‘supposed’ rivals Cholas Pallavas, and Pandyas who fought for their favorite gods Shiva, Vishnu etc and destroyed “rival gods’ “temples including astronomical observatories”. This we have to believe to be ‘true’ as it was mentioned in Sangam Literature. Many scholars have categorically stated that the believing of Sangam Literature as history or historical fact is based on a ‘gaja bahu nyaya” or Elephant shoulder Analogy. Elephants have no shoulders as they have no hands. They have trunk. So to believe elephants have shoulders we have to believe first elephant’s trunk is a hand and all elephants have multiple trunks which Indians cannot see. Or we have to assume that elephants have invisible hands and shoulders which none except British and British trained historians can see. In a sense this rule in nyaya means that whatever is stated under consideration or discussion is a perfect example of a lie or insane fabrication or lunatic fantasy. Yet this does not prevent British and current Indian historians to proclaim to the bewildered Indians that Sangam Literature is authentic history after all it is ‘the history told by Indian Historians’ like Elliot’s account of Sindh invasion.

And on (many) occasions when they cannot destroy temples of their rival kings/gods by themselves these warring kings took the help of converted populations in to Islam or Christianity and finished the job. And the proof of this was again the 2nd Century Sangam Literature or poetic works of later court chroniclers. What was mentioned as a reference of personal choice of spiritual strength of individual kings by court appointed poets was made in to missionary crusader zeal and thus in the name of those Kṣīra -Shura-Surya-Kera-Cera-Chera Kings/Chola/Pandya kings most of these inscriptions were probably/definitely destroyed by British/Portuguese themselves when they looted and desecrated all temple treasures under scientific study of ‘Cartography’. After all the proofs of Sangam Literature for their newly 4P trained Indian historians was needed and to provide the same was the responsibility of the ‘H M Elliot and Associates’, thus relieving the British plunderers/rulers from any wrong doing. It is the same thing they did efficiently all across Sindh and Kaśmir to prove that Arabs destroyed India and created “History of misleading History of India”. This subject of History of Misleading histories of India was carefully studied by Germans and French thoroughly yet should find some way to penetrate into the current Indian curriculum.

All know that truth will liberate us from bondage but someone does not want India to be free and this time surely they are not barbaric Arab invaders or British looters.

There are many questions that arise from the two sets of gifts and the Israeli actions surrounding the same. By accepting these gifts and giving the gifts were the Israelis expecting against any hopes some questions from the Indians? It was an ever witty way in the line of famous Jewish jokes the Israelis acted to hint at history or the lack of it. The following is one such joke circulated among the Jewish diaspora. Once there was a conversation between a Jewish Priest and a Catholic Father. The Jewish Priest asked the Catholic Father “What you become after being a father? The Catholic Father said- “I become a Bishop”. The Jewish Priest continued- “Then what?” “May be Cardinal”, the Catholic replied. After that the Jewish Priest, persisted – “Then?” “If everything goes well then maybe I become a Pope”, replied the exhausted Catholic Priest. “After that?” innocently asked the Jewish Priest. The irritated Catholic Father exasperatingly questioned, “What else is there to become after Pope and what else can I become? Do you want me to become Jesus Christ?” The thoughtful and witty Jewish priest looked at him and said “One of our boys 2000 years ago made it to Jesus Christ” and walked away.

The above conversation looks like a simple joke. But it speaks volumes about the history of religions and religious struggles and also hints at a probable solution to many geo-political problems which are in fact religious internecine warfare packaged under different bombastic sounding complex names to understand which we need specialized experts and media shouting matches.

[i] As per the Annual Register or a View of the History, Politics and Literature for the year 1807, pg. 895

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Let us examine the two gifts in the same light of wit and brevity of Jewish tradition.

The question of copper plates and their timelines.

Suppose if the copper plates are considered authentic, then why the Jews who were very proud of their tradition and history accepted the British “traditional adjustments of/or Change of Historical Dates from 379 A.D to 1069 AD”?

Jews have maintained a record of 10000 years of world history and 3500 years or more of their own history from the time of Egyptians, meticulously noting everything their prophets said including the fact like their prophets being in touch with Buddhist and Indian saints and scientists. They also are in constant search for missing tribes, missing prophets their writings and explanations in Africa, Americas, India and China.

Most importantly, all accounts, finances or trade details of past 10000 years could be found being maintained even today though they are not for all public to see. The only time they accepted the British or Catholic Church corrections of historical dates was when the question of formation of Jewish state was at stake and after the formation when Israel came into existential danger. For this forced historical half-truths or lies many traditional and academic Jews hate British and or Catholic Church. For example, in Haifa/Hakka where the Universal Center and the House of Justice, belonging to Baha’is exist, the place where Bahaullah was kept in captivity in exile under Ottoman Turks, is a pilgrimage for worldwide Baha’is. If one visits this place and meet the curators of the building, both Jewish and Baha’is, they inform that there are close to 13 different massive structures buried underneath that building indicating a series of civilizational residence in that area. But they accept grudgingly that excavation of the place is not allowed as it may bring out the truths that will cast the evolution of mankind in a totally different progression than Church proclaimed creation myth of around 5000 years ago when God created the universe in 6 days and rested on seventh day as he was tired in creating the universe.

So this brings to the important question as to why the Jewish accepted the ‘traditional correction of the date of their honorary award from 379 AD to 1025 AD. Were Jews forced to accept this in Indian context with a reward that British help creation of Israel?

Though the whole world cries that Jews are responsible for many of the problems we face today it should be noted that if they are so powerful they could have excavated their own spiritual sites including the grave of Jesus Christ and proclaimed to the world the truth. Their situation is as precarious as it was before 2000 years in that every radical Islamic and Christian elements are vowing to destroy them and wipe them out from the world map. With no permanent friends and ever increasing enemies even today Jews are eternally vigilant to save what remained as their culture and traditions despite much opposition from within-various Jewish groups, Aaronic Jews versus Messianic Jews, Ashkenazi versus Mizrahi, Iranian emigrated Jews versus European African Russian Jews, all aligned with various geo political players and all agree to not to agree for anything.

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The Capital Mahodayapuram/Kodungallur where these brass/copper plates were told given 

All the above and similar grants were supposedly given in the capital city/headquarters of the Chera/Kṣīra Kings- Mahodayapuram which is after British intervention of retrofitting Indian history called Kodungallur. The date of building of this city and its existence is so crucial to the History of India that British make sure that the name of this city is completely erased from the memory of all Indians, Commoners and Historians alike. The adjustment of the Copper Plate grant dates moving from 379 AD to 1069 AD is a major step in this long list of “historical adjustments following tradition set by the Church and British” and retrofitting of Indian history to the church ordained Indian time line of 2000 BC. Why all groups be it Christian or Muslim claim that the King with or without his nephew converted to their religion and gave his capital city for them with or without the main temple in that city minus deity? What is this temple? What is this capital? How everyone either for trade or for learning for thousands of years reached straight to this capital city only via sea routes? Why Vasco da Gama also shot straight to this capital only? Why the existence of this Capital city or the temple that was so crucial for all groups across the world not mentioned in Sangam literature? Or was it mentioned but selectively deleted or edited by British or their created regional linguistic spiritual movements to prove the antiquity of the defunct theory of Aryan-Dravidian conflict or ancientness of Dravidian culture or language?

The capital city in question was called Mahodayapuram in all inscriptions until 1524 when it was sacked completely and then moved to Padmanābhapuram and later to Thiruvananthapuram. There are many surprising facts about this city.

First and foremost was that this city was built by Emperor Lalitāditya with a huge learning center mirroring Śāradā Sarvajna Pītha of Kaśmir along with a replica of Mārtānda Temple and an unparalleled solar and lunar Astronomical Observatory. He is the one who united almost whole of the existing world today under one name – the “Kaśmira Mahā Sāmrājya” or “Bharata Varṣa” around some time in past. The word Bharata means “ bharaṇa pōṣana kartā “ Lalitāditya became “Bharata” because of his ability to unite and take care of the then whole existing world which was in deep distress of loss of annihilation after ice age. The one prior to Lalitāditya to get the title of Bharata was Emperor Sarvadamana, the son of Shakuntala and Dushyanta who also like Lalitaditya united all land and people then in to one single empire. “Bharatāt Bhāratam” because of Bharata it is called Bhāratham and hence “Bhārata Varṣa”. Millions of years before Emperor Sarvadamana there was another Bharata Varsa of a different Manvantara which was extinct even before the reign of Emperor Bharata (Sarvadamana) himself.

Lalitaditya built a temple for their family or royal deity Kṣīra Bhavāni a representation of Saraswati so unique that she represents both aspects of knowledge and the martial abilities to protect the knowledge. She is the only goddess in the entire known literature depicted having a snake around her waist or over her shoulder indicating a seamless merger of male and female principles of creation. As Kaśmir is called Surya Kṣetra, sometimes she is represented as Sun encircled with snake indicating she was the Guardian Goddess of Sun and Kaśmir. Her legendary temple was supposed to be somewhere in Kāra Koram or Kāra Kota(Kārkota) Ranges of the mountains in Kaśmir/Tibet but now untraceable for whatever reasons and a replica was built near today Srinagar. It is from this Kṣīra the derivative of Chera comes as these kings were appointed to take care of southern Expanse of Emperor Lalitaditya, its capital Mahodayapuram and its observatory. This temple is supposed to have 64 gates indicating 64 knowledge sources and 64 guarding kings were appointed to protect them. As within these 64 knowledge sources the 4 fold purushārthas of the Vedic life (dharma artha kāma and moksha) are learned, understood, experienced, realized and lived, the deity is also called the giver of Arthas or ARTHA (T)HALLI or Arathāli. It is this temple in question that was supposed to be abandoned and given to various visitors once the surviving Chera Kings converted in to visitors’ religion minus deity.

When this magnificent city was built is a question of debate and we see that later.

Just like the tradition of the Europeans to call all names they come in to contact according to their linguistic abilities of pronunciation called Romanization or Anglicization or Greekization, Romans called this city as Muziris a corrupt form for Mishras-name of ancient anglicized Egypt. Romans thought it was an extension of Egyptian Empire. A section of this destroyed city is now called Cochin.

Why this city was totally and completely destroyed, burned and razed to the ground by Portuguese reminding the similar destruction of many civilizations across South America and North America or the destruction of Aditya Temple of Multan (Mula Sthāna) or Mārtāṇda Temple in Ananta Nag. And why every Jew to the last man in this city fought with Portuguese to save this city?

This fabulous city of learning along with the Observatory was one such Southern Learning Centers established by Lalitāditya with the aid of Śankara who was his contemporary. This city was connected with all sea routes to Persian, African and American Ports of those time from which the trade and movement of people for learning flowed. One important fact we need to remember now is that in those days there was no Suez / Panama Canal dug, so the only way the Romans could have reached this City was through the Egyptian southern ports or Persian Port of Bandar Abbas (What this was called prior to Islam is a matter of research) and/ or travelling along the coast of Africa circling it and from Madagascar straight head to Mahodayapuram.

But why Romans did take the Egyptian sea route when they have a land route connecting to the Main Learning Center in Kaśmir via current day Turkey, Iran and Iraq? In fact Roman traders and students travelled through this land route only until the access was blocked by the Persian Empire. The Hejaz or current Arabia was a buffer zone between Roman Empire and Persian Empire. To have direct route to Mahodayapuram, a southern center of learning, Romans took over Egypt and reestablished the trade route via sea (See the Map) in their name which was in fact used by Egyptians and Somalis for thousands of year before. When Egypt was over ran by Arabs and then by Ottomans the entire Europe plunged in to dark ages until Vasco da Gama opened the coast line sea route circling Africa and then via Madagascar to the same Mahodayapuram.

Mahodayapuram was built by Emperor Lalitāditya including the replica of Mārtāṇda Temple along with a massive solar observatory and a center of learning for all sciences and arts. The temple has 64 gates extending the perimeter to the southern Tip of Kanyakumari. Each gate was protected by a king and the Chera kings were in charge of these 64 kings. Until 5th century BC, they were called the Over Lords of the area between Himalayas and Kumari. There was no Aryan Dravidian conflict except that post Lalitāditya over a period of thousands of years these 64 principle guardians of this massive southern learning center at various times declared independence and ruled over parts of his empire, which was the Kaśmir Empire or Bharata Varṣa.  Sometimes fighting among themselves yet preserving the center of learning and temple complex. Such massive Sun temple complexes were built by Lalitāditya all across his empire. Over a period of time, with the communication and transport relations broken due to various factors, these representatives though retained the basic principles of the empire that is Sun Worship, became known as various empires and over ran each other yet preserved the basic tenets of the rule of royalty established by Lalitāditya. This gave birth to the theory that there was sun worship among worldwide royal houses. French Kings till Louis 16 or 17 are also called Sun Kings. Yet all these small kingdoms/empires, their traders, subjects, scientists, scholars and philosophers looked towards the main north east and northwest learning centers established and travelled to fulfil their ambitions in terms of prosperity or spiritual crisis. Thus we have the historical versions of Jesus, Moses, Parsis and Jews travelling to Kaśmir either to avoid persecutions or to gain knowledge. In the same way the saints, traders and commoners at the fringes of Roman, Egyptian empires belonging to all faiths moved to Mahodayapuram/ Kaśmir for the same purposes. Jewish philosophers, traders and scientists living in Egypt, Rome or Persia travelled to either Kaśmir or Mahodayapuram for constantly updating their life experiences and knowledge.

In this regard the trading privileges were given to Jewish, Christian or even Arabs or to their later converts Muslims to live in this capital region.  There are historical records and now the archeological findings are throwing light on all these facts that traders offered gifts, coinage to the primary temples and learning centers. The coinage excavated in either current Kodungallur or ancient Mahodayapuram are silent proofs of these relationships with not only Romans, but thousands of year before Romans, with Egyptians too.

For the British bent on retrofitting Indian eternal history in the light of around 5000 years Christian doctrine, the very works of Lalitāditya stood in the way. They have to destroy all the records on Kaśmir as Empire and as Bharata Varsa and Lalitāditya. In present independent India none, historians or commoners, alike do not know who Lalitāditya was which stands as an example on how strategically the British have worked to erase the glorious history of ancient India. Only Amar Chitra Katha had published a story on him for kids. Every fact about this great emperor who ruled almost 10 times the size of Mongols or 25 times the area than said to have conquered by Alexander were effectively wiped out of Indian mind.

It is here the historical retrofitting of the dates of Lalitāditya’s life and death under the concept of ‘Historical tradition’ was executed.  Both Lalitāditya and Śankara were dated to 700 AD. And all Śankara Mutts that survived under the deal with British parroted the same timeline. The Śāradā Sarvajna Pītha or the Universal Center of Learning was relocated from Kaśmir to Śṛngeri. Once this time line was changed it became a debated contest from contemporary historians about the very existence of Lalitāditya or Śankara as during 700 AD there was no emperor or Spiritual leader of that stature ever existed in the records of other kingdoms of that time. All the four learning centers set up by Lalitāditya under the guidance of Śankara were either submerged under the sea as happened in case of Dwārakāpuri or Puruṣottamapuri or completely destroyed as happened in case of Kashmir or Mahodayapuram. The current four centers seems to have been popularized as original and the role of Śankara was confined to a narrow parochial sect within the confines of Śaivgamas. The Kanchi Mutt was specifically set up to replace Mahodayapuram while Śṛngeri Mutt was set up to replace the Śāradā Sarvajna Pītha of Kaśmir. A most ridiculous story was propagated and parroted that Śankara had visualized the destruction of the Śāradā Sarvajna Pītha in the hands of the Arabs and thus brought the image of Śāradā on a cloth and the same was placed in Śṛngeri.  But according to legend there was no image of Śāradā in the Śāradā Sarvajna Pītha except a stone plank in the sanctum Sanctorum underneath which the Madhumatī River originated. This river is also called as Neelum River and the whole Sarvajna Pītha is today in western side of the occupied Kaśmir.

In these learning centers most of the scientific, cultural, social and spiritual texts were kept as a repository. For British to retrofit Indian history, it became imperative to destroy all of them. But the problem was not with written texts which could be destroyed or taken away. The problem was with stone inscriptions that cannot be destroyed easily. This destruction had to be done in such a way that the population will not revolt against them. The second problem was the main center of learning that is Kaśmir where these texts were maintained and were also kept in family repositories who were not willing to share or give away anything but allowed others only to see and read. The more pressing issue for the British was to create a buffer state so that either the Russians or French or Germans will not approach via India land routes, as part of their series of Great Game. This needed Islamic Khanites as buffer. A brilliant strategy was worked out.

In Kaśmir, the main center of learning, most of the destruction was carried out by British or their vassal princes they created, who looted and plundered almost all the wealth and shared the trinkets with British and rest was sold to the highest bidder. In Kaśmir the Dogra kings did the job for British starting with looting Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s treasury. The oppression of these princely states reached horrendous proportions when it came to other faiths as already they were conditioned that the destruction of India was done only by the Arabs/Muslims. This served one core purpose for the British. They were able to psychologically and mentally condition the Indians that they are the losers and cannot resist Arab or Muslim invasions and needed superior British help to preserve their culture or heritage. In south where no such Arabs exist, a new twist was created where in it was stated that local kings themselves destroyed everything for their godly belief. And this was necessary as it represented a Dravidian revival over an imposed non-existent Aryan invasion. British very well knew there was no Aryan invasion. If the entire currently defined India from Kumari to Himalayas was ruled by Chera/Ksheera Kings then who is an Aryan or who is a Dravidian. Also What British deliberately failed to mention was the Islam as a political force ended during the Peśwa rule around 1740 and the whole country was united under Peśwas. British not only created a history of non-existent invaders but erased actual true historical events. They hated the Peśwa rule as they could not over run them for long time.

There was another major problem for the British from Kaśmir for their divide and rule strategy. The first divide and rule that was executed once the Hindoo or Hindu ‘religion’ was created was the division on the basis of non-existing Hindu and Buddhist rivalry. Almost all prominent Vishnu temples built in Kaśmir or anywhere in Bharata Varṣa had Buddha idols inside identifying him as an incarnation of Vishnu. This means the entire oriental countries were then resembling the ‘Indian’ cultural practices, whatever name they called it at that time. As the main purpose of British in retrofitting time lines of ‘India’ was not to allow ‘Indians’ to get back to their roots for quite long period even post exit of British, such anomaly of Buddha worshipped on par with Vishnu as incarnation may set few inquisitive minds on the path of truth search. So most of the Vishnu temples in Kaśmir were destroyed or relocated citing Jhelum river floods. Following the British we are also now relocating temples for dam and road constructions. This also served the purpose of saying that Kaśmir is the seat of Kaśmiri form of Shaivism and has nothing to do with anything of the religion of India that was now officially Hinduism.  We have to remember that relocation is another euphemism in destroying the ancient structures and selling their contents in international markets for terrific profits. Where such relocation was not possible another bizarre hypothesis was floated stating that Buddhism predates Hinduism and these structures were Buddhist Viharas, later converted into Hindu temples by zealots sowing another future seed for religious struggle. In the same lines the Mahodayapuram Arathali temple also was cited as a Buddhist Vihara converted in to temple and later given to Muslim/Christians by native kings.

All links of Kaśmir with her southern Chera empire had to be severed. Everything in Kaśmir that was of value must be severed, destroyed and all memories of empire has to be removed if the retrofitted history of Aryan Dravidian invasion has to take roots. But there were two problems in doing this. First, massive stone structures, sun temples, solar observatories and other religious centers with inscriptions. Second, the documents of these structures as recorded by Kalhaṇa and his “Raja Tarangini”. Stone structures, inscriptions and others were destroyed by British and their vassals and the blame was thrown on 7th century Arabs citing Chachnama or Tribal Tamil Kings citing Sangam Literature. All artifacts thus looted were sold in London Museums and auction houses. What could not be destroyed were moved in to Archeological Museums under British appointed vassal kings, from where even today the artifacts are smuggled out and sold to the highest bidder. Kaśmir which was the center of universal learning was reduced to narrow Parochial seat of Kaśmiri form of Shaivism and Kaśmiri society was split in two opposing religious faiths with one being funded by international fanatics zealots created by British and another held on to clueless Government of India ruled either by Secularists or Nationalists. The internecine struggle of these opposing groups destroyed what the British could not destroy in Kaśmir or Kerala.

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The Kalhaṇa question

Kalhaṇa and Raja Tarangini remained. This text which was the historical account of Kaśmir and glorious Bharata Varṣa, carefully documented the achievements of Lalitāditya in physical time and space which was authentic. From the earlier stages of retrofitting Indian/Kaśmiri history, a search was on in getting hold of this text. Experienced veteran British intelligence officers were deployed to fish out this text and copies of it and the original that was kept in the family of Kalhaṇa’s descendants. This singular text that mentions Mahodayapuram as built by Lalitāditya with all details of Mārtāṇda temple/solar-lunar observatories with 64 gates. This text also mentioned Lalitāditya’s reconstruction of Puri and Dwaraka and host of sun temples across the world. This is the text that explains Lalitāditya’s reclamation of remaining and surviving populations from Srikta or Siberia to South America in to one homogenous humanity. This text mentioned among other things that the Kṣīra/Chera kings were appointed by Lalitāditya to take care of his Southern Empire of Kaśmir (from Himalayas to Kumari which now is called India after independence) with the learning center Mahodayapuram. Unless this text is discarded and discredited the slave Indians of the British India will re transform themselves as Kaśmir or Bharata Varṣa to her original glory. Finally British efforts paid and the surviving descendant of Kalhaṇa applied for a job in Lahore archives. Rest was history. He got the job and British, the Raja Tarangini as a deal. After this for fifty years no one had access to this text. After 50 years this text was printed by British in which Lalitāditya was dated to be a Kaśmiri King of 700 AD and credited with driving away Arabs from India. This effort also succeeded in making the later generations discard Raja Tarangini which speaks of the valor or the mighty Kaśmiri kings especially Lalitāditya, the third “Bharata” and his vast empire along with details of Mahodayapuram with its Sun Temple as exaggerated stories created by Kalhaṇa instead of being a historical reference, as nothing so mighty could be traced out to have existed in history during 700 AD. British realized that if Indians at some point realize that the Arab invasion is a myth along with that Lalitāditya also will be confined to another myth thus preventing India to even recognize and honor her greatest Emperor. Just like we cannot honor Subhash Chandra Bose who fought British so too Lalitāditya would be discarded. Mahodayapuram was dropped along with other achievements of his age.

The entire Kalhaṇa’s work was discredited as poetic imagination, figment of fiction whereas the works and fantasies of Chachnama were treated as authentic historical facts. Along with Lalitāditya, Śankara was also fast forwarded to 700 A D. Name of Mahodayapuram is changed to Kodungallur a Tamil sounding one or Cranganore a Dutch sounding or Muziris, a Roman sounding word. The massive solar observatory of this town was dropped from all references. The entire structures of Mahodayapuram were razed to dust. At least in Kaśmir Mārtāṇda temple, -whose destruction was attributed to a Brahmin convert in to Islam because he was depressed and then becoming a sultan then destroying Kashmir and Mārtāṇda temple, -there are traces and stone structures. In Kṣīrala or Kerala no one knew who destroyed the entire Mahodayapuram nor the Mārtāṇda temple. It was recorded as a city offered to Muslim/Christian/ traders in perpetuity or to Syrian Christians with no traces of anything native Indian. All trade relations with Rome etc were erased as they are all in the hands of church now. All important scientific texts were stolen and preserved in either Portugal or Rome beginning from 13th century. For bringing these stole texts back, the native Keralite Christians led by Dr. Kurian were leading a relentless battle since last 40 years. While the distressed and depressed nationalists, patriots, leftists and seculars were more concerned about how to get British help to get out of depression and inferiority complex and schizophrenic hatred to other faiths they suffer that was first created by the British.

Once the stone structures of Mahodayapuram were destroyed then the British cited selective local literature called Sangam Literature-usually poems or prayers about local kings equating them to supreme god head- as rock solid historical facts and made sure to conclude there were no details of Mahodayapuram or Kaśmir available in that literature and even if available they were called sketchy. If anything not there in selectively printed Sangam Literature then it is not history at all! Just like if it is not in Chachnama it is not at all history of India. This is what Elliot called as “History of India as told by Indian Historians”. Who these historians were? The Munshis who taught Persian to British and the local Sanskrit scholars who taught the language to the British. And linguistic fanatics who created poems for the British and replaced them and inserted them in to the Sangam Literature.

The destruction in South India as mentioned above according to the history of Elliot and others was done by the native kings themselves. Chola Purva Pattayam (Ancient Chola Record), a Tamil manuscript of uncertain date, contains a legend about the divine origin of the Tamil or Dravidian dynasties. In this legend, Śālivāhana (also known as Bhoja) defeats Vikramāditya in 1443 and begins persecuting worshipers of Shiva and Vishnu. Worshippers’ cries (of both Vishnu and Shiva) reached Shiva and then he creates the three Tamil kings to defeat him: Vira Chola, Ula Chera, and Vajranga Pandya. These kings have a number of adventures, including finding treasures and inscriptions of Hindu kings from the age of Shantanu (from the time Mahabharata prior to the war)  to Vikramāditya (supposed to be in 1st century AD or BC but actually non-existent). They ultimately defeat Śālivāhana in the year 1443. These three dynasties according to Elliot and others fought with each other after they defeated Śālivāhana and destroyed each other’s capital cities or temples and in the process destroyed Mahodayapuram. This story is like a parallel to Hejaz responding to the girl’s shout from somewhere in Arabian Sea. And looks like a copy of first four commandments where it was said that ‘I am your God and you come to me after destroying all other Gods and their images”. Second point was if Śālivāhana is defeated in 1443 then the powerful Vijayanagara kingdom existed by that time. There must be some mention of this incident in their records. Shalivahana belong to 1st Century AD. His history was fast forwarded to 1443. Third important point was in 1400 no one knew what is meant by Tamil Nadu, Karnataka or Kerala as there was no linguistic division of states at that time. This division was created in 1950. And god Shiva as we have to believe creating Tamil Kings and one of them became a Malayali king after some time looks like a bad story told to idiotic children in a first lecture by a newly appointed school teacher. Like Dummies for historical idiots.

It is so astonishing for the lack of questions and logic from any section of Indian intelligentsia that Shiva who heard the cries of devotees in 1443 created three kings to defeat Shalivahana but never heard the cries of devotees 400 years before when Somnath temple was destroyed and never bothered to send any king to prevent the destruction of Somnath. This story follows the tradition of Elliot of creating nonexistent Arabs sacking Sindh and Kaśmir, created to mislead researchers from finding the actual perpetuators. In the same way there is tremendous amount of documentary evidence about the Portuguese atrocities, inquisitions, loot, plunder, rape and mass killings of large Jewish and brahminical population throughout the west cost of India from 1501 to 1650 until the Portuguese handed over their possessions to the British. Thousands of temples, synagogues, mosques and learning centers were summarily either destroyed or converted into churches and their literature is burnt to dust. Many populations moved from Goa into Malabar with their possessions especially their texts and sought protection under Chera Kings. The Portuguese moved into the Malabar hunting down both Jewish and non Jewish population for their texts (as most of their wealth was already looted by the Portuguese) and finally sacked Mahodayapuram and razed into dust. This is the saddest chapter in the Indian history that was never ever mentioned in any academic historical research circles. The amount of printed space given to non existing Arab invasions is to white wash the actual existing historical sad chapter of Portuguese destruction in India. This whitewash is completed by the British including their atrocities using the 4 P’s.

Is it that this date of 1443 was attributed to this funny story of the Indian kings destroying each other,  was in the tradition of “retrofitting of Indian history” of what happened 100 years later in 1524 when Portuguese destroyed the entire west coast from Goa to Mahodayapuram when they found Jewish settlements and instituted inquisition?

They also destroyed thousands of Brahmin settlements as advised by their missionary spy Francis Xavier who stated that unless Brahmins were removed, killed or destroyed India cannot be converted in to a Christian nation. Jews being lovers of knowledge were posing as Brahmins and thus both of them were to be destroyed. Portuguese found all treasures and historical records of both Jews and other communities of much antiquity than the Christian version of 5000 years of creation age and hence looted all of them and completely destroyed all evidences as they did in Brazil or as Spanish did in Americas. Was this destruction of whatever remained undone was completed by British when the Church and the British agreed on the question of India to counter French and then Portuguese donated all their Indian  possessions to British as marriage gift dowry when Portuguese princes married in to British Royalty under the agreement of Catholic Church? Jewish knowing the horrific past of pogroms and inquisitions in Europe and everywhere thus resisted the Portuguese from taking over Mahodayapuram where for thousands of years before their Prophets came, settled and lived in peace and called it Second Jerusalem.

Or is it that this historical record is partly right created as an anecdote puzzle for 4P Indians to solve that British created these three princely kings somewhere in 18th century as their puppet Kaśmiri counterparts and they found inscriptions and treasures and British took away all of the treasures after destroying inscriptions? If not where these inscriptions are and where are the treasures? Where are these treasures or inscriptions if found around 1443? As at that time in South India no Arab invaders could be seen who destroyed them or looted them? Obviously if Moghuls or Arabs didn’t destroy then who did the destruction, loot and plunder in southern India? A one word answer for the above question will walk us towards the truth of who we are, and with respect to time and space where we are, and remind us our responsibilities towards ourselves and humanity.

British made sure all connections to Kaśmir and Mahodayapuram vanish. And they also made sure that none in India will ever look at this most important and contentious issue. As any search or research in this direction will give away the entire 150 years effort of the British to keep majority population in an intellectually depressed stage.

Is it that in this direction efforts were made or underway when Mr Sashi Tharoor, a member of the current royal family (Padmanabhadasa Cheras) with connections to Chera/Kṣīra dynasty married a Kaśmiri, Sunanda Pushkar and is it their efforts to uncover the most important forcibly forgotten truth about the Indian history was paid by the blood- apparent suicide/murder of Sunanda Pushkar?

Not only British destroyed everything inside India but created a series of henchmen, hitmen and network of spies from their puppet royals to created politicians in right, left and center shades to make sure none in India in near foreseeable future will ever attempt even dare think in the direction to unwind what British did to us. As a last resort the elimination of personalities is after all a necessity tool in state craft starting from Mahatma Gandhi and Bose.

Once this process of reset and retrofit was complete it was published as ‘historical tradition’. Do the Jewish records mention Mahodayapuram and the copper inscriptions given to them in 2nd or 3rd century by Cheraman Perumal (the only one) Bhāskara Ravi Varma II, a Chera/Kṣīra King? Were Jews forced to accept the changed time line from 379 AD to 1069 AD? This of course necessitated the creation of a revised set of new copper plates which in legal parlance called forged documents.

As mentioned above Jews have no choice between the question of the creation of the state of Israel or copper plates of 379 AD. They probably chose the first and they hate British for forcing them so many times to dance to the tunes of Britain. Was the Personal Title of Bhāskara Varma -Cheraman Perumal- was removed from him and made in to a free hold title of any Kerala ruler in whose names the Entitlement Grants recreated, thus creating another outrageous story of Moon Splitting and a series of conversions of Kings and nephews in to Islam? Yet our PMO office absolutely had faith in the British twisted history and gave these copper plates back to Israel as a token of gift.

Or was there something else complex to that. According to historians the only known Hebrew alphabet or script documents date back to 800 AD. Even the oldest Talmud of Jews was first recorded in Greek and then copied in to Hebrew not the other way round. Only in 1946 it was discovered that Dead Sea scrolls date around 79 AD and written in Hebrew and about them there is a lot of controversy. Just like the copper plate facsimiles were given for one and all to translate it was alleged that the original scrolls now in USA were never made public until 1994 and then too only facsimile copies of them were released. Many historians contend that even these look like a copy of Damascus writings which came from Egypt around 900 years old. Many other researchers contend that there was no Hebrew language in written form prior to 800 AD and worst of all, inscriptions even in Israel on all ancient buildings were in Greek language and were translated in to Hebrew once that language became a writable language with script.  So definitely whatever the brass plate edict was it could not have any signatures in Hebrew, as then it makes it the most ancient document available containing characters form Hebrew script apart from the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls that were dated back to 2nd century BC. Jews will keep the edicts and preserve that as that proves the antiquity of their language. Or was it that Hebrew script was developed around Mahodayapuram with the help of Indian scholars around 50 BC to 50 AD when Jews were free to live and practice their faith and culture. And as a token of such achievement- the Indian kings who always welcome the new developments in human intellect and progress, created a brass edict for the community and that was stolen by the British? And was it that this brass edict was in Hebrew script but in Sanskrit? And was it because of this reason it was sent to Thrissur University for translation? And was it then a probability that the scrolls were written in and around Mahodayapuram and taken to current Israel and when the political conditions for Jews deteriorated there then were buried near Dead Sea? -Or was it that these scrolls were preserved in India only around Mahodayapuram and were later claimed to have come from Dead Sea caves? The credence for this thought comes from the Van Dort question which is discussed in last section.

Till Puruṣottamapuri existed as center of learning, Egyptian rulers, scholars and commoners moved via land route in Persia to that place. Once Puruṣottamapuri went under sea then they focused on Mahodayapuram. The similarity between the scripts of Oriya, Bengali Hebrew gives credence to the thought that all were developed thousands of years before the Rabbinical Judaism came in to existence who revived the same script with some modifications.

One thing was pretty sure. What British wanted to erase from the memory of every one -in India in particular and world in general- was the name of Emperor Lalitāditya or Mahodayapuram, resurrected with vengeance when near Kodungallur (Mahodayapuram) during recent archeological digs hundreds of Roman, Egyptian and African coinage, maps of the city, offerings given by Arab, Roman, African merchants towards the local education centers/temples etc and other artifacts surfaced. If British would have known about the coinage they would have more carefully destroyed the City or her Temples and ploughed the whole area. These coins of Romans going back to 5 BCE and of Egyptians and Africans to much farther antiquity clearly point out three major trends.

  1. Mahodayapuram existed as a massive center of learning/huge trading center in Southern part of Kaśmir Empire/Bharata Varṣa which is now known as India. Definitely built by Emperor Lalitāditya thus pushing the date of Lalitāditya to 5 century BC or even further debunking the theory of British that he belonged to 7 AD and proving Kalhaṇa right about the historicity of Lalitāditya.
  2. The Egyptian coinage indicating a much farther period of existence of Mahodayapuram and the guardian kings Chera/Kṣīra rule from Himalayas to Kumari thus debunking another myth of Aryan Dravidian conflict.
  3. According to Kalhaṇa, Mahodayapuram was built by Lalitāditya thus farther the antiquity of Mahodayapuram, farther was the time/space and rule of Emperor Lalitāditya and Śankara, and by default the happenings of Mahābhārata or other historical facts that predate Emperor Lalitāditya. Where and when they are we see in later articles.

These traders from different cultural and religious backgrounds offering gifts to the local deities/learning centers shows their respect towards the native culture yet a non digestible factor for the majority of Indians who believe every one other than themselves and British are terrorists!

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White Washing Indian History – A Note.

Few Years ago when Romilla Thapar carefully documented all such gifts etc and wrote an article that Arabs or Muslims probably could not have destroyed Somanāth as they had lived there and set up families there and have cultural and trade linkages, she was declared as anti-national, godless Leftist, and was accused of spreading lies and white washing Indian history. She was absolved when the treasury of Shri Padmanābha Temple was opened. They found inside the Coinage dating back to Romans, Egyptians, Persians and Arabs of antiquity. The later Kulaśekhara Chera Kings who ruled from Padmanābhapuram and later from Thiruvananthapuram preserved all these coinage and records in the vaults of Shri Padmanābha Temple, a great failure of British intelligence in identifying and looting the treasury worth one trillion dollars today. In a twist of fate Independent Government of India sided with the communist government of Kerala in handing over the temple and treasury to the state authorities and from where in few years most of the historical and other treasures will for sure reach their destination, Britain British auction houses. Though Padmanābhapuram was the capital of these later Chera kings who took the title of Kulaśekhara and Padmanābha Dāsa from 17th century, King, Rama Varma, who was popularly known as Dharma Raja, shifted the capital in 1795 from Padmanabhapuram to Thiruvananthapuram for some unknown reasons.

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The Gift reciprocated to India from Israel

India received two photos as gifts during Modi’s visit to Israel. One was a signed photograph of the two leaders standing at the Olga beach, expressing the ‘deepest’ friendship of Netanyahu for Modi. The second gift that we received was a photograph depicting the “Indian Soldiers” leading a British military column to liberate Jerusalem on December 11, 1917.  During this time there was no ‘India’. There was no Israel either. Only Balfour declaration was made indicating a Jewish ‘home land’ concept. Was this the powerful incentive for retrofitting the entire Indian history? What was there was only the British Raj. So it would be appropriate to call them “soldiers of the British Army.” The question is why Israel gifted something which depicts no Indian-ness but Indian slavery and British superiority, except “independent” India? How does this photo of Indians helping in the liberation of Jerusalem as it was the British Army of ‘Indian’ slaves and not any Non Existing Independent Indians liberating Non Existing Israel (Probably Gaja Bahu Nyaya at its best application? Or is it a respect shown to Indians soldiers no matter in whose army they were and hence gifted?

There was no Israel until 1948. The name Israel was decided in 1947 after rejecting other names for the newly formed states like Eretz Israel etc. At that time in 1911 or 1917 there was Ottoman Empire and the current area was part of Egyptian or Syrian Governorate. British government policy using their spies like Lawrence of Arabia made the Arab tribes revolt against the Ottomans and British intervened at the end of the war to occupy the entire Middle East where oil was found and divided that part of the world in to new puppet kingdoms or Sheikdoms and then took the current Israel/Palestine as their Protectorate and named it as Palestine (Phāla Sthāna in Indo Persian languages). Thus the Ottoman Empire was broken down in to modern Turkey, Egypt, Palestine and from Palestine later some 15 tiny puny sheikdoms or kingdoms including Saudi Arabia was created to serve the purpose of post-colonial British interests. In this protectorate Palestine, they created Arab and Jewish quarters. At this time the population of Jews in Palestine was less than 3% to 10% of the total population. Slowly under the British protectorate following a deal between British and Jewish groups of England specially Rothschild, the Jewish immigration from Europe increased and then after Second World War post partition of India, Palestine was partitioned in to Jewish and Arab Palestine and the Jewish Palestine became the State of Israel in 1948.

The liberation of Middle East for the British by the “Indian soldiers” that created the current mess in Middle East of multiple kingdoms and their patron version of Islam like Wahhabi, Salafi etc. and became a powerful tool in the hands of British and Americans in creating international Sunni Jihadi cartel that is burning Kaśmir again with the help of our cousins. This Wahhabi-Salafi-Jihadi international was countered by another set of more brutal and fundamentalist Shia Jihadi counter revolutionaries who were also funded and aided by the British now looking towards Kaśmir for the Chinese OBOR.

What is the message that the Israeli Prime Minister is trying to pass on to Indians from this? Is Israel considering India a ‘slave’ of British even today? Was it to make us understand our position in the world, then, now and the future? Was it to show to the world how dumb we are? Is it a failure on the part of India to read the intention of Israel? What made the Indians feel proud about this gift? What kind of representation of the “deepest” friendship is this between the two ‘independent’ countries? Or is it that Israel is trying to show our position today and expressing their willingness for India to realize and get out of their state of slavery?

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During a press conference, PM Netanyahu described the India-Israel friendship as “a marriage made in heaven,” a line that won many Indian Nationalists’ hearts! This statement made by Netanyahu is a significant point that escaped the Indian wits.

Jewish faith does not encourage religious intermarriages as such and are not legal in Israel. Netanyahu being a very religious Prime Minister and a strong believer of Jewish faith, does he making such a statement hold any significance in the geopolitical world? What does he mean by saying India is in marriage with Israel while India is a non-Jewish country? As the verses of their religious texts speak of Israel being the wife of the Lord and also the sons of Israel, what does his statement point out in this context? What is India’s position or role from the Israeli perspective?

When multiple marriages are considered offense in Israel, how can Netanyahu make similar statements of marriage to both India as well as to China? Should this be taken as a hilarious joke or a timely reminder of something? In Shama Israel or ‘Hear O Israel’, a daily Jewish prayer, it was clearly stated that Israel is the wife of the Lord. This means Israel is feminine. India is a feminine for Indians too as she is Mother India. What does it mean by the Religious Prime Minister of Israel to state Israel a woman personified as nation and wife of their lord marrying Mother India who is also feminine? Or do we not know something here? Or the current government changed the status of Mother India as father India? Or is this the best way to depict the liberal democracies of these two countries-a symbolic lesbian association at broad levels indicating how modern Indian culture became today? Or does the Israeli prime minister mean India became a wife of their God so by default all properties of wife belong to their father?

Or do they know as knowledge seekers Indian culture very well where in it was said that the entire Earth or Bhumi is the wife of Lord? Are they hinting at that and reminding us to take care of India and the world as they are trying to take care of Israel which is also called as wife of Lord?

The whole land mass in general was considered as wife of Lord Vishnu. But many Indians believe the current political India created by British is alone Mother India and the wife of Vishnu. According to our cultural history when ever earth or land suffered massively both in terms of environment and population destruction she complained to her husband and he incarnated as Messiah (Incarnation) to save the world. The same concept exist in Judaism, Israel is the wife of Lord and he sends a messiah in end times to save the world from turbulence and creates a ‘World of Peace’ named as Jerusalem. This prophecy happens at the end times of the current cycle of creation at the end of 7000 years. According to this, the world has entered in to the last 1000 years of this cycle. These are called Septuagenarian or prophetic or apocalyptic or Essene Jews and this was the original form of Judaism that existed prior to Abraham.

The Rabbinical Judaism like Hinduism that was created by Church accepts this but calculates the time elapse of this last cycle to be around 5000 years sixty years earlier than what the Catholic Church believes. This is the powerful prophecy that kept the Jewish prophets search for messiah until Rabbinical Judaism became the state religion of Israel and embedded with Zionism of 18th century. These Jewish prophets lived a simple life of prayer and meditation and patiently waited for the messiah to come carefully observing astronomical details and spending their lives in prayer. Whenever they were exiled as they never hesitate to tell the truth, by the local native kings they straight headed to either to Purushottamapuram or Kashmir or Mahodayapuram with all their writings and texts. As Mahodayapuram, Purushottmapuram and Kashmir were the centers of huge astronomical observatories with no exception, Jewish prophets and scientists flocked around these centers. When the Christian persecution/pogroms of Jews occurred the church not only hunted the Jews in Europe but tried to find them where ever they were exiled and persecuted them as the doctrine of Essene Jews of Creation and end times of the current or last cycle does not fit or suit the time lines of Romanized, Christianized concept of Mithraism-an ancient sun worship system that existed in Persia which was revived by Emperor Lalitāditya.

The Rabbinical Judaism which takes Jerusalem as a physical place or city thinks that by declaring it as capital of Israel the prophecy will be fulfilled and thus messiah comes and that is the end times. This concept of end times permeates all cultures across the world. In Islam it was stated that Jabril gave a wooden box to Mohammad and asked him to burry so that no man can find it. But on October 2015 this box of Jabril was found when the Mosque built by Khadija, Mohammad’s wife, was demolished for renovations and toilet expansions for visiting pilgrims by the Saudi government. This signaled the end times according to Islam. The Rabbinical Judaism citing their changed calculations declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel two months before with much storm and opposition from the world but supported by Free Mason leaning Trump. This means according to the basis of Judaism the end times are near and the messiah will be coming. This also coincides with the prediction of Bahaullah that 2024 of the current Christian era is the time of savior coming to life. (See a detailed discussion in our future article on Jerusalem Capital and End Time Conundrum and Messiah (s) arrival).

If it is said that India is in marriage with Israel in heaven, does it also mean that both India and Israel married to the same god whatever name we call him? Was Israel hinting that the connection or similarities are so profound that India has to do what Israel did, search for truth and their history and the truth about the lost prophets and cultural historical truths, as both were destroyed by the same forces, as this search and quest for truth is necessary to save mankind and the land who is the wife of the Lord?

The other way round probably the Jews know what happened to the Indian history. They definitely knew what happened to their history too.  They also knew how psychologically, mentally depressed nationalists were in asserting their pride and for sure they are keeping tabs on the erasing of history from defeats to success. Also, the Israelis knew how dangerous and delusional attitudes such false pride based on non-history creates.

Just like how the ‘forged’ copper plate dates powerfully point towards the ancient true history and how it was erased, these photographs if studied in perspective and questions asked will also show the way to understand our history from its true perspective and the role of India in future.

Of course it is depressing to be brainwashed under 4P’s that Indians could not win a war against non-existing Arabs and we have to take revenge on that for our mental solace. But that cannot be done by erasing the history which in first place was a false fantasy of British. If we are going to replace or rediscover the real history of India and then erase the fantasies of British as parroted historical facts then we will have a way to come out of national depression of helplessness and eternal dependence on British for coming out of our depression which was created in first place by the British themselves. If we simply erase the historical defeats and convert them into wishful victories then we will be doing the same historical mistakes as leftists did in many countries which will result in the plunder of all our human and non-human resources for the benefits of erstwhile colonizers or their reorganized western block. Let us hope we do a right thing in this right direction at least now with so much resources in our hands.

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Lost identity of Seer Gad and his Prophetic works.

Some two centuries ago, a very puzzling testimony was published in Germany; no one could tell what in it was true and what was false. One of the founders of modern Biblical scholarship, J. G. Eichhorn, published an unusual document he had received indirectly from the Jews of the remote community in Cochin, India. This publication struck the imagination of many people, and it was soon translated into Hebrew by one of the eminent scholars of the time, Naphtali Herz Wessely. Wessely not only translated the material, but wrote a commentary on it, trying to evaluate some of the unusual statements in that document. In his article in one of the first academic Hebrew journals, HaMeasef, he began by discussing the geographical discoveries that led to a new concept of the world, facts that might help to find the lost Ten Tribes. His discussion was some kind of ‘foreword’ to the main evidence he took from Eichhorn in order to discuss the history of the Jews in Cochin.

According to Wessely, the source of the testimony was a man by the name of Marcellus Bless, a clerk in the Dutch East India Company. This man got his information from a converted Jew, Leopold Immanuel Jacob Van Dort. In 1757 Van Dort copied extracts from a Hebrew book that belonged to the Patriarch of the Jews in Cochin. Van Dort found this so interesting that he translated it into Dutch and gave it to the above-mentioned clerk in Ceylon. Some thirty years elapsed before the evidence was brought to the attention of a man by the name of Ruetz who translated the extracts in Dutch to German and sent them to be published in Eichhorn’s Bibliothek. Strange as it sounds, these people did exist and quite a bit is known about some of them.

Thus, this chain of languages – Hebrew, Dutch, German, Hebrew (and now, English) – is unusual, and is part of the unusual evidence the testimony bears. At any event, the Jews in Cochin relate their history and wanderings in a unique story, of which only a few lines interest us. According to that ‘Chronicle of the Jews in Cochin’, their special history began in the exile caused by Shalmaneser, King of Assyria, who conquered Samaria in the ninth year of Hoshea the son of Elah (2 Kgs 17:1 ff.). Shalmaneser exiled 460 Jews to Yemen, and the chronicle says:

These exiled people brought with them (to Yemen) a book of Moses’ Torah, book of Joshua, book of Ruth, book of Judges, first and second books of Samuel, books of: 1 Kings, Song of Songs of Solomon, Songs of Hallel – David, Assaf, Heiman and the sons of Korah, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes of Solomon, as well as his Riddles, prophecies of Gad, Nathan, Shemaiah and Ahijah, age-old Job, Jonah, and a book of Isaiah, etc.

Shalmaneser V was king of Assyria from 727 to 722 BC. He first appears as governor of Zimirra in Phoenicia in the reign of his father, Tiglath-Pileser III. Evidence pertaining to his reign is scarce.

On the death of Tiglath-Pileser, he succeeded to the throne of Assyria on the 25th day of Tebet 727 BC, and changed his original name of Ululayu to the Akkadian name he is known by. While it has been suggested that he continued to use Ululayu for his throne name as king of Babylonia, this has not been found in any authentic official sources.

The name Shalmaneser is used for him in the Bible, which attributes to him the final conquest of the kingdom of Samaria (Israel) and the deportation of Israelites.

If the above version of the story is true then the Jews reached Mahodayapuram in 727-722 BC. The land was not called Israel in those days but was known as the Kingdom of Samaria (from an Indo Persian origin word ‘Samara’ meaning ‘battlefield’ or ‘Samrat’ meaning ‘emperor’ and many in India and Middle East have the family surname Samara.)

According to the Chronicles of Cochin Jews, these exiled Jews around 72 families moved to Mahodayapuram/ Malabar and were welcomed by the then Governor Cheraman Perumal who gave them privileges and encouraged them to stay there. This is written down on the brass plates/copper plates. The group of Jews who reached India who carried their works and the order of the books – Torah, Joshua, Ruth and Judges is not the order of the theological works known to the Rabbinical Judaism today. But, this order was apparently known and is attested in the Septuagint, and in many vulgate and modern translations.

There was another twist to this exile which was proved as a fabrication later. It was said that these exiled Jews lived in Yemen for 500 years and then when the Yemen king confiscated their books they went on fasting for 10 days and after that the books were returned to them and then they moved to Mahodayapuram/Malabar. Even then the movement of these Prophetic/Apocalyptic Jews will be around 222 BC.

But many Biblical scholars and researchers debunk the above theory stating that this incident mentioned above never occurred but instead it was during the Portuguese rule in Cochin which was attributed to Yemeni Jews to postpone the dates to their arrival in to India to suit the current Rabbinical/Biblical historical accounts.

In 1505 a similar, though historically verified, case happened to the Jews of Cochin, not in Yemen. According to historical evidence, scrolls of Torah that had been brought from Portugal, were sold to the Jews of Cochin, and later were confiscated. It was mentioned to the King of Portugal who later rebuked his viceroy in Cochin, and probably, because of that, the books were returned.

In any case, the chronicles of the Jews mentions that they have the books and prophecies of Seer Gad which were presumed to be lost for thousands of years. This makes a very important discovery into not only the antiquity of various seers and sages of whatever faith and religion travelling to Mahodayapuram and also informs much about the original practices of the Judaism which are radically different from either Rabbinical or Zionism as practiced today. Most of the ancient Jews during that time were prophetic or apocryphal or Essene Jews who spent much of their time in prayers and meditation with no permanent settlements like wandering monks preaching the truth of end times of the current creation cycles and waiting for the Messiah to come to usher the age of peace and prosperity both internally and externally called Jerusalem.

This means that the Cheraman Perumal Bhaskara Ravi Varma also belonged to 727 – 722 BC and not as mentioned to the 1025 AD era. . In any event, the dates in the Chronicles of the Jews of Cochin are as follows: 894, 907, 1416, 2000, 2100 (beginning probably at 311 B.C.E.). According to the British and other historians who want to retrofit the history, “it is more likely that the later dates should be taken as true, that is to say, they reflect the 18th century. From that, it follows that the Jews migrated from Yemen to India with their books in the beginning of the 12th century”. But according to few Jewish researchers the date of the well-known copper plates of the Cochin Jews were under dispute for more than two centuries. Today they are believed to be “from around the year 1000. It seems that whatever historicity the text had, the author confused the facts and the dates”. Nobody questions that how the copper plates will be given in 1000 AD when the Jews migrated in 12th Century AD.  However, the years mentioned above looks like the dates given according to the Jewish Chronicle tradition which usually calculate everything from the beginning of the current creation cycle, anywhere between 6000 to 7000 years.  For unknown reasons this tradition of dating was changed to Christian dating again not from the creation time but from the birth of Jesus Christ which is 1 AD and the copper plates were dated as either 1650 or 1000 AD and so on and so forth. If we follow this line then the dates mentioned in the chronicle about 2000 and 2100 doesn’t make any sense as we have not reached that time yet. So we have to assume that these times are from the beginning of the creation, because even in 1650 when the last descendant of the Rabban family died that year was marked according to Jewish tradition as 5410 from the creation time.

The end of the extract of ‘Chronicle of the Jews of Cochin’ says ‘In the year 5410 to the creation, 1650 according to the Christians, the last one of the Rabban family died, his name (was) Yoshaya, patriarch of the Jews of Malabar that dwells in Callikut (not far from Cochin)’.

5410 years from the time of creation means 3760 BC. This is what the current Judaism believes to be the origin of Abraham and other Patriarchs and founding of Judaism. The Christians believe a 100 year later than this date of creation. Many scholars agree today that kingdoms, saints and seers predate this era and had unbroken links with Mahodayapuram. What this time frame was and how far back in time such relationships existed will be discussed in the later articles.

The above dates 894, 907, 1416, 2000 and 2100 correspond to 2866 BC, 2853 BC, 2344 BC, 1760 BC and 1660 BC, as per Christian era, according to the currently followed Jewish timeline from the creation of world. This only indicates that during these periods there was a major movement of saints and seers from that part of the world which is currently called Middle East to the Mahodayapuram. It is very amazing to see how without any reason or logic arbitrary dates were chosen to retrofit everything between the timeframe of 2000 years of history and how much of twisted intellectual exercises are being done to prove the same.

The earliest post-exilic Jewish chronicle preserved in the Hebrew language, the Seder Olam Rabbah, compiled by Jose ben Halafta in 160 AD, dates the creation of the world to 3761 BC while the later Seder Olam Zutta to 4339 BC. The Hebrew Calendar has traditionally, since the 4th century AD by Hillel II, dated the creation to 3761 BC.

So we are not sure if Cochin Jews followed the 3761 BC version of calendar to date their time lines.

Many of the earliest Christians who followed the Septuagint calculated creation around 5500 BC, and Christians up to the Middle-Ages continued to use this rough estimate: Clement of Alexandria (5592 BC), Theophilus of Antioch (5529 BC), Sextus Julius Africanus (5501 BC), Hippolytus of Rome (5500 BC), Gregory of Tours (5500 BC), Panodorus of Alexandria (5493 BC), Maximus the Confessor (5493 BC), George Syncellus (5492 BC), Sulpicius Severus (5469 BC) and Isidore of Seville (5336 BC). The Byzantine calendar has traditionally dated the creation of the world to September 1, 5509 BC.

The Chronicle of Eusebius (early 4th century) dated creation to 5228 BC while Jerome (c. 380, Constantinople) dated creation to 5199 BC. Earlier editions of the Roman Martyrology for Christmas Day used this date, as did the Irish Annals of the Four Masters.

Bede was one of the first to break away from the standard Septuagint date for the creation and in his work De Temporibus (“On Time”) (completed in 703 AD) dated the creation to 18 March 3952 BC.

Archbishop of Armagh James Ussher, firmly stated about Biblical Chronology and concluded that 4004 BC as the year of Creation.  As and when these dates of creation were condensed or expanded the history and characters associated with that were retrofitted to the changed-expanded or condensed-time lines. This proves one point that Church or British were experts in retrofitting historical time lines according to their accepted time lines with ease and expertise.

Probably Jewish were forced to learn this technique for their time lines too with no choice as they were subjected to massive pressure and persecution under Church for long time.

At any rate the Cochin Chronicles or Books definitely were going to create a historical and truth Tsunami not only for the Christians but the Jews too as they are going to overturn many popular hearsays or myths propagated as authentic Indian History or Jewish History. Was this the reason that these books need to be found along with their original Indian texts and must be destroyed to keep the above differing versions/currently accepted versions of creation of Church?

According to few Jewish scholars and researchers who studied the copper plates and associated books for last 200 years, post Van Dort, another explosive piece of information that comes from the Cochin Chronicles, is that the script of these copper plates resemble ancient Tamil characters (while the current Tamil script evolved 18-19th century under the guidance of the British based upon the Aryan Myth of creation). According to scholars the ancient/traditional Tamil script has evolved from/resembled Indo-Brahmic script characters. It will be surprising to know that the ancient Hebrew script, not the currently used one that evolved during 18th century, also resembles Brahmi script. In fact, every semantic language script could be traced back to Indic linguistic script of Brahmi. This means that both Hebrew script and ancient Tamil script are same and were developed around Mahodayapuram long back before even the current Dead Sea Scrolls were found. From this developed Hebrew script the other semantic scripts might have evolved including Modern Hebrew. So too, many of the modern oriental scripts might have evolved from this parent script like Tamil, Sinhala, Oriya, Thai, etc. Is that the reason why the brass plates completely vanished from the public and researchers and the copper plate facsimiles were exactly cut where the signatures were attested? If the above assertions are true, they not only debunk the Aryan Dravidian division, but also completely destroys the semantic and non-sematic division which became the basis for the current state of Israel under modern version of Rabbinical, Zionist version of Judaism. It also proves the antiquity of the old Hebrew script as developed around Mahodayapuram way back beyond the current timelines of either Christian or Jewish tales of creation. Also it proves that the source of knowledge, wisdom and culture all across the world from Siberia to South America or Artic to Antarctica is a singular source. For last 2000 years a constant effort has been made everywhere to divide this singularity into many different opposing, competing religious, cultural, and linguistic backdrops with a sole intention of divide and rule and exploit. Unfortunately this singularity has been broken in current India since last 500 years beginning with the Portuguese destruction of the west coast which was perfected by the British and made an impeccable rule of life by the current socio political religious leadership of India.

This is the state of history, historicity or the buffoonish dating of the events, historical characters or kings in the land India where worldwide prophets and seers came in search of truth about themselves and of future of mankind. What a sad state, alas, we have descended in our intellectual, mental and cognitive faculties!

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It is commendable that under the current government an effort is being made to try to identify/prove the historical aspects like Mahabharata war or Ramayana. But most importantly even before that they have to focus on removing the fantasies of Elliot propagated “authentic” history of India confining all millions of years’ developments to borders of British Created India. After all if Romans had trade relations with Mahodayapuram 2200 years ago, a city built by Emperor Lalitāditya, then definitely Vedas could not have been written 2000 years back as proclaimed, as according to history, Vedas were compiled after Mahabharata war. So unless we start solving the problem of retrofitted time lines of British we cannot ascertain the actual dates of many historical figures correctly. Only then we can look in to the direction of working on proving the historicity of Mahabharata war. Or else we do the same mistake that we are doing since British retrofitted our time lines that Mahabharata war occurred 3332 years before and Vedas are written down 2000 years before. Also it is important for all rational left oriented intellectuals not to oppose issues for opposition sake as intended by the British when they created left right and center in India as a mechanism of balance of power but to help in providing impartial rational means to get out of collective depression arising out of massive cognitive dissonance that we all suffer and leading to our intellectual dissonance of not knowing what to do or how to decide or where to find the truth or why we cannot find the truth. Let us hope we all walk in this direction.

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